Saturday, 9 August 2008

Weeds and beads.

Well, the beautiful boy is away with his beloved Aunty, Uncle and Cousin/Idol in Cambridge for a few days and I am at a loss without him around! Before he left we took a walk around our top meadow and lawns. With all the work in the new kitchen garden and preparing the flower garden this year, the lawn has become an impressive jungle! Lottie always said I was very good at identifying weeds! Well I get lots of practice! So many of them are very pretty. I love this pink clover, always humming with bees. I like to think I buy their honey when I go to a local smallholder!
Self heal - the scourge of many lawns, is welcome here for that lovely shade of pinky purple
and the Ragwort I shall pull up in the Autumn to discourage spreading, but is worth keeping for a little while to see the beautiful cerise pink Cinnabar moths it attracts!
Teasles are pretty in the winter frosts as they stand tall when other things have died back.
The whole meadow is alive with insects and humming things.
On our way to Cambridge we had to release caterpillars into 'the wild'. Well, I draw the line at encouraging Cabbage Whites! I like my brocoli too much!
So without a little person around I have been keeping busy, playing in the workroom. Here are some of my strings of beads. I like strings of pearls too but I LOVE these colourful beads. Not least because you can still buy them for pennies at charity shops and jumbles. Put all together in a glass jar they make such a pretty display
I love the varying shades..
the pretty shapes..
putting together different combinations to wear.
I made myself a button necklace too, well I could hardly justify buying things made of buttons!
I checked out some of the excellent online tutorials through Google. If you want to have a go, this one was especially helpful for what I had in mind.
I had huge fun selecting the buttons.
I used crimp beads and coloured cord to finish it off.
So now I'm addicted. I'm working on more, some as gifts for friends, maybe some for my Etsy, if I have any left! Pinks..
and browns; or as I like to call them, 'chocolate and caramel'!
I keep my necklace on display in the shower room...
...just so hubby can see, everyday, that there is a really great use for all those buttons I keep buying! Honest! The only problem is whether I can bear to part with them once they're made up into necklaces!!
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. I'm off into the garden to catch up on some of that weeding! t.x


Debbies-English-Treasures said...


tea and cake said...

Hello there, I found you via Primrose Hill, and I must say I love your blog! We are very similar in what we collect, and I'm just trying to find time at the moment to get down to some stash-busting sewing. cheers, Karen x

meggie said...

Oh I came here from Kim of Ragged Roses. Love your crafty things, & love the buttons. I have a loooot of buttons, & never seem to use many. I just love to collect old things too.

Frog in the Field said...

Lovely photography and beautiful garden.
Can I have your bathroom cabinet? It looks rubbish on your wall..would look much nicer on mine!

Kitschen Pink said...

D.E.T. Thank-you again and so glad you liked the candy beads - no calories either! t.x

TC - hello there. had a peak at your blog - yummy looking cakes - can't wait to see your sewing projects!. t.x

Hello M - buttons are good just to to keep! well done you!

Dearest lovely Frog. Oh thank-you for your honesty, that's what true friends are for. Sadly I am lumbered with the cupboard as it is a family piece. Perhaps Ikea might do similar? t.xx

Kali said...

Awww, I can relate to how you're feeling with your little man away. I feel the same when mine is not around, and he's 16!!

Your weeds are so pretty, and your button necklaces are fab ~ Lovely work!
xo K.

Emily said...

I just bought a new necklace yesterday. Wish I had seen these first! I have tons of buttons and these are so much cuter than any store bought necklace!

Kitschen Pink said...

Hello Kali! Have heard from Aunty and beautiful boy is having a lovely time horse-riding, swimming and terrorising his giant cousin so all is well! Glad you like my weeds! Would you like some for your garden?? I have plenty to spare! t.x

Emily sweetie - I'm sure your new necklace is beautiful but who says you can't have both! Go for it! t.x

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh! I love those button necklaces. I do can't justify buying one. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I can't wait to get some wire and try it myself.

lottie said...

Fabulous wild flowers - teasel is one of my favourites.

And I can vouch for the button necklaces - as I have see the green one on KP herself.

Kitschen Pink said...
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Potty Mummy said...

Lovely, KP. I especially like the flower button on the blue necklace - but don't tell anyone, it might unmask me as a girly girl!

Nicole said...

You have such a beautiful blog KP. I have come here from Kali's blog and I am ever so pleased. Such gorgeous colours and pretty things. I would love to come back and visit again if that's alright with you. Take care, Nicole.

Mom de Plume said...

Hi KP, am returning the visit! Wow, you are an amazingly talented person!! I love the idea of the button necklace... I love big, dangly, usually beaded ear rings, I wonder how that would look in buttons?

I used to live in Norwich, so I can picture summer in your beautiful part of the world quite well. My sister is still there abouts too!

Donna said...

I LOVE the button necklace, thank you so much for sharing that download. With a ridiculous amount of buttons that I own I think I should start making a few!

Kitschen Pink said...

Sewpretty! Excellent plan!

Hey there Lottie! I've just been admiring all your work this weekend! I love teasels - I just wish they wouldn't spread so quickly! xxx

PM girly? you? never? xxx (but you're right about that ditsy little blue flower!)

Welcome Nicole! I'd be delighted to have you over anytime at all!

MdeP - I think you should make those earrings asap and show us all on your blog! x

Welcome Donna! How lovely of you to stop by. I know all about you and your buttons! And that fabric store should carry a health warning for fabricaholics like me - I frequently browse your website just to spend the lottery money I intend to win one day! So much lovliness all in one place! Delighted you came to call! xxx

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T,
I spoke to Mum yesterday and she mentioned your lovely button necklace that you were wearing when she saw you. Glad I've got to see it on your blog!

I am a lover of wild flowers too....I remember as a little girl at school, always making my 'topic' about them. I loved drawing the pictures best.
Love your photos.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend without your beautiful boy,
Niki x

Cathy said...

Those button necklaces are just gorgeous. I have been meaning to put some of my stash of buttons to good use too (they are slowly taking over the house), and the tutorial was just what I was looking for. I've just stumbled across your lovely blog and will be back!
Cathy X

Kitschen Pink said...

Hey there Niki! You mum is such a sweetie! The weekend was too long! I was missing him desperately by day 3! By day 4 I was desperate for a cuddle!! t.xx

Welcome Cathy, so pleased to be useful! Your button habit sounds very healthy! thank-you for stopping by! t.x

berryberr said...

Just found your nice blog! Will be checking back often from now on!

Sunny Tuesday said...

I LOVE the rose bead necklaces! They're so dainty.

Michelle said...

Thanks for your comment sharing the woes of lawn neglect! Sorry it has taken me so long to reply - I had already read this post and turned green with envy at all your beautiful wild flowers! If our lawn had half as many I wouldn't cut it at all! M x