Wednesday, 28 May 2008

What to do.

I have delayed starting this blog. I wanted it to be perfect. Not to spoil the page. I've been fretting endlessly about what I might tell you, what I might show you, whether to do it at all. And then I found a very fine piece of advice. Somewhere amidst all the baffling 'techie' advice and the downright demoralising 'getting popular' advice and the wonderfully optimistic 'how to be a good writer' advice I found this superb sentence; "Just do it because, I promise you, no-one will be reading it." How refreshing. How liberating. So to anyone who is reading, I apologise for the unpolished result and in my defence, I can only say that I took some very good advice!
So here it is, my first post. I just did it. (I applied the same frivolous 'what the heck' to these oh-so-pretty chocolates too! )


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

So glad that you took that advice! (Got any of those choccies left?!)

Can't wait to read your future posts, as I know what a talented girl you are and that you live in a beautiful part of the world.
I'm off to add you to my links now. (Hope that's OK!)
I see you've joined flickr too....I'll check that out as well!

Hope the sun is shining for you,
Take care,
Niki x

Hoola Tallulah said...

Haha! I AM READING! You flipping cheap skate, what a disgrace, bah!
Awws only kidding sweet chops! Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog, I am sure yours in going to be super sweet, just like those chocs, I look forward to reading more, and I will link you from my blog, which means (hopefully - assuming anyone reads mine.. um) more readers for you, best polish things up eh! teehee!

Dot said...

Hi there

Welcome to the world of blogging! You are going to love it :)

I found you through the lovely Talullah's blog.

There are no rules to blogging. Just have fun.

Welcome hugs from Australia!


Teena said...

Oh my! I feel like a bunny caught in the headlamps! Who would have thought I'd be found so fast from so far away! What a wondrous thing! Will try to do better for my next post! :-)x

Isabelle said...

So this is where it all started! I think I have now read every post and looked at all the lovely pictures. I have really enjoyed your celebration of every season and special time of year and I look forward to reading more in the future as I have now saved your blog in my favourites.
Isabelle (a Belgian living in France with her English husband and three daughters)