Monday, 8 December 2008

Glitter, mulled wine and mince pies!

Hurrah! It really is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around here. We have the Christmas playlist on the iPod for the long journey from school. Everything from the King's College Chapel Carols to Stiff Little Fingers' marvellous rendition of 'White Christmas' (highly recommened when you need a good pogo to release some of that pre-Christmas tension!). We singalong all the way home!
The Christmas Market was a lovely day accompanied by the wonderful scent of mulled wine and mince pies. I made some more Retro Owls two of which I will list on my Etsy tomorrow to replace the ones which have sold.
My new Big Dogs enjoyed the delicious scents of my friend's wonderful soaps which were also on my stall.
We have had a basket of her soaps in our entrance hall all weekend and the smell throughout the house is just divine! She uses all natural ingredients and essential oils, no nasty chemicals or fake perfumes.
They are so pretty - I could eat them! Well, almost! They are the only toiletries in our bathrooms! The beautiful boy uses her bath foam (SLS free!)- Night Night is a great favourite - the lavender scent is a great calming influence for bedtimes!
As soon as the market was over I got down to listing a few more bits on my Etsy as promised. A couple more 'Joy' patchworks, this time made up into cushions with jolly heart fabric;A vintage roses big dog
and this jolly blue big dog.
This is the same yummy vintage bark cloth that I used for some of my retro owls.
Last posting dates for America are this week but UK and Western Europe have a bit longer. However, the final posting date for the school Christmas post box is even sooner! Just one more week of school and then it's the holidays! Hurrah! The kitschen table is covered in glue and glitter and dancing reindeers are this years card theme for the beautiful boy.
So much work to write all those cards on top of this weeks homework! (you might like to know, in the final chaper of 'The Frog Prince'; the princess didn't like the prince and went off to live somewhere else....apparently they just argued all the time....... at least that was the version written by the beautiful boy this weekend for his English work :-))
Sadly our darling boy has succumbed to a beastly bug today and is dosed up with calpol and kiddie nurofen. I shall never get used to how quickly he goes from bouncing around and full of beans to being horribly hot and flopsy ill. I'm hoping a day off school tomorrow will be enough to fight it off. He has worked so hard all term and I couldn't bear for him to miss all the excitement this week; Nativity play, steam train ride to visit Santa, Christmas lunch and the Carol concert in the parish church near school. I might even try to persuade doco to let him have anti-biotics just in case we can nip it in the bud! Poor little lamb. I'm off to go snuggle up for the night to help him sleep through.
Hope you and yours are all well and thoroughly immersed in the glitter season. More posts this week! And a giveaway before the weekend!


bigbucketgirl said...

The cards look lovely...hope the bugs are gone soon..x

Every time i see that blue floral barkcloth my heart skips a beat...i think that my husband secretly gave away my small piece of it and the washbag i made from it and it got to you. I've had it for years and never found any since. I've been to the kitchen to check..phew. mine's still there!

MelMel said...

How lovely the cards are.....festive fun!xx

Gingham and Flowers said...

Oh I hope he feels better soon. I remember that last week of Christmas term so well(even though it was years ago for me!) with all the excitement it involved. If I close my eyes I can almost be in the School hall at Primary School with the tree twinkling in the corner and Chrismas decorations hanging from the ceiling. Lovely memories. Hope he enjoys it all. I'm in bed too with a horrid cold so I can totally sympathise. Love the things you've been making and your friends soaps look amazing. Does she have an etsy shop?

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T!
Your poor boy - I hope he feels much better very soon - enjoy a day off today and perhaps it will just be a 24 hour thing - take care both of you.

Hope that the fair was a success - you worked so hard.

Good luck with those lovely etsy goodies - have a great week,
Niki x

The domestic novice said...

Christmas isn't really Christmas without lashings of glitter and carols! Hope the little one feels better soon. I'm off to check out your etsy site. C x

thriftymrs said...

The cards look terrific.

Ragged Roses said...

Hope the darling boy is feeling better, poor thing! What beautiful photos, Those soaps look delicious. Take care

MelMel said...
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lottie said...

Sounds like the market was a great success.

Hope beautiful boy is on the mend now and get to enjoy the sschool Christmas outings

Susan from The T-Cozy said...

I love your holiday festive! And those soaps do look delicious! Your Christmas cards are such fun. I do hope your son will be feeling better soon.

vanessa said...

Love the cards! And LOVE the big dog.............. he is so 'doggyish', like he's sniffing around, and wagging his tail .............. like a windsreen wiper on fast.................... And the colour of those soaps............. I'm actually really and truly salivating as I think of those soaps!

Kitschen Pink said...

BBG - I found couple of curtains! Would husband do such a thing?!! t.x

MM thank-you.t.x

G&F - no etsy shop but I can send you her phone number if you want an order form. She does LOADS of fairs and markets. Hope you're feeling better! t.x

Niki - he's all better! Hurrah! t.x

DN - it's the glitter where it didn't ought to be that bothers me - like in my muesli?!! Hardly organic! t.x

Tmrs - most of that green glitter is now on the kitschen floor!! t.x

RR - thank-you he is! Are you?! t.x

Lottie - thank-you! He is! t.x

Susan - hiya! all better thank-you. I'll tell him you liked his cards- you being a pukka designer and all! t.x

Vanessa- those soaps would look right at home in one of your beautiful paintings! t.xx