Friday, 13 February 2009

Time out!

This is all I'm showing of the upholstery progress, I don't want to spoil the finished effect for you! I have the most scrummy gimp on order in just the right shade of pink to go with the vintage linen I have chosen from my stash. The hall chair is almost finished. Just the two front corners to mitre and stitch. This corner is ready to stitch - I have absolutely no idea how to do the other one! I can't even remember where to make the first cut! I'll have even less idea after the half-term break! Thank goodness for a patient tutor!
I made it to the Castle ! It was so quiet and empty. The lull before the storm! The Exhibition was fantastic. All the work related to the artists' time in Norfolk and Suffolk in the early 1930's so it felt really familiar. The new Decorative Arts galleries were breath-taking and I recommend a visit if you love design history and you happen to be in Norfolk!
All of my favourite galleries are the ones with objects displayed in half light. Textiles, watercolours, china. All half hidden in their temperature controlled cabinets, lights glowing gently so as to preserve what is left of the original colour. It all feels so special and secretive.
I spent a happy hour in the Twining Tea-pots Gallery, doing some sketching. I have been working on some new textiles and I had particularly wanted to look at the pots with sayings, mottos and rhymes.
All of the ones I was interested in were 18th Century, English and either Creamware or Pearlware
And this wonderful pot is Pratt Ware - in the distinctive pallete of strong blue, yellow and green.
Do you see that spelling?


That makes me very happy. Throughout the text on these pots there is a wonderfully cavalier attitude to spelling and punctuation with capital letters appearing more for accentuation than grammatical correctness. The pots are not perfect. The transfers are wonky and they would have been used by women seeking impress or pamper their guests. They are so redolent of their human interaction. Oh how I love the tea-pots! Surface pattern, china, design and social history all in each perfect little pot!

And here's a ryhme which made me think of all my lovely readers;

Ladyes do ftop this After-noon
It is my hearts desire
You'd stay to have a difh of Tea
The kettle's on the Fire.

(for those not used to old text - swap the odd 'f' for 's').

And here's one that made me think of tomorrow...

You see heere my bleeding heart
Is smitten by god cupid's dart
O!get some tea to make it warm.
And nourish it from future harm
When your bright eyes cause it to flutter
I'll wedge it down with bread and butter.

Will there be cards on our doorsteps in the morning? Hmm. I'm not holding my breath.....

Just one more thing - very exciting really. The lovely Gabreial over at Vintage Indie so kindly asked me to do an interview for her blog! So now I can display her badge and I'm tickled pink by her kindness.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and a happy half term to all of you enjoying the short break from the tyranny of the school run! I'm going to be enjoying my lazy morning cuddles! t.x


myminimocs said...

the exhibit sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day! can't wait to see the finished upolstery project it's looking pretty good already! off to check out your interview!

Shabby Chick said...

Your pictures are amazing! I wish I could draw like that, I can just imagine how those teapots look in real life. What great words on some of them too.

Your upholstery is looking good, I am intrigued to see what gimp is, I think the type I've heard of is not quite the same thing as what you're talking about ...!

Mel xxx

thriftymrs said...

Oh Happay has made me very happay too.
Loving the fabric you're using on your upholstery project.

Vintage Tea said...

Congrats on your interview on Vintage Indie!

Enjoy the weekend and half time with your little ones.

Your swap parcel should arrive Saturday, mine arrived today and is waiting to be opened in the morning!

Victoria x

Sal said...

Glad you made it to the Castle.
Norwich is one of my favourite cities,btw. Hope your weekend is good too ;-)

cocoa and blankets said...

Good morning sweetie...Happy Valentines Day...I was awoken at 6am by Alfie with his fluffy bum in my face ...humph!!!! then I couldnt sleep so I am blogging while the family snooze and Alfie hovers looking expectant! have a lovley forgot to ay...I love your observations...I would love to have joined you...

Menopausal musing said...

My kind of visit.... lovely post. There is a tea museum in London. It is WELL worth a visit. You will get lovely work from your sketchbook and sincerely hope you will let us see it via your blog. Cathy x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Those rhymes are charming aren't they?

Kitschen Pink said...

MMM- I looking forward to seeing it finished too! t.x

SC- Gimp - the pretty braid like stuff that goes around the edges!! t.x

TMrs - so happy you're happay too! t.x

VT - thank-you sweetie! t.x

Sal - it's a nice city - small enough to still feel local! t.x

C&B and I would have loved you to have been there! Now, are you going to explain to my readers who is Alfie or should I?!! :-) t.x

MM -oh that sounds like a lovely museum! I woudl show you something, but it's slow progress. I've got stuck on the text... trying to reduce the quantity of hours and hours and hours that go into each piece!! t.x

CCC - they certainly make me smile t.x

claire said...

Hi there.
I'm a local (ish) to you girl.....we haven't been to the Castle Museum for a few years and was wondering if I plan a half term trip would you recommend with or without an almost 4 year old!!!
Would he be fed up too quickly??
Your sketches are fabulous btw x

Thecraftytrundler said...

I will have to visit Norwich, it looks a great place to visit!!
Love your sketches, wish I could draw like that!!
All in all you have a lovely blog there!!

Have a great week!!

Sharon : )

Shannon said...

Thank you for the sneak peak at your chair... I am enjoying watching the progress. Also glad you made it the museum, without any fire engines this time. Your drawings are charming.