Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Don't hold your breath!

Well, if you were hoping to see a finished chair, might I say in my defense, that there is a lady on the course who has been working on her chair for over 3 years?
I have learned so much already. Not least a whole new vocabulary which is furniture specific; scrim, gimp, regulator, bridal stitches... Did I ever think I would be able to do anything at home away from the tutor?! Every little thing I do he will check and correct. The tack puller has become my most trusty tool! But I like that. I like that we are being taught as apprentices to a master craftsman. No short cuts, no cutting corners and certainly no staple guns or foam! ("Foam is a four lettered word"). This is traditional upholstery and it takes time! That's not to say I won't still attack a few things with the glue gun .. just don't tell!
So, week one was stripping back and painting. Next came webbing (with a really neat tool to do the tricky stretching bit so you still have a hand free to bang in tacks!),
Then hessian and 'stuffing ties',
Coconut fibre (longer fibres than animal hair so it will keep it's bounce for longer). I love this picture - sort of Tom Jones meets Pink.
A layer of scrim then 'bridal stitches' to hold the seat pad together. Some hessian tacked onto the shield back.
More stuffing ties and a hairy chest....
And the fabric - well, this was a sample I made to see if our tutor thought it would be robust enough - the fabric will not be stretched on this seat type so it should be ok. So now I need to work up the final colours and add some embroidery - might not get that done before half term! I need to make sure I get a big enough piece of backing fabric before I start on the final work, ("Enough is plenty") but I forgot to measure the seat! Arrggh!
Also for everyone who has asked about the pink paint! It is a Dulux mix-up colour - you know when you get to see them use the magic paint machine. I used Water Based Eggshell because I can't bear the smell of oil based paints and I'm too impatient to wait overnight between coats, and then there's the brush cleaning...!
The colour is Party Surprise 1. The mix-up code is 74RR 28/432.
I can also highly recommend Party Surprise 3 which I have used on a lot of items, not least a couple of kitchen chairs! It's a perfect bubble gum colour. Code 75RR 63/207.
Have fun painting the town pink! t.x


flutterbypatch said...

I love it, you're brilliant. Now I know what goes on 'inside' a chair. Can't wait to see the finished 'work of art'. You do realise its given you a whole new string to your bow. Have a happy half term. Eli

Willow said...

Hi there, love your blog! It's so bright and cheerful. Your chair is fantastic .. I bet it raises a few eyebrows at your class! Lol! Can't wait to see it finished.
Willow x

Fancy Elastic said...

I love the thick dark hair... hilarious.

ps. I've tagged you on my blog. I hope you don't mind!

Hen said...

Oooh cool, thanks for letting us have the details about the pink paint. Love that you are making up a special "fabric" all of your own for the seat. Can't wait to see the finished result. I presume nobody is going to be allowed to sit on this chair, right?

Hen x

Hen said...

Oh, and please can we see the rest of your pink kitchen chairs? Pretty please...

Hen x

MrsL said...

That's looking really good, well done! I've read the books, but never done the inside bits of a chair; my two are fine inside, so just need the woodwork attending to and re-covering. In the meantime, I painted one of the other chairs pink - a little titivating and it'll be finished.

The pair of chairs are small Victorian balloon back chairs I found at the tip very shortly after your pink chair post, so it's all your fault ! lol :)

The domestic novice said...

Wow. That's going to be a zinger of a chair when you're done. I thought one just took off the old fabric and replaced it with new. How naive am I? So much to learn!! Great post! C x

Josie-Mary said...

How clever are you?? This is looking great....didn't know what hard work went in to it!!! Can't wait to see the end result xx

prettyshabby said...

I love the hairy chest chair wig! you must have so much patience..I have about three chairs that need 'doing'..
hmmm me thinks I needs me a tutor.

Attic24 said...

oh how lovely to see the chair progression, such a lot of work but I can already see how beautiful and professional the stuffed seat shape looks compared to a flat bit of foam.
And it goes without saying that your patchwork fabric is divine, can't wait to see it finished, it will be a Party Surprise chair!

BusyLizzie said...

You have shamed me! Today I will dig out some upholstery tacks & a hammer.. to recover the very (un-chic) shabby footstool that is in need of attention!
Have a lovely day, Busylizzy x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T,
Finished?? Well it seems to me you have achieved so much already..... I love that shot of the very hairy seat! (And chest! - very funny!)
You can be very proud of the end result, as you will have a totally unique creation to park your bum!
Keep up the good work - all looks very complicated to me.

Love Niki x

Ragged Roses said...

Oh that chair is going to look wonderful, absolutely gorgeous. Love the paint colour and love the fabric

Kitschen Pink said...

FBP - I'm sure if I start another chair there will be so much more to learn about what goes on!! t.x

Willow - yup! t.x

FE - I don't mind at all - I'll get over there soon! t.x

Hen - only the queen if she pops for tea! t.x
(kitschen pics soon!)

Mrs L - always happy to take the blame for pink chairs! I think you'll be finished long before me! t.x

DN - I had sort of planned to just do new fabric, but - the seat disintigrated! t.x

JM - me too! t.x

PS - Go for it! t.x

A24 - Delighted you have noted my skill for a well stuffed seat! t.x

BL - I think "un-chic shabby" has the makings of a flickr group! I could be a big contributor! t.x

Niki- it all looks very complicated to me but thankfully I have the wonderful Melvin to sort me out! t.x

RR - thank-you t.x

thevintagemagpie said...

Oh I would LOVE to go on an upholstery course, its on my list of MUST DO's!! I can't wait to see the finished result. I love the pink! x