Saturday, 1 November 2008

Excited kitschen!

Well! It's been an exciting week in the Kitschen! We tidied up - a bit (we have our limitations!)
We baked Lemon Cake,
and lovely Niki came to visit with her equally lovely family! OH! It was so fantastic so see her! We think it's been over 30 years so safe to say that the conversation was a bit different to the last time we were together! She is every bit as lovely and beautiful as I remembered! AND she brought gifts! As if getting a good look through her fantastic new book (highly recommended as it's so packed with inspiration!) were not treasure enough, I also received all these...
I feel so spoiled! The fabrics are already finding uses for themselves and the violets have made themselves at home with Dorothy Dog in the workroom!
Just perfect!
But even better than all of this, Niki very kindly ensured that my little violet seller is no longer holding an empty basket! So very kind! It was lovely to be able to grab an afternoon together but it went so quickly!
Next we had all the mayhem of Halloween! And then, as is the way of these things, at the end of the two week holiday, the beautiful boy was up all night with a soaring temperature!
I should mind more and for him I do mind, a bit. But a big part of me loves the excuse to snuggle on the sofa under a blanket and catch up on UKTV History channel whilst eating Toffee cake! Bliss. I've even had time for a play on Flickr and was amazed to find there is no group for Aga fans!So I started my own! Take a peek!
Hope you're all having a bug free weekend before the holidays end! t.x


thriftymrs said...

I have kitchen lust and your kitchen is my crush!

MelMel said...

Your kihchen is a dream! love it........sssooooooooooo want an AGA.....toast made on one is the fab-est ever!!!!!

have a super evening!x

Sal said...

Yours is a kitchen to die for!!I love the colours. ;-)

Kathy said...

Hi, I think I am going to have to add some pictures to your flickr! Funnily enough I took photos today at my parent's farm of their aga which they are trying to sell; I wish I had taken a picture of the new aga - it is in the middle of their kitchen all wrapped with nowhere to go at the moment! Kathyx Gorgeous kitchen by the way!

dulwichmum said...

I love your kitchen sweetie. I have the same table cloth - isn't blue just the happiest colour?


Lark said...

Gasp - I didn't know you even had English Rose units in your kitchen, I hate you!

Allison xx

Cowboys and Custard said...

Would you consider a kitchen swap??
I have to say that a week without my beloved Agatha Aga.. was quite challenging. I think they are the best thing since sliced bread.. or make that burnt toast which is what I invariably make on ours!
We share the same model...lovely traditional clotted cream colour.
Sorry to hear little one has been poorly.. hope the toffee cake cured all!
Lovely to have met up with Niki.. she is indeed a lovely lass.
Michele xx

jen said...

Now I'm just annoyed--you have an AGA and 2 ovens and another cooktop?? Lucky duck!

Hen said...

Hi T,
Thanks for the eye candy pic of your kitchen, it is to die for! Hope Beautiful Boy is better - it's probably the thought of going back to school, Harry always develops a mysterious illness at this moment!
Spotted your Enid Blyton hardbacks on that lovely duck egg shelving unit. Don't they have such gorgeous covers?
Hen xxx

Betty Jo said...

Oh well, at least I can pretend I'm visiting by looking at the pictures.
Love your little Enid Blyton collection
xx Betty Jo

Kitschen Pink said...

tmrs - sweet! t.x

MM - not the way I make it! t.x

Sal - thank-you

K - the wrapped up Aga would make a great picture! Have mum send you a snap! t.x

DM - you just have the most impeccable taste! t.x

Lark - would it help if I said I'd keep nutella in those cupboards specially for you?! t.x

C&C - will Agatha be joining the Flickr group? That would be nice! I am SO pleased to hear I'm not the only one who had to abandon the Aga toast - it kept smoking out the kitschen! The Dualit is much more forgiving of my dizziness! t.x

Jen - thank-you. t.x

Hen - they certainly do! t.x

BJ - sweetie! pop in for tea sometime - I can share some lino for your gorgeous jewellery! said...

Hello there,
Thanks for popping by Willow House and leaving a comment. There do seem to be a lot of bloggers in the SW don't there? But there are a few of us blogging, Zoe is a Norfolk girl - Gt Yarmouth
I'll be adding you to my blog roll. As for Castle Rising someone actually runs those ghost spotting nights there now, you know the ones with EMF meters and stuff.

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

just to echo everyone else loving your kitchen and especially the blue spotty tablecloth :-)
we had a poorly half term but on the mend so light at the end of the tunnel!
Lesley x

Zoe said...

Love your vintage Aga - I've just got a looky likey Classsic 90 Rangemaster - but one day!!!! Actually I love the burgandy Rayburns - that would do.

I know what you mean about Walsingham. My teenagers think the place is spooky! Thanks for the comment. Now I'm going to take a peak at the rest of your blog.

MrsL said...

Really enjoyed that post! My friend has the same kitchen units as you, except hers are red - wait until I tell her I saw them on the net LOL. I have a solid fuel Rayburn, rather than an Aga, but wouldn't cook on anything else now, ever. It does coooking, heating and hot water, Love it, although it took me nearly two years to get to grips with it properly. We are going over to wood eventually, with occasional coal.
If my kitchen is ever tidy enough, I'll post a picture on my blog, but don't hold your breath........ :) lol



Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T!
It was soooooooooooooo good to see you after all these years - Thank you for making us so welcome (the lemon cake was scrummy!)
I really enjoyed our chats, meeting your beautiful boy (sorry to hear that he has been unwell since our visit) and seeing all the hard work that you have lavished on your stunning home. Thanks again for all the glorious gifts that you gave to me - lovely to see what you have done with the bits and bobs that I gave to you.

Good luck with the 'Flickr Aga Love' - sounds like a great idea.

Thanks for all of your kind words and encouragent ;-))
Take care,
Niki xx

Gingham and Flowers said...

I'm with just about everyone else - your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! Oh how I long for a kitchen like that. Ours is tiny and not at all my taste. Hope your little boy is feeling lots better. I'm sure the toffee cake helped. Off to look at your aga love now.

BusyLizzie said...

Just LOVE your 50's kitchen units! Very jealous!!!
Have a good week. Liz x

Donna said...

LOVE your kitchen (or kitschen). Those kitchen units are just to die for! I have joined your Aga Flickr group (fab idea) as you know.

Fancy Elastic said...

I love your kitchen units... seems I am not alone!

Ragged Roses said...

I love, love, love your kitchen!! After enjoying Mrs Custard's all week, I am also in love with your aga too!
Hope the beautiful boy is fully recovered

Kitschen Pink said...

WH - one to remember next halloween! t.x

Lesley - much better to be poorly after half term - poor yous! t.x

Zoe -welcome - glad you dropped by! t.x

Mrs L - don't tidy, just post! Sounds very homely! t.x

Niki - xxxx

G&F - toffee cake is essential in a crisis! t.x

BL - thank-you sweetie! t.x

Donna - I love your kitchen too! t.x

FE - so many women with such good taste! t.xx

RR - oh what a lovely trip you had too! t.x

Amy Bradstreet said...

Love, love, love your kitchen. Thanks for the inspiration.