Thursday, 11 September 2008

Tidy blues

The beautiful boy is safely and happily back at school with a lovely new teacher. Being the 'Birthday Boy' always makes for a good return!
On the first day he was gone, I spent some time in my favourite Norwich coffee shop,
But I couldn't hide there all day so, eventually, I had to return to an empty and quiet house. How I hate the end of the holidays, I always feel a little bit of the blues.
So I decided to get busy doing what always cheers me up; sorting and tidying in the workroom. Nothing particularly constructive, no cutting or sewing, but just folding, sorting and enjoying my space. Reminding myself that there is a good side to having a bit of time for me.
I have plans for this basket of off-cuts and scraps. All sorts of treasures hide in there.
Great-granny's workbox needs attention!
These are looking a bit less tangled,
and these look so pretty in this vintage plastic basket, I haven't the heart to sort them into orderly rows.
I've also been having some fun on Flickr. I've joined a new group for some inspiration and have uploaded images of my own embroidery work to share.
This piece has one of my favourite buttons!
And so, quietly, slowly, the empty-ness is turning into busy-ness. All of a sudden 3.30 comes around and it's time to go and get my boy. So, no sewing being done, but time well spent and soon I shall be back in the pink!
Now I need to go and quickly make some biscuit dough so that this evening we can decorate Friday birthday treats for class. Will post pictures soon. The beautiful boy was given a wonderful new biscuit cutter as a birthday gift. Tomorrow will be baking day for the party this weekend. Thank-you for stopping by. t.x


MelMel said...

Was just cooking tea for the little one...and i saw your blog update.....lovely!
Really enjoyed looking a the pictures!!Lovely collections of pink n blue china...cute!xxxx

MelMel said...

Sorry meant to add happy birthday!!!! hope he has a lovely day!!!xxx

Mom/Mum said...

Ohh I just love your china. keep posting lots more pics. Happy birthday to the beautiful boy!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

'Happy Birthday' beautiful boy!

LOVE the photos - I was going to say 'love the jugs', but you have to be careful with that expression, don't you? ;-))
You can come and play 'tidy the workroom' here if you like....I promise I wouldn't get in your way!

Happy baking tomorrow!
Niki x

Lace hearts said...

What lovely pictures. I have a lovely box of yummy fabric scraps like yours, which I'm slowly building up. I have a couple of ideas in mind, but they just look gorgeous thrown in together, don't they. Have fun decorating the biscuits. I love your blog. Caroline

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

Love the pictures and I enjoyed your post.

Cathy said...

A birthday is a great way to start the new term! Happy birthday to your son. Great photos - I love the blue china. Hope you get some sewing done soon!
Cathy X

Cornelia said...

So many lovely photos. I loved the cakes (would make a great counting book) and bugwalk. Hope he had a great first day back. Don't they suddenly seem so much older when they go up a year. Have a great weekend.

Kitschen Pink said...

Mel - hope you didn't burn the fish fingers! t.x

MM - oh I have a few more bits and pieces I could photo! just a few! t.x

Niki! it's a date! Even if your lovely fabric is already tidy and folded - I could soon throw it all on the floor and start again! t.x

LH - glad you liked it here. I'll be popping over to see you soon! t.x

Diane - thanks for stopping by! t.x

Cathy - me too!

Cornelia - it'll be a few more years before the 'book' gets to 10! t.x

flutterbypatch said...

You summed it up beautifully, that horrible emptiness at the end of a holiday when school re-opens. Keeping busy in the workroom is the best kind of diversion...'a mother holds her child's hand for a while but his heart forever'. Love your pics as always. Eli

Lucy @ Attic24 said...

Hello T
Thank you so very much for stopping by the Attic and commenting on my blog because I've just had the most wonderful time reading through all your archives. Beeeeautiful!!!
I love your embroidery, your colours, and your baking, oh my, I was nearly licking the computer screen!
Very glad to have found you Mrs T I'll be back again for sure.

Nicole said...

Beautiful post.. as usual!
I adore your china.. is that a candlestick on the left? I love rose patterns on china.
Happy Birthday to Mr 7... I have one of those too. We should compare notes one day lol.
xox Nicole

Ragged Roses said...

Hope your beautiful boy is having a great week. I have spent a lot of time this week just flitting from room to room, rearranging things and just playing. I hope that I settle down a bit next week! Have a good weekend

Kayla coo said...

lovely threads and fabric!

Susan from The T-Cozy said...

I know that empty, quiet house feeling. And I, too, have turned the solitude into productivity. Love all of your photos. I'm glad you're over being "blue" and are now in the "pink."

Hen said...

I've loved seeing all your photos such lovely colours, and I am in love with your embroidery of flowers in an egg cup. At our village fete this year, the competition for children was an "arrangement of flowers in a marmite jar"; not sure that would look so attractive!
Best wishes
Hen x

Lily and Agathe said...

Ohh I have the dinner plates to match your jug.. we eat off of them all your bits x

Kitschen Pink said...

FBP what poetry for me first thing on a Monday! 'A child holds his mothers heart and frequently and inadvertently drops it in a puddle!' How's that?! t.x

Welcome Lucy! I can recommend a good computer engineer when your screen goes pop!! t.x

Nicole - yes, it's from a dresser set. Comparing notes - mine has two legs, two arms, one head and doesn't eat his greens! Sound familiar? t.x

RR - hope you're all focussed and raring to go- I'm off out! HA! t.x

KC - thank-you! Hope to see you again soon. t.x

Susan - your productivity level and mine simply cannot be compared - I am awestruck! t.x

Hen - I think that arrangement is worth a try - I'm thinking on it - just before '3 roses in a ketchup bottle' - don't you just love those fete categories! I collect the entry forms and giggle over them often! t.x

Kitschen Pink said...

OOps! L&A How could I miss you! Which jug? And do you dishwasher them?! I'm a great fan of everyday vintage! Beats having it all in a cabinet waiting to be dusted! t.x

Kim McBirnie said...

Isn't it amazing how the day flies between school drop off and pick up? All those plans and so little time. I am envious of your neat storage, if only I could get my sewing stuff so well organised.
Kim x x

Linn said...

Wow! I just found your blog from your comment on mine, and I love all your shots of your home. It looks lovely.

Beata said...

Oh, I know exactly what you mean about back to school blues...I really miss summer and having the children around -- sometimes I think they spend too much of the year at school -- I see plenty of inspiration in your photos -- thanks for sharing!

Kitschen Pink said...

kMcB - don't worry - there are plenty of tangled piles in the opposite corner of my workroom! One day it will all be sorted....x

Linn - thank-you for stopping by - your latest post has given me camera envy! t.x

Beata - and thank-you for dropping by t.x

three buttons said...

So much vintage loveliness!

Angela xx