Friday, 4 July 2008

Home and Away

There are many advantages to having house guests. Wine and pudding every evening with dinner (not usual, I promise!), the non-stop company of a dear friend for a few days and a beautiful boy determined to be on best behaviour for the duration! But beyond these, there is the added subtle effect that the holiday disposition of the guest rubs off on the whole household. There is a joy in being an honorary visitor to the everyday places I usually dash past in the hustle of daily chores. Always thinking about where I need to be, rather than where I am at! With this in mind I have been jolly holidaying in my home county!
Norwich is in the midst of an oddly delightful art installation which has adults and children alike rushing to pose for a photo! Like many others I had expected a lot of grumbling about modern art and taxes, but these little elephants seem to have caught everyone's imagination and we are having a wonderful time big-game hunting around the city. Of course I had to have Sarah pose for our favourites - I am an honorary tourist after all!
Whilst in the Royal Arcade we visited the Mustard Shop for some Colman's and then Digby's for some chocolate heaven!
Rather amusingly they have so much stock that many items are referred to as their 'under-the-counter truffles'. I like the connotation of delicious naughtiness - entirely accurate taking into account the Norfolk Truffle Company Strawberry and Champagne Truffles we were forced to buy.....
...well it was only polite to buy a few bits and pieces after we had so many free samples...!
Onto Elm Hill and Britons Arms to enjoy a superb lunch. The interior seems not to have changed since I was a child and I feel so protective of every wall plate, picture, table and chair!
The weather is finally so lovely we were able to sit out in their beautiful roof garden.
Next stop the Sainsbury Centre for some Henry Moore, Lucie Rie and all things tribal! A visit to St Judes and Richard Scott Antiques in Holt. Oh holidays are SO exhausting!
And of course we have been charity shopping - oh yes! Not to be outdone, Sarah bought lovely china and textiles which will need to follow her home across the Atlantic by boat! Luggage limitations are such a bore! Why let them make you miss a good bargain when there is Parcelforce International! I bought a few bits too - well I'm on holiday! Some lovely linens..
and some utterly zany towelling curtains as well as more colourful vintage needles to add to my collection! (personal note to Niki - I know! More orange!! Yikes! I'm a convert! x)
All in all I'm having a lovely time. I feel like I should be sending postcards to my neighbours - but I think they'd find that a bit odd since I'm waving at them every morning! Hope you're enjoying your week. t.x


sesga loves 1950s said...

Hi you are having a jolly Holiday !
I love the little eli so cute!!
and love your charity shop goodies my fave pastime is car boots sale and charity shoping!!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T,
Glad to hear that you are taking a mini break and enjoying some time with your friend - how funny about the elephants around Norwich - we have art-enhanced pigs in Bath at the moment!! (Will have to blog them sometime!)

And I so love Holt - haven't been for the things that you found there (even if some of it is orange!)

Have a great weekend,
Niki x