Friday, 15 August 2008

Sewing: 0 Landmarks: 4

Well, far from spending my week in the workroom, somehow time has whooshed past and the Tiny Hearts sampler is languishing in my sewing bag! Whilst the garden was wallowing in mud, hubby and I set off in biblical rain to hunt for a new barbecue. Very quickly we retired to a pub and ordered chips and somehow the barbecue was forgotten - as the rain has hardly stopped since, it is not much missed!
The beautiful boy finally came home after his long stay with Aunty. He had a lovely time and was spoiled in that way only grannies and aunties can get away with. I have been particularly amused by his sheepish admissions that he watched 'Big Brother', ate M&M's and drank Cola! Well if that's as bad as it gets.....! "Oh no!" I hear all you more experienced parents cry! "You have so much to learn".
Since being home he has finally got to grips with building his Playmobil! This is huge! I have spent whole days putting together pieces of plastic and all of a sudden he is doing it without me! Oh Joy!
In defiance against the wind and rain, the sunflowers have easily exceeded 2 metres such that I cannot photograph their tops without a large step ladder. The next problem is how to get an accurate height measurement! All suggestions welcome!
Also I have been given my first blog awards!

Lovely Emily over at Sugar and Meringue has very kindly nominated me and I have a list of things to do to accept the awards, including passing them on to some of my favourite blogs! I'll be doing that in another post soon, but for now, THANK-YOU sweet Emily I might just send them straight back to you at your lovely blog! I'm Tickled Kitschen Pink!!
As you can see there has been biscuit decorating with friends. The surfing teddies are a huge favourite of mine...
and I love that spangly pink pig!
but I miss the days when all the bowl licking was done by me! Now I hardly get a look in!
Of course there have been charity shops - I found these in a very unpromising little brown cigar tin. I just love those little clover buttons!
and I have increased my stash of candy stripe bed linen and also found this huge cloth with seasonal Sweet Peas - I need to have a tea-party very soon whilst it's still in season!
Yet another vintage pinny, contemporary to my old Aga. It's a lovely sunny yellow with two capacious pockets and an equally capacious waist!
But best of all it is in mint condition with the tag still intact! The back of the label reads "Guaranteed by the manufacturers to give satisfaction in wash and wear." I can't help but wonder how many textiles we buy now might assert the same level of quality!
But best of everything, and my happiest landmark this week, my blog passed it's two month birthday just as my visitor count passed 2000. Thank-you so much to all you lovely regulars and readers.
I love to read your comments and receive your mails. So whilst I feel I should apologise for the complete lack of sewing content and the infrequent posts during the holiday, I shall do my best to post again soon! Do pop back, and in the meantime, have a lovely weekend. t.x


barbara said...

Happy anniversary! Always love seeing your beautiful projects and finds. Those clover buttons are wonderful!

Miss Hope said...

I collect vintage buttons too, we stick them onto our chocolate button boxes, I just think they are delightful!

Fancy Elastic said...

Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I have been practising my hand stitching! I love your charity shop finds... good work!

Kali said...

Who cares about sewing when so much more is going on! I so enjoyed your catch-up post..and spying your Aga, made my heart skip a beat...lovely linens and pinny too!
Lovely weekend to you dear T :)
xo K.

lottie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time- brilliant

Kitschen Pink said...

Hello Barbara! No a four leaved one amongst them! I have checked! x

Miss Hope, there is no link but methinks - lovely lovely shops, I think you need to open one in rural mid-norfolk! I can suggest a very nice village! t.x

Kali - I do love my old Aga, but sadly it is turned off from June to September so it's a bit forlorn at the mo! xx

Hey there lottie! We certainly did! t.x

Anonymous said...

the rain has being horrible for our poor little ones.
You got some lovely things in the charity shops lucky you .I haven't been to the charity shops for a while ,our town takes at least 45 min to get in to due to bad traffic so I haven't bothered going ,Its so lovely to see your goodies makes me want to go charity shoping.
The biscuits look yummy!!
love from sesga xx

The domestic novice said...

Happy blogiversary and congrats on the blog awards! - thoroughly deserved. What a wonderful find in your charity shop! Just love the label - 'sound workmanship'. Brilliant. Have a lovely week! C x

Lark said...

Hi T, Lovely cookies! I will be in London 7-17 September for the Top Drawer gift show then in Cambridge for a few days - my old stamping ground. Let me know if you are out and about!

Allison x

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful things to look at and admire. Happy blog Anniversary. Don't worry about what you don't get done today as there is always a tomorrow.

Kitschen Pink said...

Hey there Fancy! I took a look at your lovely project - immaculate stitching and great design! t.x

Hello Sesga! We all know where you're off to the minute the holidays are over! Go girl! I can't comment on the biscuits; they were vanishing the minute they were coated in icing! It was an impressive production line! t.x

DN; you're very kind! I"m not sure the garment lives up to the label yet! I haven't had the heart to remove the label and launder it to find out! Silly me! t.x

Ooooh! Lark! so close.... I'll be in touch! t.xx

NIcole! What a great philosophy to apply to housework, or maybe 'there's always next month' would be better! t.x

Emily said...

Thanks for the mention! Those cookies are so fun! I don't get to lick the bowl much anymore either. Oh well, I don't need the calories. Great charity shop finds once again!
Take care!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T,
(My 3rd attempt - Blogger is really playing up tonight!)

PLEASE take me on a tour of your charity shops next time I'm in Norfolk! There is nothing like your finds to be had around here. Buttons are never available - think they get kept back for people.

Congratulations on the awards - well deserved. And happy 2 months Birthday.

Fabulous biscuits - love the surfing teddies!

Niki x

Kitschen Pink said...

Lovely Emily - I never realised calories are supposed to be about need! I thought it was just want want want! xxx

Niki! So sorry you were not made to feel welcome by beastly blogger! I might take you around my charities, but then I'd have to lock you in the barn!

Libbys Blog said...

Having visited Norwich this last weekend, then seen what you found in your local charity shops, also remembered Lotties previous finds in charity shops, I am beginning to think that maybe I need to move over to your side of the country!!!

PI said...

Oh that apple jelly got my juices flowing and I am shrouded in nostalgia.

manav said...

Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

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