Wednesday, 5 November 2008

A chair and some scraps!

Well, I have had two bonus days with the beautiful boy whilst he recovers from a little Autumn bug. Today he was all better and tomorrow he will return to school after a longer than planned half term! I shall miss his company. But I also missed my Upholstery class today so no update on the Pink chair- as if progress were not slow enough!
So, instead I thought I'd share another favourite chair!
I have two of these. They lived in my mother-in-law's kitchen from the day she first married. When we saved them they still had the original brown leatherette! Well that had to go! The roses remind me of all the happy day trips she and I took to visit gardens in the Yellow Book, a favourite thing we shared together, along with Mary Wesley novels and old china! I love that her kitchen chairs are now used every day in our kitschen. Keeping all the memories in the heart of our home.
Much as I have loved having my boy at home, and I love having him around in the workroom, sheepishly pilfering this and that for some essential craft project, I am rather desperate to get back to some sewing!
My sewing table is feeling neglected!

The only sewing I have done recently is the ubiquitous name tag - seemingly millions of them as is always the way with a growth spurt!But tomorrow I shall be playing with my scraps!
I can't wait! Hope you're all having a happy week and children have settled back into school in the busy half term before Chr.... shhh you know what! t.xx


Gingham and Flowers said...

The kitchen chair is really lovely. It's always so lovely to have furniture and belongings from loved ones who have left us around the house. I have my Grandma's old eiderdowns as well as kitchen things and bits and bobs of china and a lovely bookcase that used to be my Grandpas. Enjoy getting back to the sewing. I've totally got my sewing bug back again and am even doing some right now(at 1.30am!) while watching the US election results.

Sal said...

I love the chair!
Looking forward to seeing what you create with your scraps! ;-)

Cocoa and blankets said...

I love Mary Wesley - I have read all her books and never found another fan... her gentle unfolding storylines and relationships provide a wonderful read. Her heroines always have wonderful names and rustle up such delicious dishes in next to no time from a wonderful deli round the corner - oh the life.........

MrsL said...

Another Mary Wesley fan here!! Love her books. I remember Harnessing Peacocks on TV with Sheila Hancock too. Great chair, my first pink one is *almost* done, and I'm eyeing up its partner for an overhaul too. OH a bit aghast, but hey ho!

MelMel said...


I have seen it in a few mags and drooled!
Olly had a look on line and saw it at JL....good price and its a ok machine, def not heavy duty, but fine for what i nice to have a working one, will be able to do that CK bedding at the weekend, i bought a super king duvet cover in TK maxx, so making it into a double, and then using the rest to make cushions, fabric hearts stuff like that,
I love your scraps cute, well i've said b4 i just love your house, and have a weakness for your kitchen, i saw one on TV once in pink, its very special.....glad you kept it!


Kitschen Pink said...

G&F - oh and what results they were! t.x

Sal - me too! t.x

C&B - oh to be as elegant as Calypso!

Mrsl - aghast is good? It's good! keep them on their toes that's what I say! t.xx

MM - we didn't 'keep' it! We searched for 7 years to get all the bits, restore and rebuild! It's a complete folly - I might even do a post on that one day! t.x

Things Hand Made said...

What a lovely set of scraps yo play with. I love sewing in name labels as it feel like sewing in a little hug. I might not say that however when all the kids are at school.

thriftymrs said...

I adore that chair, it is so pretty.

I love the way that you store/display your fabric scraps.

Libbys Blog said...

Name tag sewing, oh no takes me back!! I did some crafting recently and forgot how much fun it is to play. More details on my blog!
Love your baskets of material

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Love the chair, T! Its not going to get the pink paint treatment then?!

Happy crafting with your scraps tomorrow - hope you will be revealing one of your glorious collages soon...

E only went back to school today and I've had so many errands to run...never mind, tomorrows another day (nearer to the C word!)
Niki x

MelMel said...

Hello, i've awarded you the hot bloggers awardXxx

k. said...

My mum got me reading Mary Wesley at a young age, and I've always loved them.

Also, absolutely love your kitchen! Mine is about the size of your table (The joys of East London living!)

Emily said...

Great chair! It was fun seeing pictures of your kitchen in your last post too. Love it!

Lucy B - Vintage Floral and Gingham said...

i love love love love love that chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kitschen Pink said...

THM - I keep ordering different fonts and colours to try to add some interest! Red tags with swirls or plain text in green....hmmm. t.x

TMrs - do you mean 'shove them all into pretty baskets before they take over the whole room?! t.x

LB - I'll be popping over to take a peek! t.x

Niki - a certain person would prefer they weren't painted and I'm glad - half mine, yet still half JAM's. t.x

MM - ooh! how exciting - I'll be over soon! t.x

k - your mum has very good taste t.x

Emily - great to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by! t.x

Lucy b - me me me me too! you have such good taste! t.xx

jane and the happy crow said...

what a lovely house you have, that blue shelf is gorgous and your chair a delight, looking forward to seeing what you make with those colourful scraps. Jane x