Thursday, 21 August 2008

Trees and Teas

Well the clouds seem to be blowing over at last, we may even have a sunny Bank Holiday weekend. I spoke to a farmer yesterday who still has 30 acres of hay to bring in and he is confident he'll be doing that in the next few days. I think that's more reliable information than listening to a TV forecast!
I am going to have to pick our John Downie Crab Apples this weekend. They ripen to a beautiful rosy pink and then overnight they all drop. The tree is so tall now that I can always leave plenty of apples at the top for the birds. It was a planted a decade ago, a gift from my mother-in-law. I love that we have a tree to remember her by. She was a keen gardener and an excellent cook ... and she loved Crabapple Jelly!
These are a few of the jars I made from last year's harvest! I'm hoping Lottie will take some of this years apples as I so hate to waste them and it looks to be a bumper crop!
One of our Oak trees is far less healthy looking. Given the recent scares, especially for Oak and Horse Chestnuts, I sent photoes to the Forestry Commision. I didn't want any nasties spreading to our more mature trees. They very kindly sent us information and reassurance.
The odd acorns are being parasitised by tiny gall wasps and the resulting oddities are called Knopper Galls. Whilst I have never seen them before it is possible in some years for 95% of a tree's acorns to be affected! I think, on this tree we are close to 60% of acorns. Thankfully this is of no concern to the long-term health of the tree - PHEW! We are relieved as it creates a particularly lovely shady spot in which to sit with a cuppa and view the kitchen garden!
Today the beautiful boy and I treated ourselves and visited our favourite tea shop. There was recently a small debate on Dulwich Mum's excellent blog, about the relative merits of a city coffee shop. So far I remain loyal to our tea shop where the waiter and waitresses are so friendly, especially to little folk, and where I can see fresh flowers and vintage embroideries on all the tables....
The beautiful boy gets to enjoy his favourite home made Lemon Drizzle Cake with a large glass of milk...
and from the colour of these cakes you just know the eggs were fresh and from happy hens!
On the way home I took a detour to my favourite honesty stall for a bunch of dahlias for the kitchen table. I just love bunches of dahlias! So much colour and flowers so completely lacking in discretion or subtlety!
So now to important business! As I mentioned already, kind Emily over at Sugar and Meringue has sent me my first two awards! Thank-you Emily!

In accepting these awards I agree to
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2) Nominate 7 blogs.
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Here are my nominees, in no particular order!

Since I had so much trouble choosing only 7 of my most favourite blogs, I have decided to initiate some awards of my own to spread more praise where it is due! More on that another day, I'm working on some pretty badges. Of course I'll be sending one straight back to Emily as her blog is so inspiring!
A busy few days ahead here, with lots more children around than usual - but I love it when the house and garden are filled with screams (sometimes mine!), laughter and all the chaos that goes with it!
Hope you're enjoying the week and that the sun has his hat on for the weekend! t.x


Mette said...

Thank you so much! You made my day.

dulwichmum said...

Gosh I adore lemon drizzle cake! Many thanks for the mention.

Bea x

Kitschen Pink said...

Mette sweetie you're most welcome! You make my day every time I visit your blog! t.x

DM - how sweet of you to drop by! Don't think this means I don't intend to take you up on your offer of Blueberry cheesecake! Where cake is concerned I can always keep and open mind! xxx

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T - thanks for your kind gesture I shall treasure the award!
Good luck making your crab apple jelly - I can't beleive it is a year ago that I was making my plumb jam...time flies!

Yes, looking forward to the BH weekend and seeing some sunshine!! Have a great time,
Niki x