Friday, 7 November 2008

Instead of sunshine!

Well what a grey week it has been here in Norfolk. I'm sure I haven't seen full daylight for 5 days! I feel like a hibernating mouse here in my cosy workroom. I haven't been able to take any decent photographs so I shall share with you some thrifty finds from last weekend. A jumble sale and the annual Norwich Textile Fair were two lovely outings, just me and my shopping bag!
A few new patterns to add to my collection; I love the graphics on the 'Needlework Development' booklet.A couple more blues for the kitschen (well you know I don't have much crockery so I could always do with a couple more!)
A beautiful set of metal coasters,
And this! Acres and acres of hand-stitched patchwork quilt. More than two and a half metres square! That's over 6 square metres in total. Oh happy day!
I found it languishing un-noticed and unloved on a beautiful Indian textiles stall. So much work, all perfectly backed in a red floral cotton.
So many amazing patches I couldn't possibly choose a favourite bit.
Bright colours and retro fabrics.
All edged with red hexagons creating a ziggy zaggy snazzy edge! I did a quick cost benefit analysis for hubby. It worked out at just over £4 a metre! For all that work and cosiness.
Back me up here ladies! Tell me it was one that couldn't get away! Now I just have to work out how to launder it!
But, as if that wasn't enough, I also found these!
Literally dozens of them. I have no real plans other than to gaze upon them in wonder. But it does mean I'll be making some of those woodland buns very soon!
And one more lovely thing. I have been sent an award by Mel Mel over at her chatty, daily blog. Thank-you Mel - very kind of you to think of me and thank-you for stopping by so often.
And a big thank-you to everyone else who watches my blog either here or over at the magical Google Reader. I will try to take some crafting photos for you soon. We're off to the school Bonfire Night tonight! Pumpkins, fireworks and hot punch - perfect! t.x


MelMel said...

Lovely finds....thank you for the link...sweet of you to be so kind about me:>)))
Have a lovely day!xx

"Madeline" said...

That quilt is a treasure! Lucky you. The blue and white dishes are lovely. You hit the jackpot!

funkymonkey said...

You really had to have that lovely quilt. Imagine how you'd have felt if you'd missed out on it. It's totally gorgeous and an absolute bargain. Enjoy using it.


Gingham and Flowers said...

The patchwork is wonderful. What a fantastic lucky find! Love the flowers too. I agree it has been a miserable week weather wise. Luckily we have blue sky and sunshire here in Oxfordshire. Hopefully it's heading east towards you. I'm clicking away with my camera while I get the chance as I fear the clouds will be back tomorrow. Enjoy the bonfire night.

clare Carter said...

Just spied that quilt on flickr and raced right over! Its gorgeous and an absolute bargain.If it any consolation its been weird and wet here but they assure us it will be a hotter than usual summer!!!! UUuugggh.Thanks god I won't be here for all of it.Hope you are having a super fun Bonfire Night.Sounds like the hot punch will be just whats needed.xx

thriftymrs said...

You have some really terrific finds. Those coasters are fab.

Sal said...

Wow that quilt!! How amazing for you! Great finds ;-)

k. said...

That quilt is lovely. great mix of colours.

I have never seen anything like the flowered cocktail sticks before. You can only look at them-they look too fantastic to be used.

Samantha said...

SNAP! I have the Simplicity Pattern and also the plastic flowers.

We obviously share the same good taste!

Cocoa and blankets said...

Your quilt is amazing, I tried making one once it now lives in the spare room. I am sure it will gives you oodles of pleasure.. I am very jealous we dont have jumble sales up here I used to love are lucky
love H

This Vintage Life... said...

Great finds every one, especially the patchwork quilt...gorgeous.
Deb x

lottie said...

Brilliant finds - you have an 'eye' for finding things - and have a great time at the firework display

Stink Bone Jones said...

THat quilt is so beautiful! I always admired handmade quilts b/c there is nothing quite like them.

So happy to have happened upon your blog.

Happy Blogging
Jaime said...

what fabulous fabulous finds. i love a good rummage - we can indulge in same here at mitumba, literally ''second hand'' in kiswahili. there's nothing like coming home with a treasure that cost next to nothing is there? x

Ragged Roses said...

Oh I am positively drooling!!!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T!
Hope you all had a wonderful evening, last night!

Of course I'll back you up - things like this a are a rare find and HAVE to be snapped up!! It was asking to be bought, especially by someone who appreciates the fabric choices and craftsmanship!

Those plastic picks are awesome!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
Niki x (Will email soon!)

Adventure Mother said...

Those lovely colourful finds really brigtened up my cold & wet day. A little bit of sunshine in November! Glad I don't have to find room to store all those lovelies though!

sadie said...

been very cold and grey in Suffolk this week too. Have to say though, that this is my favourite time of year and I love the cold greyness and blustery wind that goes with it.. I'm not a summer girl at all. I can't wait for the snow!

love that patchwork quilt. What a glorious find.

Have a lovely week :O)


Hen said...

Great finds. Just think how much work must have gone into making that quilt; you had to buy it! Do you collect the blue flowery china as I saw a rolling pin in that design today. I could look out for it for you in future if there are any pieces you particularly want.

Hen x

Kitschen Pink said...

Oh my ! You've all been busy whilst I've been away! Thanks for all the feedback - I shall print off all your approval for hubby!
Reluctant memsahib - mitumba sounds great fun! I can't imagine what treasures you would find for the outpost - do show and tell! t.xx
Hen - that's very kind. But if I tell you I paid £1 for the jar and 50p for the platter..... I really am hopeless at resisting a bargain, and I am equally hopeless at settling upon one pattern or style of anything, but especially china. The closest we have to a set is all the Poole Twintone we use for everyday china- just the colours are mismatched! Fickle as a flea that's me!

BusyLizzie said...

those plastic flowers are too cool for words! Love the quilt too, that was a real find. Hope the rest of your w/e was good. I spent mine sorting out the wonderful finds I got at the rag sale on Saturday.. then a jumble sale to follow.. joy of joys!!!

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

ooo good find with the quilt! hope you enjoyed bonfire night :-)
Lesley x

moss stitch said...

Why is it that I never find such things??!!
Fantastic quilt, am soo jealous!

Kitschen Pink said...

BL - How do I launder the quilt?! You would know about these things!

MS - I was just the same - until I found this one! Your day will come! t.x