Saturday, 20 September 2008

Show and Tell Sunday - Figurines

Well, huge thanks to Cerri for hosting this week's fun, pop over to see who else is joining in today. I have no idea how she fits this all in whilst also keeping her home and family and running her wonderful store - but I'm very glad she does!
As ever I enthusiastically jump in only to find I'm not really sure what to show you! I looked up 'figurine' in the dictionary - well that ruled out all the animals around the house!
I found this dear little chap hiding in the liqueur cupboard......that's a miniature liqueur bottle - he's tinky tiny and somewhere along the way he lost part of his hat.
But I think he's a jaunty little fellow and he makes me smile!
But the little lady who makes me smile most is in the bathroom! These shelves used to be apple green and lived in my mother-in-law's kitchen for 40 years. They were filled with wonderful old seaside ornaments which her children had given her from holidays and school trips. Some of the most wonderful tacky little things more full of love than any valuable antique could ever be! We have all those treasures safe and sound but decided to fill it with our own memories of holidays and places.
Can you see that little lady on the centre shelf? She is my memory of family holidays in Devon up until I was 8. She is a little chalkware Devon violets seller. Once upon a time she would have had some plastic violets in her basket, but they have long since been lost.
But her kindly face and fresh colours remind me nonetheless of the smell of violets and family holidays by the cliffs on long sandy beaches; rock pooling and eating chelsea buns in the teashop and ploughman's lunches in the pub garden. Happy times.
The beautiful boy has started to add his own seaside bits and pieces too. Can you guess which are his?
Have a happy Sunday. t.x


Hen said...

How cute, I love those shelves and so lovely that they have a past. Also like your Devon violets lady, I still love the smell of that pefume which reminds me of childhood holidays in Devon. I now have Penhaligons "Violetta" which very much reminds me of it.

Hen x

She'sSewPretty said...

She's so sweet. I love the story of your shelves too!

Vintage Tea said...

How nice to have a figure that brings back so many memories.

Victoria x

Jenn said...

Ah, your post made me laugh. It is a wonderful thing when two people who love each other come together and bring all their "stuff"! Lovely collections.

Fancy Elastic said...

I love the violet seller. Brilliant.

Sal said...

I love your little violet seller.
There used to be a Devon Violets place near Dawlish. I wonder if she came from there?

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T,
Love your seaside collection - can't beat a bit of nostalgia!
Do you remember those naughty pixie perfume bottles that you could buy years ago in Devon, too?

I could send you some velvet violets for your lady to sell if you like...
Niki x

MelMel said...

I've just realised when i was daft the other day i wiped my fave blog list...and i wondered today where you had gone!!!!!!! then i thought eekkk...i didn't put you back!! so i've done it now.....i really love your blog....sweet little china ppl!!!xxxxx

Kitschen Pink said...

Hiya Hen - In a nostalgia rush I tried to eat Parma Violets this week- what a weird flavour that is! t.x

SSP - I do like things to have things with a history around the house! t.x

VT - yup! But I won't be trying Parma Violets again for a while! t.x

FE and Sal - she's a cutie x

Niki Oh yes I do!! And yes please!! t.x

MM - oh the trials of technology gone wrong! t.x
Jenn - in fairness most of the 'stuff' in the house is my fault! His stuff is all out in the barn, the shed, the workshop....! t.x

Josie-Mary said...

I love all you holiday memories, I have shelves in my kitchen that are full of my fav things. It makes me smile when I look at them. I live in Devon so I remember the violet sellers! Thanks for the comment you left me re dambuster, I thought the story was great about the man who stood up because he was a gentleman. I'm glad your hubby has good manners, mine doesn't but I think it's too late to change him!!!! :)

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello T..
Your wonderful collection has bought back some very powerful memories for me.. especially the little chalkware figure of Devon violets.. I remember buying my grandmother bottles of the lurid green scent whenever we went on holiday. I can still remember the scent..
Love your Goss china collection too!
Thanks for your visit.. always lovely to hear from you.
Michele x

carolyn said...

What a lovely collection.

Lea said...

Hi, you have such a great blog. Where abouts in Norfolk are you? I'm in King's lynn.
Lea xx

Millennium Housewife said...

What a lovely post. I am sitting in my kitchen with the back doors wide open, washing drying on the line and birds singing. The perfect backdrop to your post. Thankyou. MH

shabby chic dreams said...

im new to blogging and just camae accross your blog!
its so nice when such things can evoke such sweet memories.

Nicole said...

Just beautiful! You have such pretty pretty things. I wish I had places to display my pretties! xox Nicole

Paulien said...

What a lovely site!!

Greets Paulien

Kitschen Pink said...

J-M do they still grow violets? t.x

C&C - have you tried eating parma violets since you grew up? Weird flavour yet I remember loving them! t.x

C - glad you enjoyed them t.x

Lea - You're way out west! I'm sort of in the middle. t.x

MH - glad you made the most of the sunshine! t.x

SCD - welcome to the party! t.x

N - They make me smile until they need dusting! t.x

P - thank-you! t.x

Kristin said...

Oh, I love all of your littles on this shelf!!