Monday, 16 June 2008

Father's Day - the morning after!

Thank-you for all your comments and mails! Clearly there are a lot of you out there who have the good sense to realise there can never ever be too much fabric or china in our homes! What a clever lot you are!
As you can see, I baked one of my husband's faves for Father's Day; Pecan Pie - pure decadence in a pie tin! My friend in North Carolina supplies me with Karo Dark Corn Syrup and it really makes the best Pecan Pie ever!
So, feeling virtuously justified, yesterday morning, before doing my Show and Tell post and cooking breakfast, in fact before anyone else was awake, I quickly sneaked off to a local field sale. I didn't stay long as I didn't want to be missed, but look what I managed to find! A fab 70's bed-linen set all immaculate in it's original packaging...
a bundle of old crochet lace samples....
and some sewing box booty!
Really quite good for a flying visit don't you think?!
I was going to dedicate this post to all the dad's who tolerate us ladies and our fabric and china obsessions, but then hubby pointed out that the only really official holiday is Mother's Day. Apparently what the card company creators of 'Father's Day' failed to realise was that, until they ruined it, every other day of the year had been a 'Father's Day'......I'm off to pinch another piece of that Pecan Pie!! Have a lovely week everyone. t.x


Allotment Lady said...

What a perfect pecan pie - and fabulous fabric.

Where are these 'field sales' you talk about?

Are they car boot sales? I would love to go to one

heidi said...

oh i LOVE pecan pie ~ yummie! thanks for sharing your treasures! love your beautiful handwork too! xo heidi

Karen said...

Pecan is my husband's favourite . . . he will be right over :). He got his favorite dinner instead ~ BBQ ribs.

Lovely treasures you found!

Karen at Ciderantiques

Susan said...

Hi Teena,

Pecan pie is my absolute favorite, too!

And what great finds...field sales must be like yard sales or flea markets in the US?

By the way; I've added you to my blog roll. Thanks for kindly having The T-Cozy on yours!

Warm regards,


Elly said...

A little bit late, but I want to tell you I loved your show and tell! Very lovely china!! And great finds on fathersday (early in the morning!), that crochet lace is very beautiful!

prettyshabby said...

lovely finds..amazingly bright bedsheets..they seem so 'now' and yet a few years back they probably would have been passed by.
I haven't heard the word 'Terylene' in a long time,does it still exist or did it dissapear along with the 'Brentford Nylon' stores!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T - isn't it fun sneaking off to go vintage shopping in a field early in the morning (well during the summer anyway...)And you found more 'orange' - I think its growing on you...

Me thinks you are a better cook than me! Your Pecan pie looks scrummy - hope you all enjoyed it.

Niki x

Teena said...

You're absolutely right Niki! I didn't photo the lovely orange melaware egg cup and I've found quite a few wild orange pieces in my fabric stash! I was obviously a closet orange lover all along! xx