Friday, 13 June 2008

Feeling like a Gooseberry!

No, I haven't just been to a tea-dance on my own! The lovely Lottie very kindly gave me a few pounds of beautiful, fresh gooseberries from the allotment! Aren't they just the most beautiful green?!
So I've had a very busy day! I made 5 jars of chutney as this is a great weakness of mine whenever I eat cheese! Or even when I don't!
Six jars of delicious Gooseberry Curd, perfect for tarts, cakes and ice-cream. (the observant ones will notice one jar has already vanished!)
And a very grand looking Gooseberry and Elderflower cake! I do think all you have to do to the simplest of cakes is add an extra layer, and suddenly you have something rather grand, even pretentious. I like a bit of pretension in a cake. It's admirable, like a lady in a very large hat! The recipe was a bit odd but with a few adjustments it became very special. A teaspoon of elderflower syrup and some dark brown sugar in the sponge mix, gooseberry curd and cream filling, and the icing topping is so wonderful I might even just use it on plain cupcakes! Make up an icing glaze simply by mixing icing sugar with elderflower syrup! Delicious!
All in all a good days work and a very fine gooseberry harvest!
Thank-you Lottie! I shall bring samples for you on Monday, but I can't guarantee that I shall be able to save any cake!!
Enjoy the weekend everyone. I am hoping to join in with Show and Tell Sunday this week! t.x


lottie said...

It is such a joy to read your colourful and witty blog - so refreshing.

And where did you find all those fantastic buttons I wonder.

And what treasures lurked in your barn.

You are going to be so busy

Vintage Amethyst said...

Mmmmmm that cake looks delicious!
OOohhh I love chuntney and cheese too ~ yummy.
Alison x

heidi said...

hi teena ~ so glad you will be joining in on the show & tell sunday fun! can't wait to see your treasure(s)! xo heidi
ps ~ everything looks so delicious!

prettyshabby said...

yuuuuuuummy!!! that cake sound fantastic!

Trish said...

that cake looks so good, I think I NEED to try and make one now lol

Em said...

I'm lucky enough to say that the cake tastes every bit as delicious as it looks! Our huge slice lasted all of...ooh about 5 minutes! Yummy! x