Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Turning over a new flower.

I am renowned for my ability to kill house plants. This lovely succulent thing is the only one I have ever owned which is forgiving enough to put up with me. I have had it for years and every few months I remember that it might like some water. Yet it thrives!
A lovely friend who came to lunch in November bought me a little cyclamen plant and oddly this too has continued to flower and thrive all through Christmas and into the New Year! In gratitude for it's cheery display, which I enjoy every time I open the front door, I have made the effort to water it more often than I usually might.
Then mumsie gave me hyacinth bulbs. Oh dear. At one point I really thought they had just gone mouldy. But Lo! What a treat! Delicious flowers! And the scent! Oh how I wish I could put a smellometer here so you could enjoy it too!
I am getting delirious looking at them every time I walk into the kitschen.
Look mum! I didn't kill them!
They remind me of ladies hats. You know the ones? Here's my lovely Great Aunt wearing a splendid hat at a wedding long ago....
Doesn't she look just so pretty? And here's my beautiful gran at mumsie's wedding. Oh she was such a beauty!
Like a movie star don't you think?
Hyacinth flowers. Flowers and plants managing to grow and thrive in my home! Who would have thought it?
And so a fresh start to the new year.
I have not made lists of resolutions. I have made lists of jobs to keep busy and distracted. You know; fix things, clear out places, clean stuff. Chores. Things that must be done to maintain order. But resolutions? Not yet. I am pausing. To reflect. t.x


Cathy said...

The way you saw the link between hyacinths and old ladies' hats made me roar with laughter.... what a lovely sense of humour. Incidentally, after your comments yesterday re my mother's flying ducks, I have decided to let at least one fly elsewhere in the house.... watch my space.... Cathy

thriftymrs said...

The hyacinth/old lady link really made me chuckle.
I have some hyaceinths that are yet to show signs of life.
My resolutions are not to procrastinate as much and to be more organised. They're not working.

Ragged Roses said...

What a lovely post! You are not alone with your difficulty with looking after houseplants! Hyacinths seem to be the only plants that thrive in this house too! Love the hats, wish they were fashionable again these days ...
As you can see I'm failing miserable at my resolve to spend less time blogging!!!!

Lucy B - Vintage Floral and Gingham said...

Your Gran does look like a movie star!! Lovely flowers too, I have more luck with succulents, I grown them in the garden, they dont even need much earth...less 'needs' the better...


Kitschen Pink said...

Cathy - a flying duck revolution! Superb! The beautiful boy has commandeered the only set we have! t.x

TMrs - that does seem to be a theme with resolutions - the not working bit! HAHA! t.x

RR - go set that trend!! You lead and I'll laugh oops - I mean follow! t.xx

LucyB - how are they at resisting nettles and brambles - as under-gardener those are my main responsibilities so far! t.x

Shannon said...

Clever comparison of flowers and hats! Best of all, they both make me think of Easter... thus Spring... and hope. I hope 2009 is a very good year for you.

MelMel said...

Hiya...i'm shocking at looking after plants, we have a money tree....but strangly, there is no money on it....hhhhmmm!

I love all your pictures, your blog as always is fun to read and colourfyl...xxxx

vanessa said...

I know exactly what you mean................ plants thrive in my garden............... but in the house, they seem to need a special sort of love! A love I haven't discovered yet.................... my solution to indoor plants is cut flowers!

Beata said...

I think that's a great way to start the new year...

Those hats are great - I especially love your aunt's looks like a bunch of dahlias were pinned to the top of her pretty! I had a cyclamen which lasted for the first 6 months of the year...always in bloom -- just a little water so it doesn't dry out and off it went, blooming for 6 months!

Beata xxx

BusyLizzie said...

wonderful family photos & fab hats.
Always enjoy your posts, but do not always have time to comment.
Happy New Year & may it be a good one for you.
Lizzie x

cocoa and blankets said...

I decided years ago that plants belong in the garden..thats my hyacinths go all long and leggy...I recently bought 4 hats just like your grans they are in my sewing all year round(there are pictures on one of my posts...)

Sarah said...

A bit of breathing space before the next thing is wonderful. Enjoy it.

Also, may I recommend the Christmas Cactus. Dark green foliage all year round, with a burst of pink in the winter months. I think you'd love it. Also, REALLY hard to kill. I know.

Sarah. Plant Slayer Extraordinaire. Proud owner of a Christmas Cactus that is nearly two!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

You are strong and resilient, like your beautiful hyacinth bulbs, T - relax, pause for now and be happy.

2009 is a New Year for hoping...
Niki x

Loved the photos of your Great Aunt and your Gran - and of course the inspired millinery creations!

Kitschen Pink said...

Shannon - Easter? It's those creme eggs again! t.x

MM - you have to dig around in the mud to find it....xx

Vanessa - and so much nicer if you have someone to buy them for you! t.x

Beata - 6 - SIX months? That's incredible!! t.xx

Lizzie - please don't feel you have to - I know you're there! t.xx

C&B - Oh you lucky thing! I'm off to find that post - did you model them? t.x

Sarah - I did once have one. It never ever flowered. Seems I am a more proficient slayer than I had thought! t.x

Lovely Niki xxxx

Libby said...

A;ways love popping over here as I find you and your blog such an inspiration, so much so you inspired my Christmas Cards that where sent 2008!
Thank you

Kitschen Pink said...

Libby -and very fine cards they were too! t.x

Country Cottage Chic said...

I'm not very good with houseplants. I can grow veg, roses & flowers in the garden but houseplants never last all that long.

Good luck for the new year - hope it is good for you!


Geri said...

The hyacinths look great, and they do smell fabulous. Your granny also looks great in her hat, and she is a definite beauty.

Cowboys and Custard said...

There is an ancient Chinese saying that goes.. 'only a fool trips on what's behind him'..I am not for a moment suggesting you are a fool.. but don't look back.. embrace the year ahead and I hope it will bring you peace of mind and very much happiness ..
Just love those hats...not much call for wearing one of those to Waitrose but then again.....
Love to you
Michele xxxx

Kitschen Pink said...

CCC -WOW! You can do all that?! Who needs houseplants when you can do all that?! t.xx

Geri - thank-you sweetie! t.x

C&C - wise words, thank-you honey. Now, about wearing those hats to Waitrose - it's posh there isn't it? Perfect place for them! t.x

IRENE said...

Oh your gran is so glamorous!