Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Miscellany, this and that.

Sorry to be so absent folks. Time is in fast forward! A busy week and a busy weekend. Sunny gardening, a barbecue with neighbours and a family of toads moved into the new vivarium... !The Christening was a lovely chance to see family and old friends. And the karaoke style screen in the church for hymns was a first for most of us..... and not entirely well received. There's something about singing from a musty old hymn book which adds to the sense of a place! The big screen had everything except the bouncing red ball!
The gifts were completed in the eleventh hour!
Last week ended with a serious bun crisis.....this was the second batch!! I have no idea what happened to my baking skills. My buns never ever do this so I had no idea what was wrong.
But I had promised the beautiful boy Bug Buns for an end of half term class treat... so I filled up those craters with icing - I didn't think many 7 year olds would object to more icing!
I was cheered up to be given flowers! I have been helping a little with KS1 sewing activities which has been enormous fun and now it has come to an end they gave me flowers! Beautiful zingy bright flowers!
Flowers that made me stop worrying about my baking mojo and made me go zing!
Then clever mumsie gave me lovely prezzies! A yummy blue jug for my collection and acres of candlewick!
Beautiful raspberry ripply candlewick. Oh I have plans for this!
Then a little person gave me more flowers.... so pretty!
and as we are fully in the swing of half term, I am grabbing quiet late night moments pattern cutting ready for a sewing marathon next week! Eleventh hour again! But I am so looking forward to going along to the Little Vintage Lover Fair.
Big excitements to come this week. Tomorrow a bloggy friend is visiting from way out West! And on Thursday a journalist is coming to do an interview. Not sure I shall be in any fit state half way through half term but hey ho! I shall witter on about something I'm sure! Enjoy the holiday those of you who are home with children! Lets hope the sunshine returns soon! t.x


Julia said...

Love the pillows! Those flowers are beautiful. Oh, loads of churches here don't have hymn books anymore. I guess I've gotten used to it but I do miss the old hymnals sometimes.

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T!
Well, where do I start...?
Love the pillows - I'm sure they were very well received...as I'm sure, were the extra-icing topped buns!
Good luck at the fair - hope you achieve lots before then...

And love to that certain vistor! (And I don't mean the toads!)

Have a fun packed week,
Niki x

Floss said...

Bug buns! Love them! I like Powerpoint in church too, I have to admit - it means you can chop and change hymnbooks/songbooks without having all the visitors drop all their books (which I remember doing with embarassing frequency whenever I visited a different church in my teens).

Enjoy your half term!

The Antidote said...

Your lovely colourful post has cheered me up no end.
LOVE the pillows x

clare's craftroom said...

This post was a breath of fresh air , lovely , thankyou .

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Great pillows.

Loving that blue jug very much.

Have fun with your bloggy friend and enjoy the interview, you'll be fab.

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

loved your post - love the pillows the jug the flowers and the iced buns :-) your one busy lady!!!
Lesley x

comfortstitching said...

Late night fabric chopping!, raspberry-rippily candlewick!!, spider cakes with hidden craters!!!.....I'm sure your interview will be full of all the gems usually provided by a visit to the kitschen!

Melanie said...

Fab pillows! xxxx

The sewing room said...

well when the buns rise too much the iceing runs all over the place so well done for not giving up l am sure they taste the same if they have risen or not but they do not look as nice with the iceing running down the side ten out of ten.


elma said...

Love the pillows!! The blue jug is it the china you collect.?? The cupcakes look like my mothers almond cupcakes:) They allways looked liked that:)

cocoa and blankets said...

...oh Teena your comment about karaoke church made me laugh so much...I died a death this sunday when they got the hymn books out...I didnt know any of the tunes and poor polly was screwing up her face in misery... I suppose its what you are used to, most churches have karaoke style now ..I think its so you can swing your pants if the music is modern....can I point out that swinging your pants is a Helen term not a new Christian one!!

lottie said...

Hope the fair is a great success and that you sell lots. You will wow the journalist I am sure.

Wonderful colours and tales - love your blog

Menopausal musing said...

Your bug buns are glorious and how lovely to get that bunch of daisies. . . a little bouquet obviously given with a lot of thought. x

vanessa said...

Condolences over the baking craters! On a more serious note, I'm with you on your feeling of desperation over the baking, I'd be devastated if it started happening to me! Do you think there's something wrong with your oven, maybe the thermostat? I think someone once told me that baking fairy cakes on too high a temperature can have these results.
Hope you have a good day on Thursday.
Love vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

Country Cottage Chic said...

The cushions are fab! All your photos are so cheerful in this post.....I have the same green crocs!

Kristy said...

We have the karaoke style too and it did take a bit of getting used to. I love it now though as the screens are used for so much more and really add to the services.
I always wonder how that happens with baking. How do things you've made time and time again go wrong when they are really needed?!