Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Harvest time!

I think even if you live in a city and the closest you get to nature is collecting the odd conker, or kicking a few leaves, it is impossible not to feel grateful at harvest time! There is so much freshness in the air, colour in the trees and for those of us in the country, free food all around! We harvested apples this weekend. Ten trays to stack in the barn for baking pies and tarts and sauce over the winter. Plus a couple of big baskets for making chutney. Last year we had them juiced. This year is chutney. Not before time as we're down to the last jar of yummy gooseberry chutney!
We have put together a small crate for the school Harvest Festival. I can't wait to see the display in church on Friday. Whatever one's beliefs, there has to be gratitude when faced with such abundance!
My roses are making me grateful too! They just keep on blooming!
I'm off to Upholstery this afternoon, I was told off last week for having my hands in my pockets whilst waiting for the tutor to tell me what to do next! Need to try harder to behave myself!
Will post an update tomorrow - it's all taking a very long time but I'm learning so much! t.xx


MelMel said...

Love the picture of the AGA with the roses in front of it....just how i wish my kitchen would look!
How funny you got told off for having your hands in your pockets.....LOL.....sounds like an interesting class!
How did you find out about it?

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T,
All that yummy goodness!
Of course nature does its bit, but you (or that hubby of yours!) must have put in many hours in the garden to have come up with this bounty! Hope the school appreciates your efforts!

Have fun making your chutney - love the smell when its simmering on the hob.

Have fun at Upholstery and keep those fingers occupied!
Niki xx

Hen said...

You can't beat home made chutney, that's for sure. Now make sure you concentrate in class, please! How long 'til we get to see the finished product?

Hen x

thriftymrs said...

I love your aga, I am bitterly jealous ;)

MrsL said...

"Whatever one's beliefs, there has to be gratitude when faced with such abundance!"

What a good way of putting it, thanks for that. :)

Sometimes I think our house runs on chutney!!

Cocoa and blankets said...

Gosh I wish the worst thing my students did was put their hands in their pockets!! (Unless they are boys with holes in the pockets!!!)
Those roses are lovely

Lucy B - Vintage Floral and Gingham said...

Wondercful harvest!!!

We want the latest pictures of your pink chair!!!

Lucy x

Kitschen Pink said...

MM - you note I didn't show to the right of the picture where you might see the aftermath of breakfast! The class is an Adult Education class. t.x

Niki- all hubby - I just waft around bashing nettles and brambles! t.x

Hen - it may be some time! See post above! t.x

TM - Not bad for £150! Admittedly it had been stored in a chicken shed and so cost a bit more in the end to restore. But even so, £150 not a bad start! t.x

ML - with all these apples I wish I had a car which would run on Chutney! t.x

C&B - I am trying very hard not to picture that! t.x

Lucy - very glad to oblige! t.x