Wednesday, 25 February 2009

When is a w.i.p. not a w.i.p.

I've been giving wips a lot of thought in recent weeks. I am feeling a little swamped by ideas and half started, half finished projects. I find the unfinished ones nag at me but really, there are some that get so far and really really don't deserve the time it would take to finish them! So I had a rummage through the workroom cupboards and was horrified to find that I may be a serial wipper! I have decided to separate the genuinely deserving w.i.p.s from the general mass of unfinished objects which will be mothballed away perhaps for another generation to love!
In my 20's I discovered tapestries. I did a lot of travelling with my work and would hate to be stuck in a hotel room without something to stitch. Many are from kits given to me by friends and family. All of them were supposed to become cushions or chair covers! But all of these have become unfinished objects.
If anyone has ever worked an Elian McCready needlepoint, you will understand the work that goes into every square inch! It took me a year to find the time to finish this one! I think it should definitely find a home on the sofa somehow!In my late teens I began lace making, but I have little need for lace edged handkies so I have no idea why I started on one! I suspect the appeal of lacemaking to me was more about those bobbins and beads! I have all of my grandma's bobbins too.
Just look at those adorable doggie buttons!
Going back much much further, does anyone else have one of these? This would have been before I was 10. French knitting was a bit of a craze for a time in our household. We had imaginings of rugs and bedspreads but really, truthfully, I think it was more sibling rivalry relating to length!
6.8 metres of squirly, colourful, yumminess!
(I don't think my brother reads this blog, but I know his daughters drop in from time to time - so, for the record girls - I have daddy's french knitting too and it's only 2.4 metres long!)
This wonderful ball of hopefullness comes from my teens. I spent hours and hours joining and plaiting rags to make a coiled rug- I haven't even unwound it to measure how far I got. The colours are not at all what I would wish and so this, I think, will be hidden back in the cupboard!
And here's a w.i.p no more! The second chair is back home in the hall and very comfy it is too!
I took it outside to photograph the colours in that piece of vintage Sanderson fabric. The gimp was ordered specially here to match the pinkest rose.
I won't be Upholstering in the summer term so only 5 weeks to go before a long break. But I'm feeling ambitious so the next project will be the beautiful boy's armchair! It will have to be started and then wait until the Autumn Term to be completed as I expect it will take some considerable time! Not least to find a fabric. The beautiful damask is completely worn but the boy is keen to keep it the same! So the hunt is on!
And here's one of many fledgling I have hit troubles with how to embroider the different elements to bring it I'm going to keep you guessing until I work it out!
Hope you're all having a good week. I have been trying to work out Twitter, but have no idea what I'm doing so, if any of you are more experienced, feel free to do whatever it is Twitterers do to make contact! Link in the sidebar... t.x


thriftymrs said...

Wow you certainly have your finger in lots of pies. ;)
I'll do some twittering and add you.

bigbucketgirl said...

i knew there was a reason i added you to my 'keep myslef by reading....' blog list on my blog! you have similar wips to me..i never did the lace thing...too dainty although i do like the bobbins! i'm sat here with 2 unfinished tapestries(that i still love) leaning on the table and french knitting...LOL! my kids love theirs! santa put them in their stockings and they've been a huge hit! my 10yr old son is making cobwebs for next halloween!

your last photo makes my heart jump...we're patchworking here at the moment and we have some very similar prints...curious to see what you will do!

bigbucketgirl said...

ahem! that should have said "keep myself sane by reading.....".

Oh the perils of speed reading/commenting because the little one is outside with daddy for 5 minutes!

Bobo Bun said...

Your WIP's go back ages, I can't believe you have managed to hang on to them. I have quite a few things loitering about too as my mind gets seduced by new fabric or yarn and off I go abandoning an old one for a new.

Lisa x

Shabby Chick said...

That's quite a few WIP's! I have a couple, one that I've decided is crap and not to be finished (luckily I didn't get too far and can re-use most of the fabric) and one which I really should do but can't get the motivation.

Those tapestries do look like a lot of work! Half my trouble is that I have too short an attention span and like to see things finished in a really short time. I used to love my knitting nancy though, but what are you really supposed to do with the huge lengths of thin tubing???

Mel xxx

Menopausal musing said...

Some WIP's just stand the test of time though, don't they? I find them from time to time as I rummage to find that certain ribbon, button or bead and think "wow!, I'd forgotten that piece", but if I think "That isn't really up to much, I have learn't to let go and throw..... x

Sal said...

I think my life is one big WIP..lots to finish off in my room.
I love your chair..and.. just out of interest ..what do you do with your finished French Knitting ?

myminimocs said...

what a wonderful post - i truly enjoyed seeing all of these wonderful completed and not so completed projects and hearing a bit about each one! wonderful-thank you!

Devon Dumpling said...

My Nan taught me how to do tapestry and the good old French seems such a long time ago now! x

Josie-Mary said...

I'm a virgo so I like to finish things.I used to love french knitting... that was a blast from the past. We had some 'lovely' placemats!!! :)

claire said...

I'm a serial 'wipper' too - my work room is not the tranquil space I imagined as it has piles of things I want to start or finish!!!
when I saw your lace bobbins - my eyes lit up and I thought ooh I'd like to try that - but I'm going to 'step away' and crack on with a wip instead :)

Anonymous said...

It's called distraction, there's too many fancible fabrics/yarns/bobbins out there. Stay faithful to your WIP's!

Kitschen Pink said...

TMRs -thank-you! I'm still none the wiser! t.x

BBG - good guess but it's not for patchworking! t.x

BBB - it's a problem with big cupboards - stuff just accumulates without any effort on my part! t.x

SC - should we have a competition - 101 uses for a long thin string of knitting?! t.x

MM - I have let go! Back into the cupboard! :-) t.x

Sal - I measure it and tell my brother it's much longer than his!! :-) - grow-up? me? never! t.x

MM - you're welcome sweetie - I enjoyed it too, most are back in the cupboard but a couple might get back into the active w.i.p.list!

DD - half term feels like a long time ago to me! t.x

J-M - useful item number two - cobwebs and placemats - we're on the way! t.x

Claire - did you say crack the whip? t.x

SC - are we sure it's not called blogging?! t.xx

Tikimama said...

I'd forgotten all about "spool knitting" (one of French knitting's many names) until I came across a group on Flickr dedicated solely to those "knitting Nancys". Check it out if you're on Flickr - I think they post pictures of finished projects, along with people's collections of the "spools".

beck said...

Oh Knitting Nancy...memories! What the heck can you do with all that wormy wool anyway? Maybe it's a 'journey', not 'destination' thing. Hmmm. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog..we are all safe and leaving town tomorrow to be extra safe! have fun with your wips, x ps have you got a wip fetish?

Gillian said...

I love your Sanderson upholstered chair - looks so pretty! I have a few wips in progress at the moment - unfinished projects cause me great distress! Will add you on twitter too.

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T,
I love how your latest chair turned out. Gorgeous Sanderson really have become quite an expert very quickly!

Had to laugh at your French knitting...its lovely that you have kept them (can't remeber if we ever sat working on these together when we were young, can you? Didn't realise that bro was a dab-hand at it too!)
I'm sure mine was longer than that ;-)), but we'll never know...I used to pass on all my old toys to my younger cousin...

I've been having a clear-out today...maybe I shouldn't be in such a rush to part with things...

Niki x