Thursday, 5 June 2008

Eggs in season!

For a treat at the end of the hols the beautiful boy and I visited one of our favourite nature reserves, here. Lots of long muddy walks through water meadows...
...and long moments sitting in hides waiting for something special to come along, whilst I watched my special boy!
And lots of proud mum's with their little fluff balls everywhere! Which brings me to eggs! Lovely Lottie treated us with a gift of a dozen quails eggs.
They are SOoo pretty! I had to get a photo before we ate them! First we had the little diddies boiled for breakfast (I have a duck-egg cup but has anyone ever seen a quail-egg cup?) Yes, you're right, they're too small for soldiers!
Then, for a real greasy spoon treat, beautiful boy had some fried with bacon and chips for tea! Lucky boy! Thank-you Lottie!
This is the honesty stall where we usually buy our eggs; on Brenda's farm. We are so well served for good small-holder eggs around here we would never need to keep our own chickens!
And now one of our loveliest neighbours has adopted a mini flock of Buff Orpington ladies to live in this beautiful palace! We can't wait to meet them - but we won't mention the eggs!


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T,
Looks like a great day - very relaxing.
Aren't the quails eggs so pretty....I've never actually tasted one....but, as you know I do have a flock of my own chicken ladies who keep us in eggs.....they don't live in a fabulous purple palace though!
Have a great weekend,
Niki x

Teena said...

As Lottie assured the beautiful boy, they taste just the same as her chickens' eggs because they are all eating the same things! They just look so much prettier - we used some for asparagus dips..yum!!

Allotment Lady said...

Oh my gosh - what a really posh run your neighbour has for her purple cube! With a lock as well! It looks stunning - am so very envious!

As you saw -mine is very 'Heath Robinson' as I made it myself.

When dearlove wins the lottery I will have a lovely run built too - but for now I will daydream of your neighbours.

I am really enjoying your blog - so glad that you decided to have one - and I love the colour scheme too!

See you soon my dear Gardening Angel.

I don't suppose you could change your blogger setting so that anyone can leave a comment can you? You an still leave your workd verification active - but it would mean that those visitors who do not have a blogger account will be able to leave messages.

(People like me who have old blogspot accounts and now have another blog instead LOL)

lottie the allotment lady said...

You did it! Brilliant - you can look forward to lots more visitors now and lots more comments.

I will add you to my website.


Emily said...

What a nice day! Those quail eggs are so pretty! I've never had anything but plain old chicken eggs and unfortunately I have to get them at the grocery store. Wish I knew someone with chickens!