Wednesday, 19 November 2008

A mini crisis and a bit of a thrill!

Remember this? Well, I know we're all thinking "Good grief! This chair really hasn't progressed at all and it's been, well, forever!" So I thought I'd show a little before picture before the update (so to speak). Not least because the pictures taken in the workshop are a bit yellow (fluorescent strip lighting!) and the real pink is far prettier!
So, the mini crisis! I made my patchwork seat cover - and I hated it. This was the second attempt and I just hadn't got my mojo on. Somehow it all kept coming out far too blue and, well, regulated. Stripes were not what I wanted! I eventually settled upon this seat and back panel.
But it wasn't working. But I'm hoping to get two very nice cushions out of them!
Meanwhile, and I think this was partly the cause of my troubles, I had discovered the most beautiful length of linen at the bottom of my fabric heaps (Embarrassingly I often discover things when I start to shuffle the heaps around a bit)
I loved the pale pinky roses against the dramatic background. The central panel is a perfect seat for my chair don't you think?
And those pale blue roses go perfectly with a few yards of gimp I also have loitering in the workroom.
Once I had made this discovery I don't think my heart was in the patchwork cover anymore. Maybe that's why I accidentally made a nice cushion cover instead!
So. "Progress?" I hear you ask. Well the seat now looks like this.
I completed the callico layer - this is the last layer of forming the seat shape and the top cover is just a decorative addition. It may not look like a full weeks class, but each of those tacks was removed and re-banged at least 3 or 4 times, some considerably more. I found it nervewracking to finally have to commit to the seat shape and wanted it to be absolutely perfect. So I was the noisiest person in the building for 3 whole hours!
Just the shield back to complete next; tack on a piece of callico, press felt into the dips created by the roll edge I formed by top-stitching;
a nice cosy wad of felt on top of that,
and that was all there was time for!!! If I can avoid removing and replacing tacks for 3 hours next week I might actually be putting on that lovely vintage Sanderson linen. Hurrah!
And now, a really big HURRAH! For all of you my lovely readers! Drum roll.....
Look what happened on my counter yesterday evening! And I was there to see it happen! Ten Thousand, 10,000 unique visitors! Wahey!
Between you all, you've popped in to read my little blog 10,000 times! My page views have topped over 16,000! Thank-you to everyone who keeps coming back. To my lovely Blogger Followers (I know who you are!) and to all my anonymous Google Reader subscribers (you know who you are!) and to everyone else who drops in from wherever. I love that you take the time to visit and thoroughly enjoy reading your comments.
So, down to work, the sun is out, the workroom is cosy and warm and I'm off to do some festive stitching. I only have one uninterrupted day before the weekend so I hope to be back by Monday with details of my Christmas listings on Etsy ! After that, I think it will be high time for some award giving and a little celebratory Christmas giveaway! Yippee! t.xx


carolyn said...

The chair is going to look stunning with the Sanderson fabric, can't wait to see the finished result. Bet you can't either.
I enjoyed your tutorial, it seemed very easy to follow and as for the vintage stockings. I can hardly believe it, I started making one of these, em too long ago to admit to, and seeinh your finished articles I'm inspired to get out my patchwork and finish the darn thing off.
Congrats on the visits, it's nice to know that people actually visit and read our little posts isn't it?

thriftymrs said...

I adore that fabric that you have found, it will go really well with the pink chair. Gorgeous.
The patchwork will make terrific cushions too.
Oh and congrats on you count! 10,000! wow!

Lark said...

Great, I am really excited about the linen, I love it, it's going to look so good!

Allison x

krafty girl said...

loving the chair!cant wait to see it when its finished.
im currently painting and re-upholstering my dining room chairs..the crummy way nothing but spray paint and staple guns for me =S


ooh and congratulations on your blogger counter,i must admit i do really love your blog!

Goosey said...

Lovely blog, I have been looking back at your stuff. I love foundation patchwork best of all so love your stuff. BW Goosey

prettyshabby said...

oh thats preeeeeeety fabric..good old sanderson comes up trumps! love that heart too in the post below and all your crazy patchwork goodies..gorgeous colours you've used as always.x

Anonymous said...

your chair looks brilliant!!!! i'm so impressed and jealous of the skill you are learning! i would LOVE to do something like this!!! i still love the colour and i think the fabric is going to work GREAT! well done you!!!!


Anonymous said...

cant wait to see the finished chair, it looks great in that colour. I always find it hard to find just the right shades of pink, they are usually to garrish or too pale but your chair colour is fun, i love it!

claire said...

Love the chair too and that little picture of the bunny/teddy-whatever-it-is brings back memories. I think it used to be on my cot when I was tiny!

Libbys Blog said...

Many congratulations on your blog stats, you have ceratinly inspired me to 'have a go'. Thank you

dottyspots said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished chair and I'm enjoying that you're posting pics of the steps you're taking along the way :0)

Congrats on the stats!