Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Defining 'local'

As we try so hard to support local producers when buying our food, I have been annoyed by the introduction at my supermarket of supposedly 'local' produce. Suddenly, what were potatoes, are now premium priced 'East Anglian' potatoes. Whilst I know we live on a small island, Lincolnshire and Hertfordshire are not local to my Norfolk (run for the atlas folks! - Norfolk's the top of the big hump on the right!) and as far as I'm aware an awful lot of commercial British potatoes are produced in Lincolnshire anyway so why the price premium? Also what were 'British' Strawberries (well that's a start!) are now premium priced 'Norfolk' strawberries. Whilst I applaud the awareness of our wish to buy local, I do wonder if those Norfolk strawberries were shipped to a distribution hub in Watford or Birmingham before arriving back at my nearest store. That would probably explain the increased cost! So we crusade on! We buy real local food, the sort that is within a 20 minute drive! And I thought I'd share with you last night's most delicious local tea!
We are so lucky to be surrounded by excellent food producers. I made a very simple pie with pastry (my kitchen), eggs, (Brenda and Lottie, see below), Mr Bunning's superb hot smoked salmon (10 mins on my bike) and Portwood Farm asparagus (10 mins drive en route to my Thursday exercise class). I baked it all in this luscious little oven dish which was my grans; Pyrex Pink Daisies. Mmmm. I often visit Pyrex Love and dream of owning the whole pink daisy set!!!
Of course the parmesan cheese on top and the wine we drank were from further afield! We try our best but we're not saints! Enjoy the sunshine! xx


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Looks delicious!! Any left-overs?!
Mum loves visiting 'Goodies' her local farm shop in Norfolk. (We usually insist on going with her too, when we come to stay!)
I'll keep an eye open for Pyrex Pink Daisy dishes at the car boots from now on....
Niki x

ittybittybirdy said...

Hey I just got that same design and color in a medium size bowl last weekend at the flea market. For a dollar! Crazy... pink is hard to find for a great price. I love the shape of yours.