Thursday, 30 July 2009

I've been hiding!

The beautiful boy has spent the week at Hotel Grandma's - eating cake, staying up late to watch funny films, buying forbidden hair gel... you know what these grandma's are like!
Meanwhile, I have been enjoying some wonderful me-time - running, biking, sewing; all in peaceful quiet. Bliss! Thank-you mum!
And this weekend we are all reunited for a trip to Heydon for the Little Vintage Lover Fair.
I shall see lots of lovely people there including Mrs Bobobun and Faded Splendour. And of course I shall take lots of pictures to share with you on our return! Have a lovely weekend everyone! t.x

Monday, 27 July 2009

End of an Era

This is my happy space. I don't like to moan and I don't like to rant, but every so often something just gets me cross and here's where I get to see if I'm the only one!
I know times change. I know it's not always a bad thing. But sometimes, I am struck by how unimaginative and inappropriate change can be so utterly disappointing.
Have you ever licked the end of a Sherbert Fountain and then placed it back on the shelf? Not even long ago, when you only had 6p to spend and wanted a Mars bar instead? No, of course you haven't and nor have I.
But I accept that, to some, the lack of sealed packaging is a little bit 20th century and may alarm those wishing to fully absorb themselves in the vacuum packed, safety conscious and hygienic times in which we now live. Not least the new owners of this sweetie brand, Tangerine Confectionary.
I was, however, greatly saddened having finally purchased this new version of an old favourite. Do you see? It even needs opening instructions! I mean what use is that to your average 5 year old?
And what does a child do when their slippery little fingers can't get it open? They use their shiny white teeth of course!
So, aside of the obvious issue that, having eaten our Sherbert Fountain, we are left with a hard plastic case and the plastic shrink wrap outer to pop into landfill...
...why oh why are there no air vents in that lid?! When was the last time you used a felt pen or marker intended for a child to use that did not have a vented lid to prevent choking?
So, come on Tangerine. What exactly is the benefit of this new packaging? And wouldn't I prefer to have a bit of soggy paper rather than a choke hazzard and all this nasty plastic? Oh yes I would! With a bit more imaginative aforethought I'm sure someone could have done better and still achieved a tamper-evident piece of packaging!
(and whilst you're wondering.. no I didn't think it tasted as good; it was bitter!).
I'm off to eat a Sherbert DibDab before they ruin that too! t.x

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Excuse my halo!

No I have not been to a field sale...
No, not a jumble sale.....
I didn't 'accidentally' buy a few boxes at the local auction house......
Oh no I didn't, honest!
And I haven't been on a shopping spree at a flea market....
nor in any Antiques centre.....
Oh no, I have been a very good girl....
None of these things are new arrivals....
I have been having a clear out! And tomorrow I am taking box loads of china and glass TO the auction house!
Oops, my halo just slipped ..... I shall be popping to my favourite field sale first!
Want to see a slightly disturbing photo? Today we went to the Castle and had huge fun with this.... rather silly of us but we did laugh a lot - people are so serious in museums don't you think? I'm all for loud laughter and silly faces! But I won't post the picture of the boy being a little girl with blonde plaits. Oh no. That wouldn't be kind in case any school friends see it. But it was very funny!
Still raining. Do we care? NO! It's the holidays! Just think of all the money we're saving on sunscreen!

One for the boys

Amidst all the vintage flowery, fabrics and china, I am aware that I am outnumbered as the only girl in the house. I have been working on some boy inspired designs for my embroideries - note; more designs started not finished...doh!
The beautiful boy does his own style of vintage. Amongst other things, we seem to have lots of veteran car glasses and china, fabrics and books.
This picture, one of Grandpa's original book illustrations, was a birthday gift the year after Grandpa gave him his first proper railway set. It is the boy's pride and joy and sets the bar very high for how he wants to be able to paint one day... which is no bad thing!
This is another picture which lives on the beautiful boy's bedroom wall. It shows daddy around the age the boy is now on a visit to a Steam Rally.
And that is how we finished off our family week together. At Weeting Steam Rally. Favourite family outing for many many years.
There is something so awe-inspiring about these wonderful machines.
The engineering and, lets be honest, the pretty coloured paintwork!
I love these rallys and country fairs. Sit me down near a field of vintage tractors in the sunshine and I'll happily watch them chug up and down in their ploughing competitions. It's all just so right somehow.
But the bit I really love is the steam powered saw mill. The slow steady work, the sound of the engine, and the smell. Mmmm. Warm wood shavings - love it. But do you see that fearsome blade?
Mr Health and Safety still seems to be allowing these events a last hurrah. I wonder how long it will last.
The boy was torn as to which of these two vehicles he wants to add to his birthday list..... yikes!
And he rediscovered his love of climbing by whilstling up this terrifying wall in a heartbeat. Not my heartbeat. My heart paused as I waited for him to return to solid ground!
A quick bit of colour therapy to recover. Don't you just love the colours of a vintage fairground? That pink, red and blue combo is just edible! Just splash on some yellow and green! Perfection!
All in all a visual feast of a day.
Today was a bit more hectic. Poor hubby is back in the office so we beetled over to granny's to play ! Another fun week ahead. Hope you're all enjoying a bit of freedom. t.x

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Confessions of a chinaholic.

A pretty rose bud just for you.
Now, you know I have a passion for china. You know I might have slightly too much for a small family of three. But I know you're too nice to say it. So that's why I am going to share with you my latest find....
Yep! A whole laundry basket full of blue ....
It all washed up beautifully!
Mmm yum!
Two new backstamps for my flickr group...
This one is completely new to me ...
A pretty little rope twist edge.
So you see, there was a very good reason to buy that big basket. One little tea plate out of the blue. Does that cover it? Do I get to keep the china? Don't worry about where. I'll find somewhere to hide it.
You see? Forgotten already! t.x

Friday, 17 July 2009

Birds and Saints

So you thought you'd got rid of me? What can I say! I enjoy telling you what we're up to. It's so nice to share.
Yesterday we continued making the most of our freedom to play in the great outdoors with a trip out to the Norfolk Broads. I must admit we avoided the pleasure cruisers, chip shops and coach parks and headed instead for Hickling Nature Reserve.
The hides are beautiful, roofed in traditional reed thatch made from the reeds which grow throughout the reserve and which are home to the very rare Bittern. And we saw one! The beautiful boy and I saw a Bittern! Hubby missed it; still a very sore point! He was looking the other way watching a family group of 5 Marsh Harriers putting on a beautiful display, but for a moment I glanced the other way and there it was; a beautiful reddish brown form gliding low across the top of the reeds. The boy was lightening quick to follow my hiss of 'over there' and I was so pleased he saw it too. A good one for his Nature Notes. It would have been a parent bird fetching feed for it's young. We saw a Bittern! Yippee!
Of course no trip to the broads would be complete without a bit of messing about on the water
the boy was quickly at home enjoying the new opportunities to spot Grey Heron up close and see the acrobatics of pretty little Common Terns, symbol of the Norfolk Wildlife Trust.
And then I had my second double take of the day, I glanced around and who do you think had taken control of the boat?! He had quickly realised that befriending the Reserve staff would be a clever idea and his plan paid off. He was delighted to navigate our way back from our trip.
Eventually the time came to return across Norfolk from East to our home in the West. We stopped at a delightful tea room in Ludham and took time to look around their astonishingly beautiful church.
Their 8 sided font is particularly special for the carvings of Woodwose - more popularly known as 'The Green Man'. I wrote a study of these whilst at art school and have a huge fondness for the pagan character who appears so often in places of Christian worship. It amuses me to think of the craftsmen adding their pagan symbols whilst being paid by the Bishop. It also impresses me that the church of the 15th Century was such a pragmatic institution as to allow these symbols to blend with their own.
This lady Woodwose is especially rare - I have never seen one before. I loved the texture of her hair and garments.
Also in this treasure laden church is an impressively conserved Rood Screen. To be able to stand up close and touch a piece of carved artwork, so beautiful and delicate, knowing it was made by a great craftsman over 500 years ago, well, I find it takes my breath away. In places you can even see the vandalism of scratch marks made to remove Catholic symbols during the Restoration.
This affable chap in his Ermine robes is St. Edmund, King of East Anglia and renowned holy relic!
And here is Edward the Confessor with his miraculous ring. How different a place might England be if he had ever had a son? Do you think he looks worried?
We were rained off our outings today.. the house is easing into it's holiday cloak of lego construction....everywhere! Walking is becoming more dangerous by the day...
The kitschen is also under siege.... but I have a rule never to clear away creative endeavours simply to be able to eat at table... We would de-camp to the dining room but hubby has commandeered the table in there with piles of dull paperwork so I keep the door closed!
So now some me time! My man and boy spent much of today in their work shed playing with wood and .... well, doing whatever it is they do in there... so I followed their lead and took to my workroom too.
I so enjoyed working on my new header and buttons for here and there. The final designs were worked in a way which is fast to piece and fun to stitch.
and I have applied this approach to my new work. Here is the first owl I have completed without help from the boy. I caught a quick picture whilst she was perched upon the barmy shelf! She seems very at home there!
and then I started work on another one. I am about to start hand embroidery on this one and I am loving those little crochet eyes...
I received an out of the blue bundle of buttony fabric goodness from Sandie over at Sandie's Patch which included lots of these little blue crochet flowers. Such a kind thought and so much to play with in one parcel! Thank-you Sandie. You are very kind to have thought of me!
Hope you are all getting into the holiday mood now the main schools are finally out! And the weather can only get better..... :-)