Thursday, 19 March 2009

Tea and Buns

The puppies got very over-excited today as I packed up some workroom stock and loaded the car for a trip to the coast. The seaside town of Wells is just waking up from it's winter quiet, ready for the season which will begin with the Easter Holidays.
I strolled along the Quay, taking a few pictures. It was a very cold day and quite overcast.
And somehow being there without my man and boy it all seemed, well, very big. I am no longer used to visits on my own and I missed the company.
But not for long because I was on my way to here!
One of my favourite Craft Galleries. After a lovely time chatting with the inspired and inspiring owner, I have my very own Stockist! And what a one to have! I am rather awestruck by the company my little bits and bobs are keeping this evening. But I know they were left in very safe hands.
And after all the excitement I headed to Holt for a bit of thrifting and a cuppa.
And cake of course. I've been thinking a lot about cake this week. This is my latest W.i.P.
I so enjoyed cutting and piecing cakes and buns I decided to make some of these tinky tiny Bun Brooches using some felted Witney blankets I have piled up in the workroom.
I could just eat one or two of them.
And then I so enjoyed working on a tiny scale that I have lots of other ideas I am working through so hope to have more brooches soon!
And of course, late though it is this year, with only one week left before the Easter Holidays our thoughts are turning to the Easter Bunny! This one didn't make it to Big Blue Sky - the beautiful boy fell in love and the bunny was snaffled, but I am making more to deliver to the gallery next week!
The Easter tree will go up the first day of the holidays so everything needs to be ready. I love unpacking our vintage Easter decorations as much as I love our Christmas collection. Everything has such happy memories.
This little quacker is a new addition which I made last week. He'll be hanging around for the egg hunt I expect. Last year we hunted eggs in the snow, the year before was so mild we had tea and Marzipan Cake on the lawn! I wonder what this year will bring?
I hope you are all well and enjoying your week. Another weekend is just around the corner! t.x


GeorgiaPeachez said...

I love the new little quacker addition! xo, suzy

The sewing room said...

Well done on the stockist and those cakes look good enough to eat you are clever best wishes Pat

beck said...

LOVE the brooches! Glad the trip went well and you have a new stockist. A lovely colourful post x

Shannon said...

I have said this before, but you really are just so talented! The Easter Bunny is so precious - I love the happy yellow pattern. And all of the cakes look delicious enough to eat. I wish I was your neighbor and could pop by your workroom to soak up all of the beauties in person!

Bairbre Aine said...

Oh what a lovely, spring filled post.
I very much enjoyed this today!
And I must agree with the others, those cakes are so cute and yummy looking.
And the craft gallery looks so inviting, lucky you.
Happy spring!

LissyLou said...

what lovely makes!! I stayed in Wells about 9 years ago in a lovely old barn. I remember that shop!! lovely!!

MelMel said...

How cute the bunny is!
What a really lovely post!

Hope you have a super weekend!xxxx

aneela said...

I am loving your cake and buns applique wip, all the little details are fantastic! In fact it makes me want to go and have my very own tea party right now!!! Bunting and all!

Sarah said...

Love the brooches and the bunny - so cheery!

Anonymous said...

Your work is stunning ,I love the bunny no wonder the lovely boy swiped it ,my girls do that .
Well done Im sure the puppies will fly off the shelfs .
Love from sesga xx

thriftymrs said...

Yum cake. That looks like a great place to visit. And lots of texture in those pallets.
Ugh I hate Parma Violets too, they belong to Mr Thrifty. I decided to try one the other day thinking 'oh they can't be as bad as I remember from childhood'. Good Lord they were VILE! Mr Thrifty was most ammused at me trying to spit it out. Ugh!

The Antidote said...

I love the brooches, they are very sweet.
I am hunting the perfect bunny for a bunny lover at the moment x

LittleGem said...

Oh I am loving your WIPs and your cupcake brooches, oh and quacker, lovely makes, and very colourful too x

Menopausal musing said...

I am just back from Sainsburys. Was stroking their Easter decorations. They have lovely tissue ones (the old fashioned sort that fold out, if you know what I mean). I would love to be the Beautiful Boy at Easter. x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T,
So glad to hear that your trip to Wells went so well. I'm sure your beautiful creations will be snapped up and you will be making another delivery again very soon!

Wish I could have joined you in Holt - I love the shopping there! We could have enjoyed a cuppa and a slice of cake too! ;-))

Love your felt creations - the brooches and the duck...there's something wonderully nostalgic about felt.

Have a lovely weekend,
Niki x

PS: word verification word today is 'curepil' - which reminds me (!) - hope you're feeling much better now!

Shabby Chick said...

How do you find so much time for makes with your little boy around? I made two fabric fish the night before last and thought I'd done well!!! I suppose it gets easier when they're at school. Love the bunny!

Mel xxx

Tabiboo said...

I love all your Easter things especially the bunny!! Your boy has good taste.

Love Holt too, we stayed in the area two years ago on holiday, beautiful place and country side! In the village where the old funfair attraction is can't remember the name though!!

Have a good weekend

Nina x

Kitschen Pink said...

Suzy - thank-you. t.x

TSR - hmm - not sure they are that good but I know what you mean! t.x

Hey Beck! Nice to hear from you. t.xx

Shannon- that would be nice - I'll pop the kettle on... t.x

BA - welcome! the craft gallery is indeed welcoming - it has always been one of my favourite places to shop! t.x

LL - due for another visit methinks! t.x

MM - thank-you honey. you too t.x

Aneela- I hope you did! t.x

Sarah - thank-you t.x

Sesga- that would be nice. I think the season needs to get going a bit though! t.x

TMrs- I can't believe you actually put one in your mouth - yeuch! t.x

TA- a real one?! I love those lop-eared ones. t.x

LG - thank-you t.x

MM - no you wouldn't - he doesn't like chocolate! Imagine how I suffer having to eat it all for him! t.x

Dearest Niki - I would just love to join you for a mooch around Holt and tea at Byfords. Heaven! t.x

SC - oh yes - a few hours absence of little person is essential! t.x

Tabiboo - Thursford? t.x

Rabbit Hill Creations said...

These creations are simply wonderful!...just in time for spring too.

Lark said...

Well done Teena, that is the perfect home for your goodies!

Allison x

Kitschen Pink said...

RHC - wonderful rag rugger! Thank-you for stopping by! t.x

Lark - hello lovely - hope it's getting cooler now in your corner of the world!

Vintage Tea said...

Cute bunny and duck!

Victoria xx

myminimocs said...

what a wonderful location to have your creations showcased - i'm sure they won't stay there long!

The Fairy Glade said...

Hi there, it must be so wonderful to see your hand made lovelies on a shelf, in a shop. Have you supplied shops in the past or is this a new venture? I love the cake picture in particular, though the brooches are so pretty as well. Dev X

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE the cupcake brooches, its such a joy to work with mini items, though they can be very fiddly at times. Your 'sunny sewing' will attract lots of jolly shoppers I'm sure. Happy stitching. Eli

vanessa said...

I love the little quacker............... what a little character! Love this post too, all that wonderful colour, just what I needed.
But i should have said, what a great looking shop.......... well done for selling your dogs there, very well deserved too, FANTASTIC news!
I hope we get to see more little quackers.
Love Vanessa xxx

Lynda said...

I love Flip and Binkle Bunny! It was the first chapter book I ever read!

silverpebble said...

Those little cupcakes are delicious and I can see why the little lad couldn't part with that bunny. I'm off to Wells next week to look for amber on the beach with a friend - a great treat. Emma x

Kitschen Pink said...

VT - thank-you! t.x

MMM - I hope not too! I must admit there are a few things I sort of wish I could bring home again! t.x

TFG - oh I must find time to finish the cake picture! t.x

FBP - fiddly is right - but manageable for sitting on the sofa too! t.x

Vanessa - I am trying to find the time! t.x

Lynda - isn't it lovely! t.x

SP - happy hunting! t.x

Brooke Everett of be in red said...

I love that little chick. There's something about Easter that just says yellow rick rack.

Nilla said...

Lovely stitchings! Bet those owls turn out marvellous in your hands.