Wednesday, 11 June 2008

A cure for the blues...pinks, yellows, purples..!

As those of you who know me will understand, 2008 began in a bittersweet way for us here on the Common. Our beautiful boy is so very happily settled into his new school which has in turn taken a weight from our hearts - to see him run up the path every morning eager to learn and play. And then some sadness, which life throws at us now and then just to make us appreciate what we have. Well this time I have found something to help on those blue days. Better by far than any medicine, no side-effects, no weight gain (so what's causing that then?!) and no need to spend a fortune! Buttons! They just make me smile. I have recently spent hours, nay, days sorting through my collection.
But how to organise them? Shapes and characters? Materials and surfaces? Date and style? First I sorted all the opaque from the pearly ones. Then I decided to sort them by colour into grans old jars...
With a few exceptions that were the really special ones! Oh I love those little glass hearts!
I really, really, love those little glass hearts!
And these glass ones are just made to be gazed upon in wonder!
As you can see I still have some way to go with the pearly ones!
Did I mention I have a few old button cards and needle cases too?
But then I had a new thought. I am working on this hearty picture. Stitching each heart to the block, and I've been trying to choose buttons to add and blow me! The jars look beautiful, it's like having my own little sweetie shop, but it just doesn't work!
I just don't seem to be able to think my way around colour coordination! It just goes against the grain and stops all those happy accidents I used to have. You know, when you dip into the button tin looking for a green button and come out with the perfect purple one? So now they'll just all have to go back into the pot and I'll have to start sorting them all over again! Yippee!
But first I need to finish that embroidery and make up a bunting order, and I have an order for a new Scrappy Zoo so I really must put my little creatures to the top of the to-do list for a bit! But before all that, I'm off for a bike ride in this lovely sunshine whilst it lasts! Happy day! t.xx


Nonnie said...

Hello. Just paying a visit to your lovely colourful blog after reading about you on Niki's blog. I'm a fellow button lover buy your collection is fantastic. Far better than mine! They all look great in the jars. Definitely just like sweeties. Off now to read your previous posts and take a look at your website as recommended by Niki.

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

I turn my back for 2 minutes and you've been blogging again!!
Fab buttons, T! What is it about little circles of plastic (or heart shapes!) that get us crafty girls so excited?! The best bit for me in any project is choosing the perfect button to finish it off....
I love how yours look in the glass jars - but I guess you need to allow for happy accidents......
Keep smiling!
And good luck with all of those orders,
Niki x

Michelle said...

I found your blog on allotment lady's site and have been completely absorbed! I love all the colours!

I really like your buttons post - when i was little my mum had a huge tin of mixed beads and my sister and I decided to sort them all. It took us about 4 years, we would get bored for a few months then go back to it etc. Then one day, I finished them without her. It all felt a bit sad so I mixed them all up again! After all those hours!

I think you are right, they look lovely in their jars but the buttons (or beads) are probably happier all mixed up!

Michelle - looking forward to more posts!

ittybittybirdy said...

Thanks so much for your wonderful comments on my blog... Oh I love waking up to comments... its a great way to start the day no matter what side of the bed you wake from. OH how funny that gnomes devalue a home. I wonder if thats for America too. My husband is creeped out by gnomes and says very nicely that he might not see it and run over it with the lawnmower. So I just have to be friends with gnomes but not neighbors. Yesterday I decided that Anthropolgie wasn't the right move... I'm going to start my own business now. THere is no time like the present right? Wis me luck!


Chelsea Ann

P.S. of-coarse your buttons are all so wonderful to look at!

Little Pink Studio said...

You have some of the best vintage buttons I have seen! Love your collection of them!!
(If you ever feel the need to swap some buttons, I'm game! :)
~cerri xo

barbara said...

That is a wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL button collection! I love them all - even recognize a few of my favorites, but my collection pales in comparison! Lovely!