Thursday, 26 February 2009

Found and Lost

When I start new embroideries I spend ages, sometimes weeks, living with a pieced work up on the workroom wall. Sometimes they go from the wall to the back of the cupboard - and you know how full that space gets! Sometimes I re-piece and stew it over again.
Eventually, hopefully, they find their way into the sewing basket and join me on the sofa where I do my stitching in front of the stove and sometimes the TV. After yesterdays clear-out I seem to have gained some clarity and I have 5 embroideries in the basket!....Yippee! I hope to have two more by the weekend. It has been a good week.

This morning I caused utter chaos at the beautiful boy's school. I thought I had left his complete games kit outside under the school clock yesterday afternoon. Turns out it was in the car all along...!
Kirstie Allsopp, poor love, has lost something far more precious. So if you're in the right part of London, eyes down and see what you can see!
Find out more here Kirsties Lost Ring
I'm looking forward to the weekend - our first completely free weekend in weeks! No parties, no work, no sports... Bliss! t.x


bigbucketgirl said...

Those florals look like you've raided our bedsheets! i can only bear to cut them if they are completely bare in the middle!

I blogged today about piecing together old hexagons for a patchwork..and some of them are those beloved florals! They make my heart sing!

Hen said...

Like the look of the beach huts one and the flowers in jug one too (sorry, I'm sure you have much better titles for them!) Look forward to the grand reveal...
Hen x

thriftymrs said...

I do love how creative you are.
I'm sure Mr Thrifty would love to help out Ms Allsop, he is her ultimate fan. Seeing her bent over in the street (looking for something or not) would certainly be a thrill for him.

Sal said...

I love the things you do..hope the weekend is good for you too.. and you get lots done!! ;-)

Shabby Chick said...

Love that crazy patchwork, I keep meaning to have a go and forgetting!

I did a very similar thing to you with my eldest's favourite toy at preschool the other day. Had all the ladies looking for it but it turned out that she had put it under the pushchair when I wasn't looking and then forgotten! Very embarrassing :-S

Mel xxx

RosenHerz said...

thank you for nice comments!
You can need the google translater, I found only the german one. Here is the Link:

greetings from Austria

cocoa and blankets said...
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Kitschen Pink said...

BBG - I promise these are not your bedsheets! t.xx

Hen - don't hold your breath! t.x

TMrs - HAHA! She has a certain something doesn't she!

Sal - thank-you honey. Me too. t.x

SC - I'm past embarrassment - it would be constant I'm so dizzy! t.x

RH - thank-you! I'll try and work that out! I do have fun with auto translations.. t.x

Menopausal musing said...

Great work going on there. My most embarrassing school fiasco was post divorce and I went to my children's new school for the Mothers' Day Service. I was early so started to put chairs out in the hall, until I was stopped and told that I was a week early!!! I still cringe at the thought. Ha!

MaryPoppins said...

How interesting I seem to have lost my engagement too, I have not had on my finger now for well over five months, has been lost in the refurbishement of my Home Sweet Home, it is a pear shaped diamond set in platinum, if any one finds it :)

Reward alas is only a tenner, I do love your Blog, it is so inspirational :)



Frog in the Field said...

KP I love the curved tugboat with a heart on it?
Can I use this image?
Sorry I've been away so long

SueLovesCherries said...

Hello! I just want to thank you for visiting my blog this week, My Secret Garden. You do lovely work!

Because of your blog name, and where you're from I just have to mention that my maiden name is Pink and I'm from Norfolk (Massachusetts, US, that is) also! Have a great day!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T,
Hope that you are enjoying your weekend of embroidery!
Niki x

Cathy said...

Beautiful pieces of work - hope you get them finished in front of the telly!
Cathy X

Kitschen Pink said...

MM - jolly good plan to ensure they haven't forgotten though! t.x

MP - oh dear! Perhaps Kirsty might add you to her lost ring site- it could become a new charity - - I have many friends who might benefit - I myself recently lost a HUGE sapphire and emerald ring, enormous stones, size m, platinum setting - if anyone finds one like this or similar.....t.x

Welcome back cheeky frog. I'll email you! t.x

SLC- Mrs Pink! Hello! I wonder if your Norfolk is like this Norfolk?! t.x

Niki - oh yes!

C - I certainly did - AND the stove! t.xx