Wednesday, 17 December 2008

And the winner is....

Thank-you to everyone for taking part in my give-away! Puppy is tickled pink by so many offers of a good home!
Well, we wrote all of your names onto pieces of paper using a pretty pink pen, we wrote some of you twice, thank-you again! And then we popped them all into the hat!
I did say it was a very special hat! A 'long oval, light weight' bought when Grandpa was a young officer in the R.A.F.!
Grandpa's old Bowler hat is a great favourite of the beautiful boy. He practices Cabaret-like routines ...
not always with the desired outcome! (not that he has seen that particular film!)
Amusingly the beautiful boy refers to the hat as 'Grandpa's tombola hat'.
It's one of those misnomers which are so amusing as to go uncorrected. The idea of Grandpa going around with a tombola drum on his head is very amusing, but for current purposes quite apposite! So, back to business; stir them all up a bit;
No peeking!
Ta DA!
Kim of Ragged Roses, puppy is so very excited to be coming to stay! Send me your info and puppy can be with you for Christmas lunch, bunting over the table!
That was fun. Now, I also mentioned some awards but with Christmas suddenly everywhere (what did they do with the first two weeks of December?), I think I'll do awards in the New Year when we're all in the doldrums after the Twelfth Night tidy up! Lots to do. Must dash. I have a parcel to pack! t.xx


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Kim!

The hat is so sweet on little Mr. !!


Tea with Willow said...

Well done Kim! Puppy will love being in your home for Christmas!! (And well done to the Beautiful Boy for drawing out the name with such panache!!)
Willow xx

Ragged Roses said...

Oh I've wanted a puppy for so long, thank you!!! I have told my daughters and my cats and we are going to be on our bestest behaviour. The cats will stick to chasing the squirrels in the garden so that pups and I can have lots of cuddles around the fire!!!! Thank you so much, I am so excited. As for your darling boy, he is so handosme, very fetching in his tombola hat

Libby said...

Congratulations Ragged Roses, puppy has a lovely new home to go too.

thriftymrs said...

Congrats Ragged Roses! Lucky thing.
Love that hat by the way, so so cool.

carolyn said...

That really is a very special hat. I'm sure that Kim will be delighted with her new canine friend.

Greedy Nan said...

Good news that Ragged Roses won the puppy - I suppose in the end I'm more of a cat person anyway [what jealous - me?]
Hope that puppy [by the way, what's his/her name going to be?] will be very happy with you and not eat too much stuffing - ho-ho-ho!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Awww...well done to Kim - couldn't have gone to a nicer person! I'm sure puppy will be very happy in her new home.

Hope everything is getting very exciting in the Kitschen Pink household!
Niki x