Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Time between the busy-ness

In between play dates and day trips the beautiful boy and I have enjoyed some time together being quiet - or at least only the two of us making the noise! We've been to church....
No, I'm not a churchgoer in the usual sense, but somehow I am on the rota which means that around 6 times a year I go along to this lovely old building full of history ...
.. and have a good clean through! It seems quite irreverent but at the same time such a privilege; bashing around with a broom, flicking cobwebs, and all sorts of animal evidence - bat poo, and the droppings left by the ubiquitous church mice! The beautiful boy loves when our rota falls in the holidays. He is always Head Polisher.
He's rather generous with the polish which makes it a much smellier experience than when I go alone!
But he does a fine job on the pews and particularly likes that he gets to go up into the pulpit!
The kneeler collection is growing, some are stitched to commemorate events, others to remember loved ones.
This one is ours - I let the beautiful boy choose the pattern and did regret it when it came to long evenings working all that green !! But he's very proud of his tractor kneeler!
I had a great day out at the annual crafts street fair here with my lovely neighbour. We bought more bric-a-brac than crafts and both came home happy with our bargains! I particularly like this pot stand.
A bag full of lovely embroidered linens; crinoline ladies, lucky heather, geometrics like a formal garden and gentleman's buttonhole flowers. The bagful for just 40p!
Lots of colourful old wooden jigsaw puzzles for 25p each (you get that I'm a real bargain lover don't you?!) - all of them on transport themes from horse and cart to trains and cars, the beautiful boy will love doing them. The previous owner had obviously treasured them. Where they are not in their original boxes they are in carefully labelled cigar boxes...
or others in boxes covered in the most beautiful vintage wallpaper - oh to have a full roll of this one!
We already have a good collection of wooden puzzles. This is one of our favourites.
There has been crafting. The beautiful boy took it upon himself to make his own button necklace from his own collection of vintage buttons.
He even came up with this clasp on his own. I was so impressed!

drum roll....

gasp from the crowd.....

pause for effect....I finally finished and framed the Tiny Hearts Sampler! Hurrah!
It's going to look so cheerful on the wall in our bedroom - a real splash of colour to wake up to.
and I added a few of my favourite little vintage buttons- those tiny glass hearts.
Signed and dated and time to move onto the next thing! I do love a new start - I already have a lot of ideas I am working through but first I must concentrate on my Etsy launch. The ticker timer is moving very fast. Next week the beautiful boy is off on his annual seaside holiday with Grandma. Time for me in the workroom. I'll be in touch before then. I must pass on Emily's awards! Back soon. t.x


tales from an O.C. cottage said...

What an amazing church to clean! So beautiful! I love those kneelers too!

M ^..^

Mom de Plume said...

Ah the memories. My Hubby is a keen market goer and loves the bargains, so we used to go to the car boot fair at the Norwich cattle market every Sunday morning at about 6am!! Is that even still there?

Fancy Elastic said...

I'm not a church goer either, but when I happen to pop into one it is always the kneelers that I end up poring over. I love your tractor one. Tractor was M's first word and he is still obsessed - a little boy thing huh? Well done on your very pretty sampler too, and such finds, you have a great eye!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T,
What a beautiful village church and to have the honour of polishing its pews - how lovely. The kneelers offer such a cheerful splash of colour.

And your bargains - oh my! I got quite excited to see your clock jigsaw puzzle. I had the same one when I was little - isn't it funny how you forget things until you see them again. I always loved the picture of the little boy eating his breakfast at 8 o'clock - think it was the check tablecloth - my taste hasn't changed then ;-))

Am off bargain hunting today with Sue - will email later,
Niki x

Millennium Housewife said...

Beautiful sampler, you ought to check out Jolly Good Yarn Girl, she's lovely. She's on my blog list if you want to come on over. Lovely post, thanks MH

lottie said...

Wow, wow, and more wows.

I was 'there' with you in the church and the smell of polish - wonderful.

Great necklace the BB made very impressive.

Brilliant bargains as always - and wonderful, wonderful, sampler. I keep checking out your Etsy shop

Kitschen Pink said...

Hello OC cottage - I agree the kneelers are a lovely- I love that so many people have chosen to make them for all to share.

Hello M de P - I think it's still at the new cattle market but we don't travel that far - we'd never be up in time so we stick to the little local sales!

Hello fancy - I think in our case tractors are a country thing as we're surrounded by farms and machinery! I can remember always pointing and saying 'look tractor' as we drove anywhere. I've even done it when I'm in the car alone! t.x

Hi lovely Niki - How wonderful! When you visit we'll let you sit and play with it!

Hey MH, thank-you for stopping by - I shall follow your directions and go take a peek! t.x

Hello Lottie! If you were in the church with us you'd have been sneezing - there really was too much polish! Hope to see you soon! I have crab apples for you. t.x

The domestic novice said...

How wonderful to have a good old poke about in a grand old church and, how funny - I also had the clock puzzle! It was one of my favourites. I think it's still somewhere in my parents loft.

C x

Kitschen Pink said...

Welcome Novice! clearly that puzzle was a best seller in it's day - so how come I had to find ours at a charity shop! I never had one of my own until I was all grown up! t.x