Monday, 5 January 2009

Here we go!

I got ahead of myself this year - I couldn't wait until Twelfth Night and decided to pack away the decorations before the beautiful boy returned to school. It's such a miserable job to do on your own and I was glad of the company even if it took a bit longer! So, the baubles are all safely wrapped up for another year in their lovely vintage napkins.
And today I am having a jolly time finding homes for some of the lovely prezzies I was given...
One of my gifts from hubby was this gorgeous little black box of techieness. I have no idea how to use it or even what it's capable of, but it's very exciting!
When I had finished the chores today I was going to plug it in and see what happened. I thought I'd have time before the school-run, but mother nature had other ideas. I think school pick-up might be early today! Don't want to get caught out as it's such a long distance to travel on dark country roads!
Tomorrow I start a new term of Upholstery. You can guess what the next project will be!
A decidedly tatty hall chair! It's not that it's tatty that I really mind. We like a bit of tatty in this house and after all, the poor chair is often used as a boot rest for tying laces and the like ....! But lately the webbing support has become so perished that one is in danger of falling through the seat in the midst of a phone conversation and that wouldn't do at all!! So, tomorrow I will start stripping back the old layers of leather and horse hair and begin another adventure in furniture! But I won't be painting this one. It is such a lovely warm mahogany polish it would be a shame to hide it. And it's in much better condition than the last one!
So, on with the year. My inspiration board is filling up already and I have lists of lists of things I need to get done!
I have been asked to do an interview Vintage Indie Mag which I am very excited about and I've got heaps of new project ideas so I just need to settle down and find the workroom rhythm!
I've also been toying with the idea of taking up painting again so I might have more to share with you as I go through old works and ponder what next.
Only 6 weeks until half term! Yikes! I saw the first Easter Eggs on January 3rd at Tesco and I've eaten my first Creme Egg already! That's a record even for me!
Happy New Year everyone!


Cathy said...

Your "techie pressie" holds great things........ trust me: Look back through my entries, artwork has been done using my bamboo "thingie" which I discovered last year. Love your blog.

thriftymrs said...

Happy new year to you.
I have yet to take the Christmas decs down, but I am looking forward to getting the house back to some kind of 'normal.'
I've had a Creme Egg too, it felt so naughty and yet so right.

bekimarie said...

DITO!!! My lovely daughter bought me a creme egg the other day and boy did I enjoy it! Was gobsmacked to see easter eggs on sale in Morrisons!
Take care
Beki xxx

The domestic novice said...

You lucky thing! The bamboo tablet is on my wish list for 09. Oooh, the possibilities!!! Enjoy! C x

Hen said...

Ah, I'm so jealous you've already had a creme egg. I just saw them in Smiths but Harry found me a chocolate orange for 99p and as I haven't had one yet this (last xmas), I settled for that. Hmm, we bought one of those Bamboo thingies in February and I haven't got it out of the box yet. Maybe you will draw marvellous things and inspire me to get it out.
Not back to school here until tomorrow but Harry just spent his xmas voucher in Smiths so I might have a peaceful afternoon while he reads his new goodies!
Love the fabric on your noticeboard, by the way.
Hen x

MelMel said...

Another fab project love the

Lucy@Attic24 said...

Happy New Year Teena!
I have to say I am LOVING your inspiration board, I especially adore the flower card with the turquoisey background, I would seriously consider stealing this if I ever came to your abode!
Ah yes, today I've seem a Valentine display in M&S and Easter eggs in tesco too, it makes me feel so sad.

Wishing you a creative and joyful year ahead, looking forward to following you through it hun

Sal said...

I bet your chair will turn out really well!
Love the Inspiration Board!

Sarah said...

I thought I'd done, but I keep finding stray bits of Christmas all over the place.

Loving your inspiration board, good luck with all your projects in 2009

And what IS that thing from your hubby?

Sarah said...

oh my goodness, I just looked it up. Sooooo cool! Well done hubby, great present!

Kitschen Pink said...

Cathy - I looked and found some lovely things - no idea which one's relate to the black thingy! The Christmas cake? Does it make those?! mmm. t.x

TMrs - we should do a new year challenge- first one to find and eat a creme egg! t.x

BekiM - think you might have been the winner of the challenge this year! Or was 'the other day' last year?! t.x

DN - really? ooh?! t.x

Hen - I love that fabric too - it comes from a vintage kingsize quilt cover! t.x

MM - hmm. it might be fab - haven't chosen the fabric yet!! t.x

Lucy - check out the Annabel Grey link in my side bar- she's a colour goddess - much like your dear self! t.xx

Sal - such confidence! I hope so as it's one of the first things we see when we come through the front door! t.x

Sarah - I'm off to google it so I know what you're talking about!! t.xx

Lucy B - Vintage Floral and Gingham said...

Happy New Year!

I love the inspiration board!!!


Kitschen Pink said...

Thank-you Lucy B! t.x

Shannon said...

Your photos are so beautiful. I especially love the vintage napkins you have wrapped up your ornaments in... I may have to copy your idea. It would certainly make packing away Christmas less gloomy.

Josie-Mary said...

I'm so glad I didn't put up dec's this year.. hate having to take them down. Love the keep calm & carry on post card... where did you get it?? The board is a good idea.
Creme eggs.... yuk... instant tooth ache...!!! :)

Kitschen Pink said...

Shannon - I finally used up all the old napkins this year and they are SO hard to find. But I was given some lovely new pink cupcake ones so those look just fine too! t.x

J-M - the Keep Calm is an A4 printout. I bought the red poster, scanned it, changed the colours around and printed out lot different ones (I have a pink one in the kitschen) t.x

vanessa said...

Oh your beautiful, beautiful house! I wanna live there!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations on your interview with vintage indie mag.............. look forward to reading that......................... Your chair will be beautiful.................... even though I, (like you), love a bit of tattiness..............

cocoa and blankets said...

hellooooooooo seeming a little dim..what on earth is the black box techno thing???? intrigued!!! Cant wait to see the chair...I wish I had the can have my share of cream eggs...I dont like them... love and hugs H

shell said...

You've got a Tree of Happiness waiting for you at

Things Hand Made said...

Happy New year. I love your inspiration board but it neeeds that creme egg wrapper!

Kitschen Pink said...

Vanessa - Yikes! I really must make time to work on the interview! Yes tattiness is the thing - that's why I love hubby so much! HAHAHAHA! t.x

C&B - I could email you the address for the creme eggs - you can have all my bitter chocolate - and the belgian stuff - yeuch! I'm very cheap when it comes to chocs! t.x (re. black thingy - it's a graphics tablet - are we clear now.....I think we should get one of the ladies above to do a tutorial - that might help! t.x

Shell - thank-you sweetie - I'll be right over! t.x

Things HM - inspired! Absolutely inspired! Sadly I have disposed of the wrapper so I shall need to buy another a.s.a.p.!! Maybe I could wallpaper a room with them for true inspiration....! t.x

Liz said...

Dropped by via Shell's Blog and LOVE the idea of an Inspiration Board :)

Kitschen Pink said...

Liz - every home should have one! t.x

XUE said...

I totally understand about these "technie" presents from husbands :) . I have an touchscreen ipod on which he has downloaded my complete portfolio of sewn items & jewelry. I can also surf, blog & check my mail on it - if only I can remember how to do all these!