Thursday, 29 January 2009

Super quick tag!

A great tag from lovely Lulu which I couldn't resist! (you have to see her super cute picture!)

Post the fourth photo in the fourth folder on your computer and then tag four others to do the same.
How cute is that!

So here it is...
My pictures are organised in folders by year. So this is 2006 (I finally plucked up the courage to start using the digital camera in 2003!). It's January and the beautiful boy is just over 4 years old and is joining in with the grown ups after a nice meal. He still loves to do this. And he loves to be grown up with his drink too. So, if there are any social workers or child protection officers here today - it is red grape juice!
Honest, it is!

I'm passing this tag on to

Have fun ladies!
(All you knitters should see Helen's latest post!!)

I also received another award.Thank-you to Fiona over at Wallstory for this one;
And I got another tag from Candy Pop over on Flickr but it was far too involved. I know. I'm being lazy today. But I mention it because I think you'll all LOVE her home as much as I do! Take a peek at the pictures!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

I'm sure you know but..

..just in case you didn't, click on teddy to find out more.
For so many small producers the choice is going to be a very stark one. Stop trading or break the law.
This skirt on Etsy is listed for the legally acceptable price of $15,160. Click on it if you want to find out why.
I am considering opening a Folksy store for my toys until this is sorted. I don't have the time, I could do without the extra admin, and I'm happy at Etsy.
But will I be breaking the law if I sell you a toy? I know that Trading Standards in the UK have checked my products and are happy that they are safe and of a good quality for children to enjoy. It seems that in America this is no longer good enough.
Take a moment to check the links. Let me know what you think. Make your voice heard.
By pure co-incidence I have posted on CPSIA Blog-in Day so take a look around blog world as everyone speaks out for a return to common sense. For a colourful start pop over to Jenny B at Allsorts and Kristin (she of the $15k skirt!) t.x

Saturday, 24 January 2009

What did I achieve so far this year?

Am I the only one who takes the whole of January to get going after the festivities are over? Maybe I'm on Chinese time so I'll be wishing you all a Happy New Year on the 26th? I am sure I'm not the only one who noticed a complete lack of craftiness around here lately? Sorry about that. I'm working on it. Maybe next year I'll show you...the Chinese one!
In the meantime I promised some thrifting finds! Well, there has been yards and yards of lovely fabric, some pretty braid and that bag. I love that bag!
More fabric, of course. And buttons, obviously.
And can you spot the new arrivals here on my workroom shelves?
I'll show you in a mo. But first the upholstery progress!
Week one the chair was stripped of all the broken grotty old stuff. The rexine (faux leather) was a great tatty look, but the webbing was all rotten.
Ta Da! Look! New webbing!
Hessian and back tacking - didn't have to do that last time!
The Tom Jone's chest hair is back. This time I had to create a roll all around the edge which will raise the sides of the seat to make it more in proportion with the frame.
Did you spot my trusty tack puller? I got to use that a lot again, and again, and again!
But then look at those lovely rolls ?
Then onto stuffing ties...
...did I mention those rolls all neat and even around the edge? Yep! I'm chuffed!
And did you spot the new pretties on display? Just 50p each languishing on the shelf were these two little dogs!
Aren't they just the cutest? Look at that precious little tilted flower!
Want a closer look? OK.
Yep! I'm in love! Hope you're all enjoying the weekend. t.x

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Making History

So, on our long drive home from school yesterday, we were able to hear President Obama take his oath. The beautiful boy did not want to listen to the ceremony or the speech.
"Mummy I'm really not interested. Can I have the iPod?"
So I gently explained to my little 7 year old man, born just days before 9/11, that this was a moment of history being made. History in his lifetime and that, one day, when he was a big man who was interested in politics, I would remind him that he quietly listened to President Obama introduce himself to the world.
And so he listened. To the whole speech. Quietly. And when it was over he turned to me and he said
"Mummy, if it's all so good why are you crying?"

Of course as soon as we got home we called North Carolina to share in their hope and happiness.
The beautiful boy spoke to his dear friend.
You need to know this friend has a very cute little sister.
What follows is the side of the conversation that I was able to hear.

"Hello. I like your new president....How much snow? ..... She ate it? You mean just a biscuit snowman don't you? ...A real one? ...She ate it all? ....Cool!

Like I said. History being made.

This week I have been sent two more awards! Thank-you so much to Buffy and Shabby Chick who both sent me this little lady! Very kind of you both.And now, at last, I would like to present a couple of awards of my own!!
The first one is my Laugh Out Loud Award.

I am presenting this to two blogs which, no matter what my mood, can always reduce me to fits of laughter. Huge guffaws which scare my family and induce tuts and harumphs if I happen to interrupt something gripping like Top Gear, Scrap Heap Challenge or a Bear Grylls Adventure. Imagine! Well, you try reading them without a good giggle bubbling out!!
I am awarding it to.......

Thank-you ladies. You've made my wrinkles deeper but I wouldn't have it any other way!

The rules of this award are that you don't have to mention it nor display it on your blog. Nor do you have to link back to me, but if you would like to, that's fine. You don't have to pass it on to anyone but if you know someone who deserves it, then go ahead and share the fun! The only thing you should really do is open some bubbly to celebrate and have an extra glass for me! x

Onto my next award; The Scrummy Eye Candy Award!

I have to be careful around colour. It makes me impulsive. When out shopping I am often in danger of buying anything at all if it's just the right shade of pink. Colours can make my heart skip a beat and colour is what I spend hours playing with in my workroom! For all these reasons I would like to present this award to two very special blogs which I visit for a regular visual kick! I am always sure in the knowledge that I'll see something so beautiful it will make my heart smile.
I'm sure many of you know them already, but stop by again. Make your heart smile too, just for a moment in your busy day. I am awarding it to.......

Thank-you both for all the colour. You make my days brighter!

The rules of this award are to enjoy it as above. I wish I could send you the real sweeties too, but they just vanished...!!
Instead, keeping a promise made last week, the pictures that follow are for you Lucy. Here are some of my china flowers (and Vanessa, I know you'll love them too!)
I can't believe I have such a fragile collection.
They all live under glass so I don't have to dust them...
I'm so clumsy they just wouldn't survive!
So, that's all for today. Sorry I've been away so long. I'll be back soon. I think it's time for an upholstery update! And maybe you'd like to see some of my recent thriftings? Oh have I got treats to share!
Enjoy the rest of your week. t.x
Of course if any of my lovely followers or subscribers would like to pass these awards around then go ahead! The more laughter and eye candy going around the better I say! t.xx

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Happy Day!

The bunting is back in the kitschen!
The lanterns are everywhere..
I've had a birthday! Oh I love birthdays. It has been grey and gloomy outside but in here we are cosy and bright!
There were biscuits of course! I baked these for my upholstery class (couldn't miss that for anything!) but there were plenty over for my man and boy in the evening!
And of course there was cake. The beautiful boy did an outstanding decoration job as ever!
See those beatiful flowers? And the amazing rose in the centre? Bet you want to know where they came from!
I got a huge parcel! Completely out of the blue! I LOVE surprises! Want a peek?
Oh look at all that lovely wrapping fabric and jolly red trim!
The lovely Niki of Nostalgia at the Stonehouse knows me so well! Beautiful vintage Pyrex! Oh joy!
And do you see that biscuit press? LOOK! We'll be baking again at the weekend. How clever to find such a perfect little owl for me to share with the beautiful boy (he is already very excited as our friends kindly gave us an owl box at the weekend!)
If you would like a chance for your own box of delights from Niki then pop over quick as she is having a Celebration Giveaway for her spectacular website relaunch! Oh such precious lovelies!
Two other lovely surprises on my birthday! I was sent two awards! Thank-you kind ladies!
The Marie Antoinette Award from Krafty Girl - the perfect excuse to eat more cake!
And the wonderful Lemonade award from Shannon over at Toolson Family. I love this one. The Lemonade award is for people who live by the quote "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade" . Well YAY! to that!
Which brings me to a bit of catch-up! I have neglected two other lovely ladies who have given me awards! Shell over at Shell's Crafting sent me the 'Tree of Happiness" Award earlier in January. Sorry to only just get around to it sweetie! Loving your adventures in knitting!
And last but by no means least, I am horribly embarrassed to only just be acknowledging this award from Henhouse which was sent to me on the 1st of December last year! Oh naughty me! But my goodness what a great time to be visiting Hen as there is so much crafty goodness there this month!
My regulars will know I don't do rules but I do need to send out some awards soon! I keep promising! Maybe that's my next post!
Well what a lot of excitement! But it's not over yet! As my man and boy were at work and school we shall be having my birthday day out at the weekend! I love our days out at the coast, even in January. It is a beautiful place to walk and there will no doubt be fish and chips somewhere! My kind of birthday trip!
And if you haven't yet discovered Poladroids hop on over there for some fun! If you thought techie minds don't have a sense of humour you're about to have your illusions shattered!
I giggled heaps whilst playing yesterday! You have to wait ages for your pictures to 'develop', the picture colours are totally unpredictable and totally in-balanced, the sound effects are wonderful and when you've used up the film roll you have to 'reload'. Great fun and very nostalgic! Makes you appreciate the digital revolution!
Enjoy the last of the week everyone. Thank-you for all your lovely comments on my last post!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Felt tip pen heaven!

My lovely niece has turned 16! How did that happen?! A moment ago she was the cutest little button I ever did meet. Now she is a beautiful and self-assured young lady who is contemplating her options at college! We bought her some gifts. Things we hoped she'd like. But I wanted to do something a bit personal and special to mark what is really the end of her childhood.

I wanted to help her capture the moment. All those memories that so quickly slip away when all of a sudden they are 'grown ups'.

I have recently discovered a lovely blog called Freckled Nest. Take a look and be inspired (and if you're quick you can enter her giveaway)! I love that Leigh -Ann and her circle of blog friends create beautiful journals which do exactly what I wanted.
So I got out my most precious felt tip pen sets (strictly no children unless under adult supervision - I know - mean old me!)
And I started to play, with ideas, with words and with pictures and colour....
25 pages later I stopped. It was midnight and I had whiled away a thoroughly enjoyable evening thinking about a beautiful girl whom we love very much, making her a journal which would hopefully inspire her to capture a moment at the end of her childhood.
Now that's my idea of fun!

Friday, 9 January 2009

Oh such bloggy excitement!

Worried you won't get any post on February 14th? Why not join in the A Thrifty Mrs: Valentine's swap
.. I have! You have until 9am on Monday to join in the fun!
And whilst you're getting into a Valentine's frame of mind why not have a look at the irresistibly scrummy vintage cards here:
Have fun!
As if all that excitement weren't enough, I won my first giveaway! The lovely Sarah over at Industrious Fern sent me a beautiful tissue lined parcel full of delicious Arran Aromatics treats and a lovely set of crafty bits and bobs! Oh lucky me! There were a couple of scrummy chocolate bars too but I have no idea what happened to them......
Thank-you Sarah - a real luxury treat!