Thursday, 12 March 2009

Suffering terribly!

A lazy post from the poorly house!
After each trip to the doctor this week we have not come home empty handed -the kitschen pharmacy has gone wholesale! Happily the beautiful boy, far from behaving like a child about whom the doctor is really quite concerned, is instead bouncing off the walls. I blame those nasty little pink pills - which, I am assured, taste like poo.
Thankfully mumsie came to the rescue bringing essential provisions for good health...
Don't you just love that food ethic of the 1970's! This is the sort of feast my own grandma would lay out for me when I was poorly. Of course one needs doughnuts! Sugar is the essence of recovery!
Having polished off the flying saucers, I must say, for the moment at least, I agree! Feeling much better thank-you very much!
I think a doughnut would just top it off nicely...
along with a bit of reading - a lazy week well timed to coincide with a new magazine! OH the suffering!
Just one more picture, this is a quickie as requested by Lucy the Queen of Crochet! And before you ask, I didn't make a single one - they're all thrifted!
Hope you and yours are all well. Normal service will resume next week - just as soon as we come down from our sugar rush!! t.x


aneela said...

Oh that jolly thrifted crochet collection is enough to make anyone feel better, those beautifully doubled and trebled rainbow stitches are the epitome of modern convalesencent chic!

MelMel said...

Hope the sweets n treats make him better soon.....:>))


Cathy said...

Can I come to your house when I'm under the weather?

Shabby Chick said...

I want you to be my Mummy!!! That selection would cheer anyone up.

Mel xxx

Floss said...

Good grief, you look like you've been to a French doctor! It took us quite a while to realise that you could just take the mile-long prescriptions to the pharmacie and point to the few things you actually wanted, ignoring all the rest. I do hope it all works, along with the 1970s essential E numbers! Get well soon...

Attic24 said...

Oh I hope good help comes soon to your house before you all hit the ceiling on that sugar rush....and Teena, ((((THANK YOU)))) for posting that delicious pic of your thrifted blankies, I am a serious shade of green mind you, they're gorgeous! Right, I'm stepping up my search, I just adore them so much and have never ever come across any. NOt ANy remotely as nce as those. Ever.
Lots of love to you
ps ta for the tip re my URL link, not sure what going on there, but will try fettle it.xxxx

Things Hand Made said...

Get well soon.

Tabiboo said...

At least I'm not the only sick one in blogger land!! Though wish I had a mumsie with all those sweet treats. Oh well I will just have to stick to the prescribed prescription of hot honey and lemon tea!!

Lovely pictures by the way,

Nina x

A Bun Can Dance said...

I love all those 70's sweets - especially flying saucers!! I remember being given a tin of condensed milk to enjoy when I was ill way back then - I'm sure it must have made me feel better, or maybe it just made me sick - it is SOOO sweet!

Mandy said...

Get well soon. Hope your all feeling better soon .xxxx

Kitschen Pink said...

A - We do love snuggling up with them! t.x

MM - me too! t.x

C - yup - just don't share any bugs! We have enough of our own now! t.xx

SC - sweet! t.x

F - I think the 'E' numbers will be the key! t.x

Luce - happy hunting! t.x

TH-M - thank-you! t.x

Nina- get well soon - just keep snuggled a bit longer in your cosy quilt! t.x

ABCD - condensed milk! Now I need condensed milk! We were allowed an inch in a glass for a treat! NEVER the whole can! Do you know they do it now in squeezy tubes! t.x

Mandy - thank-you! t.x

Bobo Bun said...

Such a shame that kids medicine has moved on from the 70's too. I loved the taste of the intense bubblegum pink medicine and the small bottles of junior disprol which had mini orange pills in. Probably all sweetie placebo's, but didn't taste of poo.

Lisa x

Jayne said...

Hope you are all feeling better.

I have an award over at my blog if you wish to accept it.

Love Jayne xxxx

Menopausal musing said...

You really do take lovely photos. Hope he feels better soon. x

MaryPoppins said...

Ohooo hope he feels better soon

I recognise the Aero chamber and inhalor and steroids

We have the Aero Chamber here too, though my son hasn't needed the prednisolone for maybe a year. He was born 11 weeks early and was ventilated at birth and tends to be very chesty in the winter months. I am not sure how old your son is, though we have had fun and games administering the inhaler to my two year old :)

Gorgeous photographs, having a sweet tooth I am now very hungry :)


cupcake studio said...

Good golly...all of those crocheted throws are gorgeous!

myminimocs said...

i hope everyone is feeling better soon!!! have a doughnut for me!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I think I've come home with the exact same prescription for my 3 year old as you have! Steroid tablets and an asthma inhaler after previously being told it was "just a cough" and being given bottles of anti-biotics which did nothing at all!

Mr Lee said...

best wish to you!!

Devon Dumpling said...

Hope he is fully recovered soon!

Ohhhh Party Rings....I want them now....and I know that I have a pack in the cupboard......and I am trying to be good......I may just have to stare at the picture of them all day instead! x

Sarah said...

I love all those treats, the flying saucers look great in that bowl.

Kitschen Pink said...

BB - Galloways cough syrup was my fave! t.x

J - thank-you - I'll pop on over! t.x

MM - thank-you and thank-you t.xx

MP- hope you managed to lay hands on some sweeties! t.x

CS - thank-you and welcome! t.x

MMM - I'll order some more asap so I can oblige! t.x

A - maybe the ones you got won't taste of poo! t.x

MrLee - thank-you t.x

DD - I don't find staring helps. Any tips? t.x

Sarah - they tasted better! t.x

cocoa and blankets said...

oh I am sooooooooooooooo jealous what wonderful blankets and wonderful have some fab thrift shops near you...we are going to a vintage fair in Ilkley tomorrow and their charity shops are wonderful as only the very wealthy live in Ilkley and depost all sorts of treasures in their charity shops...

Hen said...

Sorry to hear you're under the weather in the Kitschen Pink household. Wow to the "party" style food, just the sort of thing my mother-in-law would administer to the small person here! The crochet blankets are lovely. I have quite a few made by my nan years ago but the thrifted ones I've seen have always been really manky with the emphasis on acrylic! I'll keep looking though.
Happy weekend.
Hen x

Bertil said...

you have a charming och lovely blog!

hugs from sweden ;)

/Linda and Bertil

Jess said...

I just noticed you must be from near me as you had the Eastern Daily Press in your picture. I couldn't help but chuckle. I'm in Suffolk, just down the road!! Nice to stroll across your blog

silverpebble said...

This is such a lovely post, despite the poorliness - really hope he's getting better. What's up? Looks like the pastel-coloured medicine is in good supply so he's bound to get better!

Those crochet blankets are delicious!

Kitschen Pink said...

C&B - happy shopping - look forward to seeing your booty! t.x

Hen - well done your nan! t.x

Bertil - welcome and hugs right back! t.x

J- We're neighbours! t.x

SP - Granny treats definitely working their magic! t.x