Friday, 9 January 2009

Oh such bloggy excitement!

Worried you won't get any post on February 14th? Why not join in the A Thrifty Mrs: Valentine's swap
.. I have! You have until 9am on Monday to join in the fun!
And whilst you're getting into a Valentine's frame of mind why not have a look at the irresistibly scrummy vintage cards here:
Have fun!
As if all that excitement weren't enough, I won my first giveaway! The lovely Sarah over at Industrious Fern sent me a beautiful tissue lined parcel full of delicious Arran Aromatics treats and a lovely set of crafty bits and bobs! Oh lucky me! There were a couple of scrummy chocolate bars too but I have no idea what happened to them......
Thank-you Sarah - a real luxury treat!


thriftymrs said...

Thanks for letting your readers know about the Valentine's swap.
Looking forward very much to the draw.
Looks like you got some lovely things in a giveaway you lucky thing.

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Well done winning the giveaway T! Looks like you can really pamper yourself this weekend!

Thanks for the nostalgic card blog link - I've not seen that one before...really must find some to to surf, as I am obvioulsy missing a lot of goodness out there...

Niki x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Whoops! Thats 'time' to surf....

Have a lovely weekend
Niki x

Susan from The T-Cozy said...

Thanks for the Kitsch Encounter link! I can't believe how quickly the vintage valentines sold there. The ones you purchased are already on their way as I took a detour on my walk this morning and dropped them off at the post office. I hope you'll enjoy them.
Warm regards,

Sarah said...

You photographed them so much better than I did :) So glad you like them.

Hmmm, chocolate disappears in this house too, strange isn't it?

Shannon said...

Thanks for posting the swap... cheery news on a grey day! I have never done one before, and hope the states aren't too far away to be considered.
And congratulations on your winnings! Is there anything better than a surprise package? With chocolate? Delightful.

gingerwine said...

Just came across your blog its yummy!
Sam x

Kitschen Pink said...

TMrs - I'm very excited about the swap too! t.x

Niki - might you show some of your collection to inspire?! I'll bet you have LOADS! t.xx

Susan - Oh I can't wait!! t.x

Sarah - that's the answer! You sent me disappearing chocolate - HA! Does that mean it doesn't make me fat either?! t.xx

Shannon - hope you get a good swap partner! They'll have to think of something very light but lovely! Or maybe she'll pair you with another american?! t.x

Gingerwine - thank-you and welcome! t.x

Vintage Tea said...


i'm your Valentine ;o)

Mrs Thrifty has paired us up for the swap... drop me an email on and we can swap addresses and stuff.

Looking forward to swapping with you

Victoria xx