Friday, 15 May 2009

More china, more cake!

Well what else did you expect to find here?! It was wonderful to have all of your comments over the last week! I can assure you the house is now thoroughly back to normal and a happy mess pervades all spaces!
I was delighted to hear in my last post that so many of you are collectors of Utility China. So delighted in fact that I decided to start another Flickr Group here. Do pop on over and add pictures of your lovely china and also information. There is very little resource out there on Utility China. In fact until this blog I have never known anyone else refer to it as such.... but I don't think I made it up....but I could be wrong!!
So I've added as much information as I can and please please feel free to continue the discussion threads, display the badge and if you find any other collectors send them on over too! It would be great to have a visual resource! I'll be taking backstamp photos just as soon as I get a minute but feel free to beat me to it!
As well as this new group don't forget to add your Aga pics to my Aga Love flickr group and now I'm admin for the Emma Bridgewater group I really am going to overdose on delightful eye candy!
Did you spy that pin cake? Not the fattening kind this week I'm glad to say - I need a week off! I have been making more of my cupcake brooches amongst other things.
Many of these are made using felted woollen blankets. As I use so much recycled or re-purposed fabric I keep all of the labels, selvedges, washing instructions etc. in a file alongside a swatch of each fabric. I think this is important especially when making toys so that I can be sure what fibres I am using. I have such a large collection of old woollen blankets and I have saved many of the labels. I felt they were far too pretty to go into a file so I had a play instead!
Some of the labels show a retailer as well as the manufacturer.
And all of them protest their wooliness...
I am guessing this is a reaction to the newly available modern synthetic fibres. I love this one, the very picture of Witneydown Blankets keeping us all safe and warm. Beats Christo for me!
This one is lovely with it's little field of sheep. It really is all wool you know!
Guaranteed, no honestly, it really is...
Trusty and guaranteed wool blankets!
I like my cushion. It's soft and cosy and makes me smile.
I think it's found a home already.
Back soon. Don't forget to join in with sharing your china! I am so excited to see your yummy things! Have a lovely weekend everyone. t.xx


Carole said...

Hi again. Is Johnson Bros, Meakin etc really "Utility", though? I thought the term referred to wartime and post war stuff; brown furniture, thick white pottery and such. The glamourous lines and colours of grey etc dawn and so on were 5o's and 60's, so I have always believed. I'm sure someone has greater knowledge than me! I have a friend who rings me up on her travels and says "There's some greydawn here, coffee pot £2 etc. Shall I get it?" The answer's alway a resounding "YES!"; glad to know there are others who love it too.

Kitschen Pink said...

Hey Carole! I wish we could get in touch. You're very close by! I had wondered if the Governments' utility scheme only related to the white stuff but then how to explain the Beryl ware in the family. I am going to try to find out more! Do add pics to Flickr and info if you get any! t.x

LittleGem said...

That cushion is a fab idea! Looks very retro too. Just popping over to your flickr now! Although I don't have any utility china I am an admirer! :) XX

marble rose said...

I just love that cushion! Did you see Kirsty Allsop last night - she showed a fab mosaic made from bit of broken chinaware, but of the makers marks on the backs. It was lovely.


Tabiboo said...

Oooohhh I love all your labels and such a great collection.

Have a lovely weekend I'm off to check out all those Flickr links!!

Nina x

Floss said...

Those labels are so evococative of my childhood. I love the way you have made them special in their own right...

I had a utility blanket on my bed until I left home. It was mainly grey but in fact contained all colours, as it was made of recycled wool. My mum described the reasons for all this recycling and I looked out for utility items from then on - not to buy, but just for interest. The utility china is an interesting addition to the idea!

In France I'm not likely to find it, but it's made me realise it would be good to find out what was made in wartime France - such a different history!

Mary Poppins said...

The labels look lovely I am so glad that you re cycled them :)

I wonder if I hear a collection coming on in the Poppins household, when we finally finish decorating the kitchen which is going to be white and baby blues and pinks, Utility China would fit in perfectly, Ohooo dear better not tell the DH ;)

Our secret if that is alright, I shall say I have had it ages


Calico Kate said...

That cushion is fabulous.
Hello - I arrived here via Blackbird in the USA and A Thrifty Mrs in the UK, and will be back again. Off for a bit more of a read!

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

Hi, I also collect the Johnson Bros Rosedawn, I've got a teapot, tea cups and one coffee cup,and I've got a gorgeous lidded tureen in it. I also have a Rosa gravy boat. (I don't use this, my gravy's never mobile enough:O))I'll put them up on Flickr when I've taken some pics. I used to collect the yellow Berylware - if only I could find it! Take Care, SueX

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Well you know how much I love the stuff. We eat off grey dawn and rosa meakin everyday. I love the colours, they chear me through the day.
I have so much 'utility china' in it's variations but mostly in blue - not many of the other colours seem to crop up round here.
I am looking forward to having a nosy at the things people have added to you wonderful new Flickr group

Cute cushion too.

eve said...

Although I was a child during the war the only Utility stuff I can remember was on our furniture!

Love your stuff, thanks for sharing.


Melanie said...

I just adore that cushion! xxxx

tracey said...

wow this is lovely and snuggly

Jane said...

You have a wonderful blog here. Such a feast for the eyes. I love your cushion and..well everything!
I hope you have a great weekend..what's left of it anyway!

aneela said...

Sadly I have no utility china, aga or emma bridgewater so I won't be able to join your Flickr groups quick as a flash like you know I want to.
p.s. Isn't your world wonderful??????!

Florence and Mary said...

What a fantastic idea for all the labels, it looks great.

Victoria x

cocoa and blankets said...

I have fallen in love with the cushion...I am sure it would love to move to yorkshire.....what a wonderful idea....

Michael said...

The blanket pillow is a grand idea... and cute, too!