Thursday, 13 November 2008

Bunting and Caramel!

The kitschen woke to a festive feeling in the air yesterday - bunting and lanterns everywhere!
There was as much icing on the school shirt as on the cake - oops!
Birthday shortbread was baked - the perfect Autumnal treat,And my man and boy made it home early together after work and school so that they could enjoy their favourite birthday tea! Some Englishmen never seem to grow out of bangers, mash, peas and gravy! School refectory food!
All topped off with a cuddle by the stove before bedtime. Happy birthday Hubby.x
And time for a chair update! I started top-stitching the scrim before half term and the extra week off means there seems to be little progress!
But I must admit I found it very hard going and I am quite proud of the neat roll all the way around the seat and back! The dips were evened out with a type of cotton felt, then another flat layer of felt followed by the callico - I had just started to tack the callico down when another class came to a swift close!
I hope to get the seat and back calico covers finished next week and finally make a start on attaching the top fabric... might I be in danger of finishing before Christmas?!
It's that word again! Well, we have a rule. No Christmas in the house until Hubby's birthday week is over. So, this Sunday the beautiful boy is planning a Christmas cupboard raid... and I really must focus on making festive goodies for a Christmas Fair in just three weeks time! YIKES! I need to eat fruit cake and drink Egg Nog to get in the mood!
Hope you're all enjoying a happy week. t.x


thriftymrs said...

Loving that bunting. I wish I could have the same rule about christmas, but with my birthday being three days before christmas I fear we would have a stressful few days ahead.

MelMel said...

Chair is looking good!

I'm staving looking at that lovely food......and i just love the shortbread caramel.....i could just eat it all...!

Sal said...

Love the chair!! ;-)

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

i like the bunting and your doing a fab job with the chair :-)
guess what we are having for tea tonight after seeing your pics LOL
Lesley x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T,
Happy Belated Birthday to your hubby! You certainly know the way to a man's heart! ;-))
And BB has a good idea with the cuddles too!

Well done with the chair - all your hard work is amazing - its going to look fabulous when its done - for Christmas!!
Good luck making for the fair....
Niki x

Adventure Mother said...

That shortbread looks so delicious.
Can I come to tea?

Cocoa and blankets said...

My all time favourite meal above all others is bangers and mash!! I could just eat some now...we get home made from our wonderful butchers..yum
Loved the decorations - where did you get them - I had some just ike that which I bought in france but the rained ruined them when I decorated a story telling tent with them last summer....

The domestic novice said...

Ooo - we're having bangers and mash tonight. One of my favourite dishes - so much so it was our main course at our wedding!. The millionaires shortbread looks scrummy too - I wonder if it was so aptly named because only millionaires could afford the dental work...?!? ; ) The chair is looking great! C x

Vintage Tea said...

All that lovely food, my mouth is watering!!!

Victoria x

Kitschen Pink said...

TMrs - yep - three days would be a bit hectic! t.x

MM - hubby did just eat it all - it took less than an hour! t.x

Sal - thank-you! It's slow progress and I'm fretting about the top fabric now! t.x

Lesley - hope you enjoyed your tea! t.x

AM - it's all gone! I'll make some more and hide it until you arrive! t.x

Niki - Arrggh the fair!! Open the wine, quick! t.x

C&B - will email you to tell! t.x

DN - that sounds like my kind of wedding! t.x

VT- I can't keep looking at the pictures - I need to go bake some more! t.x

Lottie said...

Hope the baking is going well for Christmas - the aromas this time of year are wonderful aren't they

carolyn said...

I'm all for the Egg Nog - Happy Birthday MrKP.

Lark said...

My, what a fireplace! And what yummo shortbread!

Allison x

clare Carter said...

I want to have my next birthday at your house!!LOVE bunting and lanterns and you cooked perfect birthday fodder!!Thats funny about the "no christmas until after birthday celebrations"! Henry is the 13th of December.Its a nightmare!! I remember when he decided to be overdue(way too comfy in there!)-I kept praying "don't run into double digits its too close to christmas"!! I hope you do manage to get the chair cover done.That pink paint has been a teaser for too long.Although... you're doing a christmas fair.Phew.You deserve a jug of eggnog.xx

Ragged Roses said...

I'm eating chocolate nonstop at the moment to get me in the mood for a Christmas Fair!!! Happy Birthday to your hubby, it sounds like he had a wonderful day. Your chair looks great, covering it with the fabric is going to be so exciting

karen said...

oooh that caramel shortbread looks yummy I bet there's none left
(it wouldn't last long in my house either lol)

vanessa said...

What a gorgeous kitchen.............................. and the chair! can't wait to see the chair finished........................ it's going to be fabulous!

Hen said...

Aaaarrgghh, now I have a desperate need for that yummy looking millionaire's shortbread. How do you all manage not to be huge in you house with all this scrummy food around?
V much looking forward to seeing the chair. Surely you need to show it to us completed as a xmas treat? Please...
Hen x

prettyshabby said...

oh happy birthday Mr KP (and I don't mean that peanut man!) what a yummy tea..millionaires shortbread is one of my faves..have you ever tried it with melted mars bars on the top instead of just chocolate? super-yummy..your chair's coming along nicely,it's a painstaking must be very patient! x

Kitschen Pink said...

L - any kind of baking is good with me! t.x

C - pour me a large one! t.x

Allison - it WAS yummo shortbread - no shelf life at all unless I manage to hide it! t.x

CC - it's going to take more than one eggnog - having a disaster with the chair cover! t.x

RR - non-stop chocolate? excellent plan! t.x

K - it has a shelf life of about an hour in this house! t.x

V - I can't wait either - although I'm not so confident of the outcome! t.x

Hen - It's just every week I discover a new layer of work I didn't expect! t.x

PS - failing miserably in the patience skills! Re. Mars bar - very very naughty! t.x

Lily and Agathe said...

Oh Teena I want to come over too after school and eat bangers and mash and finish with a cuppa and shortbread ... And you can pop into my house and have toad in the hole with us (tomorrow) and crumble... I'll put the kettle on then xx

Lily and Agathe said...

PS your gravy jug xx

Things Hand Made said...

Chair is looking good, I think I could do with a break rather like your last post!

Cowboys and Custard said...

Bangers and mash... food of the gods!
Happy belated Birthday greetings..!

I am v impressed with your chair..
I had a brief fling with upholstery some years ago and could never get to grips with chair rolls or buttoning.. I did enjoy the web stretcher though for some reason..

Lovely patchwork stockings.. must take you an age to make them.

Michele xx