Sunday, 22 February 2009

Wip Wip Hurray!

Remember this little w.i.p?
I thought it would be a couple of evening's stitching and all done! I thought I might even finish it for a Valentine's post... but the piece had other ideas.. as they so often do!
I thoroughly enjoyed stitching the hearts and working texture into the nest and the tree... but somehow the whole thing wasn't working.. it needed height. It needed to be up in the clouds.
And so this little embroidery became a tiny quilt. And of course once I had added wadding and batting it needed binding. And what with one thing and another, well,
today it feels finished. My little love nest in the clouds.
And what of the other artworks? Well, I decided against getting out my inks. We decided to make a start with more accessible watercolours. And I was reminded of how much I hate painting with watercolours. I missed the deep bright colours of my inks. I missed the extra definition I can achieve with a pen nib. But it was a start!
I had fun selecting pots and crocks - I'm calling this one "Egersund, Meakin, Green" - very literal! I think my painting will remain another w.i.p. for some time! It is like riding a bike; you never forget but you do have to practice to keep from falling off!
And there have been lots of bike rides this week of half term. Spring is in the air and the days are finally getting warmer.
I have heard my first skylark this year and seen the first catkins.
Lots of deadlines coming up, lots of plans, lots more w.i.p.s to share.
Hope you're loving what you're doing. More soon. t.x


meplusmolly said...

Oooo it all looks lovely and creative! the quilt is v sweet, loving your w.i.p. watercolour too, its more than a good start! I know what you mean about loving the intense colour of ink and definition of a pen nib though

Menopausal musing said...

The temptation to put a comment re "whip, whip, hooray"........... No,I'll be a good girl today....(boring!). Lovely work, absolutely love it. Isnt it lovely that everything is waking up re nature? x

Catherine said...

Thank goodness spring has started to 'sprung'. Loving the watercolour - would make a lovely set of notecards. Cat x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Love the quilt that has 'evolved'!! What a lovely,colourful, bright inspirational post!! Those catkins say it all!!

Take care

Sharon xx

MelMel said...

Lovely work...very pretty and colourful!xx

Shabby Chick said...

That looks great! Love it :)

I saw some catkins and snowdrops today too, so nice to know Spring is coming.

Mel xxx

myminimocs said...

wow - i love the finsihed love nest - it's just wonderful!!! and although i know what you meaqn about ink color i think you're watercolor is absolutely charming... i love it!!!

Hen said...

Hi T,
love your little quilt? Do you have a special recipient in mind?!
Looking forward to seeing more of your chair, too...
Hen x

Kitschen Pink said...

MPM - thank-you! I wondered if I was only making excuses but the inks are so much nicer!

MM - honey you can give in to temptation here anytime you like! This is my space and I won't have anyone being suppressed! t.x

C - you're very kind but I think perhaps not yet! t.x

TCT - thank-you so much. Glad you enjoyed it! t.x

MM - thank-you. t.x

SC - lets hope so! I like to spend March in the garden! t.x

MMM - hurrah! someone else who understands the allure of inks - we could have an ink party! t.x

Hen - ah the chair - I'm hoping to finish it on Tuesday - next project already being stripped down ready (and Cathy if you're reading this.. well...) t.x

summerfete said...

Hi just wondering whether you have been to St Judes Gallery.
I'm a bit of an Angie Lewin fan.

Love the catkins!


cocoa and blankets said...

Oh T ...what a wonderful picture...I just love far I have only seen your needlework...but the colours and style of the picture are should put your pictures on Etsy I would certainly buy them...I am afraid words are failing me today as I am not well...but loved this and hugs H

Kitschen Pink said...

SF - oh yes! me too! And I'm really excited about the new gallery they are opening soon! t.x

C&B - tuck up with cocoa and blankets! poor poppet! Very kind of you to suggest I put my daubs on etsy - not sure I'm quite ready for that!

clare Carter said...

Oh I'm so pleased to see the embroidery complete Teena-its gorgeous!!You are far more patient than I am : ) I love watercolour-reminds me of my Grampa and all his wonderful works.I know what you mean though but I love what you achieved-it still looks very vibrantxx

thriftymrs said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty.
Your posts never fail to make me smile.

Anonymous said...

love the quilt, texture is beautiful xx

MelMel said...

Thank you!xxxx

Kitschen Pink said...

CC - thank-you honey! Not sure I'd call it patient though! I just enjoy playing! t.x

TMrs - and that makes me smile! t.x

LucyB - thank-you. t.x

Melmel - you're welcome honey! Glad it's all up and running. t.x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T,
Lovely to see you back in a creative frame of mind...good luck with those deadlines!
LOVE the 'love nest' collage - so unique and totally 'your style'.
As is the beautiful painting - I saw some of that china in a charity shop recently and thought of you...

Lucy@Attic24 said...

Hi Teena
I don't think I've commented on your blog for a while, i pop in most days to see you but somehow don't always find time to say hi.
But I felt I just had to comment today :: your watercolour painting has stopped me in my tracks, its is just beautiful! I really, really love it. I would love to see more...
also have to thank you for that fabulous link to the Pink Friday blog, oh my, what a fabulous blog, and oh LOL at the translation, I was nearly wetting myself over that.

have a lovely day!

Lucy@Attic24 said...

oh me again.....just HAVE to share this with you, its from the Pink Friday blog, she is writing about learning to make granny squares, and this is the translated version :

"Granny squares, I had to learn the mother the other day, really fun! Sick addictive! Have sat and tricks together some. Do not know if there is to be pillow, blanket, lamp, end on a bed, a bag or what it should go. "

OH ,man, when I read "Sick Addictive" I was nearly peeing my pants, so funny the way the translator thing works.
Anyhooooo will leave you in peace now