Thursday, 29 May 2008

Fickle Fancy

Is it just me or does everyone else find it so hard to list their 'favourites'? I get very excited. I think 'Oooh, all about me!' and we all love a bit of that! But then I have to make decisions. Oh my. "Whats your favourite Mr Kipling?" ... well ...
You see 'favourite' is a relative term to me. Is it my favourite when it's Summer or Winter? when I'm happy or sad? When I'm indoors or out in the garden get the picture.
I started asking friends about their favourites. I have been amazed by what I found out! For example; I have so many friends who say orange is their favourite colour. 'How could I not have known that? How could they be so wrong?' I mused. But then I began to think about it. Orange - the colour which makes Pink go Zing when you put the two side by side.
Of course!
How could I live without it!
I'm not insincere or dishonest. I just don't seem able to settle on just one of anything when there are so many of everything from which to choose. It's like the 'sweetie shop of life' question. I'm more of a Pick 'n' Mix kind of a girl. Maybe you think that's shallow and that a person who loves one thing from the age of 3, without question, loves more deeply. But I think a fickle fancy is a fancy of choice rather than a lifetime habit! So with just a little exception, fickle as a flea is how I shall be. Today Roses tomorrow Valerian ...
Today Bakewell Tarts, tomorrow Viennese Whirls. Today pink, tomorrow pink and orange.
And for the curious; what is that exception of mine? Well, our beautiful boy of course! Decidedly my favourite without any trace of habit at all. I may be fickle in my fancies but I'm not completely daft!
Not to be left out Dorothy Dog is getting in on the Pink Orange thing!!
I'm off to eat those cakes before my boy gets there first!

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

What to do.

I have delayed starting this blog. I wanted it to be perfect. Not to spoil the page. I've been fretting endlessly about what I might tell you, what I might show you, whether to do it at all. And then I found a very fine piece of advice. Somewhere amidst all the baffling 'techie' advice and the downright demoralising 'getting popular' advice and the wonderfully optimistic 'how to be a good writer' advice I found this superb sentence; "Just do it because, I promise you, no-one will be reading it." How refreshing. How liberating. So to anyone who is reading, I apologise for the unpolished result and in my defence, I can only say that I took some very good advice!
So here it is, my first post. I just did it. (I applied the same frivolous 'what the heck' to these oh-so-pretty chocolates too! )