Sunday, 15 February 2009

Valentines Day +1

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day yesterday. The beautiful boy received his first Valentine! First he thought it must be Grandma, but we were sure it wasn't Grandma's writing and he was sure it wasn't mummy's writing... "Oh no, your writing is far more messy than this"... so the mystery sweetheart remains a secret .... just as it should be!
But whoever it was, they delighted him with his favourite forbidden treats! And poor daddy?
Well, all he got were these yeuchy Raspberry truffles...!
Breakfast soon overtook any thoughts of love and chocolates! We had a long day out planned so a big breakfast was on the table!
And what did mummy get? Well, for one thing this wonderful red parcel. We found it in the wood-shed. Our postie had signed for it himself, perhaps to avoid knocking on the door and asking for hubby to sign for it! That would have been funny!
Thrifty Mrs kindly arranged a valentine swap and my swap partner was lovely Victoria over at Vintage Tea! Just look at all this wonderfulness! So many hearty packages to unwrap!
A wonderful selection of baking goodies, a very romantic American magazine, tissues and sweeties..... so many treats! Thank-you Victoria. I hope you enjoyed your parcel too.
And those yummy pink marshmallows....
... well we toasted those whilst playing Lotto this afternoon! Perfect Sunday snacks!
And can you guess what we're doing on the first day of half term? Want a clue?
These are bubbling away in the Aga overnight tonight and I'll be adding dark brown sugar and Scotch whiskey tomorrow! Yum! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. t.x


myminimocs said...

sounds like a wonderful day full of love and surprises!!

Adventure Mother said...

Yes, sounds wonderful. Bet your kitchen will smell delicious in the morning x

Kitschen Pink said...
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Shabby Chick said...

Lovely swap goodies, you lucky thing! And how cute is that about your little boy :) Enjoy making the marmalade!

Mel xxx

angelique said...

Your parcel looks absolutely fantastic. I'm sure we will see the use of all those things in the future. we were out camping on The big day so I got myself a kiss.

Vintage Tea said...

I'm so glad your package arrived and you liked what it was inside!

Looks like you and your family had a wonderful weekend.

Victoria xx

Susan from The T-Cozy said...

Happy belated Valentines Day! (Don't worry...the secret of your son's valentine's day card is safe with me.)
Warm regards,

cocoa and blankets said...

Helloooooo are already in the cirlcle of love...its a very big circle....and I would lurve you to be in my class...none of the kids talk vintage crafts and most importantly your post...fab pressies....althought been alergic to the kitchen wouldnt know what to do with most tings...would probably come out in a rash....happy half term...we are going for a long walk with our friend and her snoggy dog as poly calls it...hopefully a post for the and hugs...H

MelMel said...

Happy to make you smile!
We had fun!
Love the breakfast served up on heart shaped plates!

vanessa said...

I remember receiving my first Valentine when I was about eight years old.................. looking back, it was my Mum and Dad who sent it, but at the time I was convinced it was from a mystery admirer................. it must have been very amusing and touching for my parents to watch!

Kitschen Pink said...

MMM Yup! t.x

AM - you're so right! At least once I got them out of the oven it did! t.x

SC - call that cute?! I'm deeply offended! messy indeed - it's artistic...! :-) t.x

A - a kiss sounds perfect to me! t.x

VT - glad you enjoyed yours too. t.x

susan - you're a star! t.x

C&B - looking forward to the 'snoggy dog' post! I think... t.x

MM - and they are dishwasher safe too! doesn't get much better! t.x

V - well it was certainly like that here! t.x

thriftymrs said...

Ooh looks like a lovely day.
Glad your swap went well, you have some lovely things there.

beck said...

What a lovely colourful post! Sounds & looks like you had a wonderful day..can I come over to your house next 14th of Feb? x

Ragged Roses said...

Sounds like a wonderful Valentines to me. What gorgeous goodies! Hope the marmalade making went well and I wonder if any of that whiskey went astray ...

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T,
Glad to hear that you all had a Happy St. Valentine's Day...the red heart plates make the perfect statement!

Hope the marmalade turned out well.

Have a great half term,
Niki x

silverpebble said...

Hello - I just wandered over and oh! your pictures and lovely makes are delicious. Button necklaces, vintage goodies, - having a little sigh to myself. Gorgeous. Emma x

prettyshabby said...

oooh those raspberry truffles look soooo yummy..I love your parcel of Valentines goodies, how lovely.
Our postie does that signed for thing too..all the time!
(hmmmm but maybe its the sight of me in a dressing gown at 8 in the morning that deters him)

Bobo Bun said...

Fruit salads for me everytime, I've never grown out of kiddy sweets. I'll email you from my other address by the way.

Burnham - I think they're meeting to decide now, so no news yet.

Lisa x

randi---i have to say said...

You have a great blog! Lots of crafty inspiration here!

The swap gift is great. How fun to receive such wonderful goods!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

So sweet of your little boy getting a Valentine`s present!
Love the gifts that you gave and received from lovely Victoria!
Debbie Moss

Kitschen Pink said...

TMrs - All thanks to you sweetie, all thanks to you! t.x

Beck - anytime honey - we'll order extra truffles! t.x

RR - whiskey? What whiskey? t.x

Niki - lovely plates...just very small..romantic portion control!! t.x

SP - welcome and glad to make you sigh! t.x

PS - very handy to have a postie who breaks the rules, whatever the reason! :-) t.x

BB - can't wait to hear! I'm sure they'll be deligthed to have your lovely wares! t.x

Randi- welcome and thank-you. t.x

D.E.T. - sweet indeed. He was so chuffed! St. Valentine is now up there with Santa! t.x