Monday, 16 March 2009

Sea air

Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside
Oh I do like to be beside the Sea!
I do like to stroll upon the prom, prom, prom!
Where the brass bands play;
Oh I do like to be beside the seaside
Oh I do like to be beside the sea!
I'll be beside myself with glee
I should like to be beside
Beside the seaside!
beside the sea!
Sorry folks, another singing post! I am busy catching up in the workroom with all the half finished embroideries I've been wanting to work on the last week. Late night stitching has it's drawbacks; not least I can't see to thread the needle, but so far I'm making progress! Three completed and four still in the basket.... well I keep adding more instead of finishing what's there!
Tomorrow the beautiful boy is finally back to school. Short days but hopefully he'll be well. And on Thursday I am off to the seaside - just for the day. It's been planned for a while. I haven't been to the coast all on my own for many years.
I'm really quite excited by the prospect. A quiet day strolling beside the seaside, beside the sea! t.x


meplusmolly said...

Ooo yes you will have a lovely day a'strolling around ;0 x

Menopausal musing said...

"Style" stamped through this post. . . . (like a stick of rock!!) x Enjoy the day at the seaside. . It is so invigorating/rejuvinating. x

Hens Teeth said...

Ah ... someone seems to be excited!

Your embroideries are truly wonderful, happy, clever pieces.

Hope you have a great day.

clare Carter said...

Gorgeous as usual.How big? Frameable or snuggleable(is that even a word???)xxx

Anonymous said...

I do love this injection of all things sea- sidey in your recent posts and your singing will have me humming a merry tune as the day is long!!

Gillian said...

Love your embroidery work! I'm in love with beach huts!! Enjoy your day at the sea!

Things Hand Made said...

I think your day at the seaside will be so refreshing. Hope all goes well. Hope the return to school goes well.

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh i do like the embroidery :-)
im going to be singing that song all day now.......

silverpebble said...

Wonderful beach huts and bunting! Just delicious! The colours are very very cheerful - thanks for the peep x

thriftymrs said...

That is adorable. I am desperate to get to the sea, I'm badgering Mr Thrifty to take me to Wales on Sunday morning.

Julie said...

love the beach huts and bunting. Enjoy your day by the seaside.

Shannon said...

I absolutely love this embroidery piece - it looks so perfectly summery!
And I hope you have a very fun day at the beach.

cocoa and blankets said...

oooh lovely T...I have just, this minute had a thought...perhaps an epithany...about you...have you thought of making humpty dumptys like the one in play school (I hope you remember it ...try googling if you dont) hey are really retro and would suit your style ...will email you a picture...lov and hugs H

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T!
Love your sea side collage...the blue waves remind me of my bedroom wallpaper during the 70's...

Wish I was close enough for a jolly jaunt down to the coast...good luck on Thursday!
Niki xx

Ha! My verification word is 'artie' - you certainly are!!

The sewing room said...

Love your little dittys there in my head now and great sewing,have a lovely day at the seaside best wishes Pat

Mrs B said...

I love your blog!! I've just done post on mine saying how beautiful it is ( Mrs B xx

myminimocs said...

your work makes me want to song too!!! LOVE IT!!!

Kitschen Pink said...

MPM - it was too cold! t.x

MM - and freezing! t.x

HT - thank-you so much! t.x

CC - miniature- snuggleable for a doll maybe t.x

CS - tiddely om pom pom is my fave bit! t.x

G - I don't know many people who wouldn't love a beach hut of their own - although I do wish they had plumbing! t.x

THM - it certainly was - and the return to school was lovely as he had been so missed by his little class! Thank-you t.xx

Lesley - with gusto! get everyone around you in the mood for summer! t.x

SP - you're very welcome t.x

TMrs- hope the badgering worked! t.x

J - thank-you t.x

S - thank-you too t.xx

C&B - I had a knitted one and I always wanted a Jemima instead! t.x

Niki - I can remember your room but I can't remember the wallpaper! t.x

TSR - thank-you. t.x

Mrs B - that's very kind, thank-you. I shall pop on over to visit t.x

MMM - I think we have a full chorus going if we all sing at the same time! t.x