Saturday, 6 September 2008

Time passing...

There have been days out for bug walks (I so want to build one of these!),
and rainy afternoons river dipping with a new net.
In amongst all the sticklebacks, minnows, water snails and damselfly nymphs, he was delighted to net this Rosebay Willowherb petal; "Look mummy! I've got your heart in my hand.".
From the mouths of babes...!
More visits to the seaside for a dose of colour whatever the weather!
I can't resist these plastic objects.
I really don't think you can ever own too many buckets and spades.
I use a pink castle bucket for my kitchen utensils. It makes me smile even when I'm doing the washing up!
We always want just five minutes more...
.. but Summer is finally ending. My man and my boy are off fishing early tomorrow and I shall begin to adjust to a quiet house.
Looking on the bright side ... only 6 weeks until half term... Hurrah! t.x


MelMel said...

Hi there....fab pictures!

It was such a nice sunny day today, think we all made the most of it!


MelMel said...

We were up so early and back here by i thought might as well crack on!
I havn't got many projects at the it was nice to get my hands all painty!!!
Was such fun!


sesga loves 1950s said...

I really enjoyed this post thanks for sharing .Your boy is sooo Cute saying he has your heart.
Love from sesga xx

Kali said...

oh T, time passes so quick it seems.
lovely post, and pics...your boy is so sweet.
I'm enjoying my baby (16 year old), as he is having school holidays at the moment.

Lottie said...

Just perfect - totally utterly perfect.