Tuesday, 30 June 2009

A bit of this and that

Bit of a catch-up today! I have been tagged by a few bloggy friends. I am sorry to be so hopeless. I find tags impossibly complicated so I'm going to cheat and cherry pick my questions and muddle them all together!
First up Dulwich Mum and the eightsome tag! No blank spaces here DM, just missing questions!
1. Things you are looking forward to
i)The school holidays!! Only 9 more school run days to go and we're all free for 8 weeks! Hurrah!
ii) The next Little Vintage Lover Fair on August 2nd- this time at Heydon village hall which is a lovely venue and we are looking forward to a really fun day!
iii) Seeing what seeds come up in the garden - we threw them around a bit late this year so it's been fun seeing which flowers have been the most forgiving!
2) Things you did yesterday - should I remember??? Did I show you this scrummy little glass vase I bought? So perfect now that the sweet peas need to be cut every day.
And also thank-you to Bluebell and Rosie, I've cherry-picked a few from your tag too.
1. Coffee or Tea - well, morning coffee and afternoon tea of course!
2. What are you listening to right now - as I'm in the workroom it's usually an Audio book. I get the huge packs of CD's from the library - I love the luxury of an unabridged audio book - they sometimes just take over and follow me from the workroom to the kitschen to the car... this week's listening is Gallow's Thief by Bernard Cornwell. I am a HUGE fan of Bernard Cornwell but particularly when I can listen to one of his books being read by Richard Armitage - I think that would be my desert Island luxury. Sadly this book is not a Richard Armitage reading but still excellent nonetheless!
A bit of rip-roaring boys own stuff! Love it.
Love these book jackets too. More finds with their dust jackets intact. Beautiful pictures all, oddly, with a nautical theme. Must have been that kind of a day!
I found this recently too. It was full of old pennies and the container was incidental to the sale...
at least it was for the seller and the beautiful boy who has snaffled all the pennies... but I'm very happy with the container!
OOps! Meandered a bit there! Last tag question then....
3) Do you collect anything? ....Hmmmm. I should edit this one really to 'Is there anything you don't collect?" which might be a shorter answer! Instead I have had a big tidy-up over on my Flickr pages. I've sorted all my old pics into much more helpful sets; baking, china and glass, the kitschen etc..
This is a little mosaic from my Vintage Haberdashery set. I know, there are a few vintage beads in there, but I didn't know where else to put them so, as they live in glass jars with my buttons, they ended up in haberdashery!
1.Button play., 2. Blues, 3. Good button hunting!, 4. Vintage needles, 5. Useful bits and bobs, 6. The lovely glass hearts, 7. All tidy, 8. Buttons tin, 9. Button storage

And last but by no means least, a 'One Lovely Blog' award from Buttons and Flowers. Thank-you kindly!
That's all for today. I'm off to meet Mrs Bobobun again today at a lovely tea shop in the city. Lots of exciting things going on which we'll be able to tell you all about soon! t.x


pinkfairygran said...

Love this posting... where do you find those lovely books?

Kelly said...

i love sweet peas, they'd have to be my favourite, & your smartie tin find is great

Sal said...

T'is all very colourful and cheering,Teena! Hope your vintage fair goes well for you.
Sal ;-)

vanessa said...

Aaarghh, just managed to disappear the comment I left you before publishing!
The gist of it was, sounds very interesting that you and Mrs Bobo Bun are plotting something together, very interesting and exciting!
I also said how rubbish I am at doing those questionaires.................. I get a mental block and give up too quickly....................
Smartie tin gorgeous, love the design on it.
think that's all I said!
Love Vanessa xxx(do you mind if i knit)

conversationpieces said...

Love love love that smarties tube! It's ace :)

marble rose said...


I had totally forgotten the old Smarties tubes and how much I lved them - I mean properly, like I still have dreams about them - which I can now clarify and verify because your blog confirms it- whoa totally freaked out.




dulwichmum said...

Hi there lovely chum,

As soon as I am back from holidays (can you believe the children break up for summer tomorrow!) I shall order some of those perfect cushions. I can't wait. Your shop looks terrific.



cocoa and blankets said...

Hello lovelines...I covert your knitting needles.....I really struggle with the tags, I never know what to say and can never think of anything witty...just smutty....

THIS'N'THAT said...

I can recall sometimes having a big tube of Smarties at Christmas as a present. It all seemed very decadent and a world apart from the little ones! Then, years later I visited the Rowntrees factory and saw them being made.
Lesley X

vanessa said...

You have the sweetest sweetest bog! I love looking at all your pictures...just wanted to say thanks for the time you spend putting them on...they are the best things to look at :) xx

Vanessa (Australia)

sally said...

What beautiful sweet peas, they are my favourite flower, they smell so beautiful, I just love this time of your and I love your colourful blog!
Sally x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi T!
Hope you and Mrs Bobobun had fun yesterday and got all your plans ironed out...exciting indeed...

Lovely to learn a little more about you ;-)) - Did I not know you collected buttons? heehee...
The Smartie tube is great fun - glad that you and BB are both happy with that purchase!

Have a lovely day,
Niki x


What a lovely charming blog! So British...I love it. I'll be back and have a proper look.Cheers.MG.

Kitsch and Curious Elaine said...

Great finds! Love the mosaic - your buttons look like smarties - will you put them in the tube?
Can identify with listening to talking books - I listen to BBC7 online, preferably all the episodes of a drama or reading in one go!

jenny elkins said...

just wanted to say hello! Enjoy your blog.

Calico Kate said...

I too listen to audio books quite often three at a time - one in the car one in my sewing room and one in the kitchen. But then I also read three or four books at anyone time too, one in each of the two loos one by the bed and one in the sitting room! I visit the library and second hand shops A LOT but I always have more to read than I actually do read - not sure how that works!

Cowboys and Custard said...

For goodness sake woman.. when are you going to slow down... I am exhausted reading about your weekly events...

You are an inspiration to this lethargic sloth!

Michele x

jannimary said...

Your sweet peas a gorgeous and I just LOVE your little green jug.

Lynda said...

oh another lovely post!
I must share my utility china with you too! Have a tea set you will love...

I remember smarties in tubes like that, here in Australia!!! I used to collect them !!

have a lovely day T xx
PS You lovely boy is growing like a carrott :)

Mia said...

Oh your blog seems adorable! And that tube brings back to many memories... And I love the mosaic too. Summa summarum: I added you into my favorite blogs :), I hope it´s OK.

Many greetings from Finland!