Tuesday, 1 July 2008

New design for the Union Flag!

Have you heard?! The Union Jack has been updated to include a very lovely tea plate and a sugary biscuit...........OK dream on!
But I did think it looked rather fine and I did have fun with my new Poppy Red colour paste. I made lots and lots of love hearts and polka dotties..
The beautiful boy helped of course; although the emphasis of his contribution was on quality control... which involved lots of tasting!
I used the disco glitter to make shimmering heart cup cakes..
and lots of mini spangly disco buns!
And of course there were my trademark Love biscuits
and Bug Biscuits...
and last but not least the Rose cupcakes. I didn't think the beautiful wafer roses needed any fuss as they are soooo pretty on their own!
The professional bakers amongst you will quickly notice that this was anything but a pro session! An afternoon, playing with sticky goo and glitter, leaves the kitschen kitchen looking something like a nursery after a crafts session! Oh but I did have a lovely time!
The fete was a great success! The sun was shining, the band was playing, strawberries and cream were served with teas and Headmaster was the first down the famous, giant water slide! Tradition was satisfied for another year.
Back home, on the morning after, I tackled the glittered kitschen whilst the beautiful boy took daddy down to the water for some R&R ..
...all the leftovers and broken bits for me then!! t.x


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T,
When you said that you loved baking - you REALLY meant it!!!
Love all of your creations - I'm sure they were a big hit at the fete.
(I have lots of the Midwinter china - its such fun, isn't it?)
I haven't baked for ages - I leave it to my girls now.....not that I can even look at a cake, let alone let it pass my lips......

Have a great week,
N x

Susan from The T-Cozy said...

WOW!!! Simply divine treats. What a talented baker you are!

Allotment Lady said...

Brilliant T - I bet you really enjoyed playing with all that glitter and colour and bits and bobs.

I am sure the cake stall was a sell out!


alice c said...

Good grief - I felt my heart rate go up just looking at your divine baking - I must rise from the sofa immediately and goeth unto the kitchen to copy the goodness thereof.