Friday, 5 December 2008

Waggy dogs

I have no idea where this week has gone but I'm having a cuppa so thought I'd better drop in and say hello!
Mumsie and I had a lovely short break together at her friend's beautiful luxury guest house...It has been a huge restoration project to bring the whole building to its present immaculate condition and WOW it is all amazing! All of the rooms are laid out to retain many original nooks and crannies and original features. It was great fun to explore when the guests had all gone home! We had a lovely relaxing time!
And of course there was shopping! I found this beautiful mid-century Egersund casserole to join one already in the kitschen - a real bargain at £2! And the lovely tablecloth is very reminiscent of the Festival of Britain - I just love the fresh colours.
The little tray cloth might be turned into a cushion cover and the Branksome china jug is already very at home on the kitschen overmantel. We bought a part tea set and mumsie has taken all the other bits home to her beautiful blue kitchen.
And of course it would have been sad not to find a few more vintage baubles for our Christmas tree collection! I love these old glass ornaments. They are so terribly fragile. I add a few to our collection each year, and each year a couple get broken - so of course I constantly need to replenish the stores!
and as if all that were not enough, mumsie's lovely friend gave me this wonderful collection of vintage silks. The blue silk thread is just exactly what I need for the final stage of my chair!
Yes! I said final stage! The fabric is on and I have decided to sew in the gimp rather than use Copydex. Not because Copydex is forbidden - I would just like to learn to sew it on whilst I have someone there to show me how!
I shall miss next weeks class (I have a date with a Wise King in a Nativity play!) so I'm not ever so sure the chair will be coming home for Christmas...but I'll do my best!
And why have I neglected my blog for a week? Well, tomorrow (YIKES!) is the Christmas Market.....
I have been cutting and pinning and stitching....
I shall have a few extra Big Dogs for my Etsy next week, but for now I must get that puppy out of here so that I can get on with choosing buttons without a waggy tail getting in the way!
Tea break over. More next week - I haven't forgotten my Christmas giveaway! Thank-you for stopping by and thank-you to those who have kindly made purchases from my Etsy store! I hope you enjoy them! t.x


Clare said...

Hi Teena,

Lovely post! The guest house looks like a great place to stay. Well done with your vintage finds - LOVE that tray cloth! I recently found a box of vintage baubles at an antiques fair so they will be added to this year's tree decorations. Can't wait to see the finished chair and your fabric dogs are brilliant - I used to have some curtains made from that lovely rosy barkcloth fabric.

Clare x

MelMel said...

Hello.....I'm jusr on my break....reading a christmas mag and having a welleraned cup of tea.

Olly has just come home, we are going christmas shopping later....we don't have much to get as i did a bit on amazon....:>))
I do dislike banging elbows with other pl!

Your chair is really coming along....looking good!

Enjoy the rest of your dayx

carolyn said...

Wishing you lots of luck at the Christmas Market and looking forward to reading all about it next week, that is if you have time what with Wise Men and stuff.

Willow said...

Love those vintage baubles .. I still have a few left from my Mum's tree, but will definitely be on the lookout for any at fairs/charity shops etc. Modern decorations are just not the same are they?!
Willow x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T!
So glad that you and Mumsie enjoyed some quality time together and it wasn't all work - you got to do some shopping too - perfect! Great finds - you certainly have brilliant charity shops in Norfolk.

Love the idea for bigger doggies - I'm sure your stand is going to be a BIG hit at the fair!

Good luck to the BB in the school play - I miss those things...:(

Have a lovely, prosperous weekend!
Niki xxx

cocoa and blankets said...

I love the tray cloth..and the baubles...I have some sweeties which I foud at the car boot but some need new hangers...I wis thinking of displaying the in large glass jars for christmas...and probably beyond knowing the post...

thriftymrs said...

What a lovely place to go away to, looks really pretty.
The chair is really coming along, looking forward to seeing it finished off.

Sal said...

Such a lovely place to stay!
I 'inherited' some vintage baubles this week..and then found some more in Totnes!! ;-)

jane and the happy crow said...

what a beautiful house to stay in. your puppys are lovely, that pink rose fabric is gorgeous. Sorry you couldnt make it to the V&H fair it was a lovely day, maybe you will be able to get to the next one? Jane x

Anonymous said...

your chair is going to look totally gorgeous when it's finished!!! i hope it makes it home from christmas, i feel rather attached to it after watching it grow on your blog.


Tilly said...

I love the baubles. My Mum has some which belonged to my grandma - she doesn't bother with a Christmas tree anymore - I wonder if she'll donate them to me?!

beck said...

Those baubles really took me back. I can clearly remember treading on one! Ow! Love all the treasures you found, specially the blue jug. Glad you had fun with Mumsie, good luck at the market x

Hen said...

What lovely finds you've made. Still hunting for vintage xmas decorations, only saw really naff ones at the car boot fair today. The Munchkin did get a gorgeous old scooter, he always gets the best things! Hope the xmas market went well...
Hen x

Kitschen Pink said...

Clare - my baubles are all thrifted from the bottom of bargain buckets! :-) t.x

MM - next time pour a cuppa for me! t.x

Carolyn - thank-you!

Willow - Definitely not!

Niki- you should cadge an invite to a local nativity - nothing like it for getting in the mood! t.xx

C&B - beyond Twelfth Night?! Oh no! t.xx

TMrs - You are being very patient! t.x

Sal - ooh Well done! Lucky you! t.x

JHC - can't think past Christmas at the mo! I would love to! t.xx

Lucy B - that's so sweet! Have the bubbly ready just in case! t.x

Tilly - nab them quick! They're the sort of thing that get chucked out! 'oh you didn't want that old rubbish did you'....?!?!?!?! t.xx

Beck - you vandal! :-) t.x

Hen - ah! fond memories of the days when car booting was about only finding things for me when i just ignored all the tables full of plastic toys and boys stuff! t.xx