Saturday, 4 July 2009

Going Green!

No I'm not talking ecology! I just seem to have a lot of green in my photos today! The View From Here is at it's greenest in June and I have just uploaded this picture to my Flickr set. This is the view from our kitschen window. I love to look at a slideshow of the changing seasons and it has been a lovely project to take the same picture every month for over a year now.
I bought some beautiful green plastic this week. I love this green. I have a few bits in exactly the same green from my gran's picnic set and for me it is a happy colour.
What's not to smile about here....
I also bought new pieces of Green Dawn showing the backstamp so this picture has been added to the Utility China group.
And I was delighted to be able to add two new backstamps to the collection this week. We now have 13 backstamps recorded - if you have any different ones we'd love to see them added to the group resource!
A very green sports day in glorious sunshine with just enough of a breeze to keep the children cool!
The beautiful boy won a medal for his speedy running and his House won the athletics trophy so we scooted off to our favourite Norwich coffee house for a glass of milk and Lemon Dribble treat (I know, it's not really interesting but allow me a moment to glow with motherly pride!)
The window onto Elm Hill was looking beautiful as ever with this impossibly huge jug of cornflowers.
and as we left we were able to witness the horror of a fire on a timber framed street as 5 fire tenders squeezed into the narrow cobbled street. We walked around to the river side of the buildings and watched as events unfolded.
It didn't go well and I suspect the whole roof will be replaced. As we left the tiles were being smashed off and gallons of water was being hosed into the attic to quell the still smoking roof timbers.
And back home in the workroom... back to the green theme... two lovely green eyes....
I hope you are all enjoying a sunny weekend - a bit cooler over here thankfully. t.xx


Bluebell said...

I'm near King's Lynn and its been lovely here - much cooler! Well done with his medal :)

KC'sCourt! said...

You are right that is a lovely happy colour. It's OK if you want to be a proud mummy.

cocoa and blankets said...

I love that lovely green i was looking at some bowls that colour today in the wonderful ebden bridge...hope you have a lovely weekend H

Penny said...

Just wanted to say:
1. I love the idea of 'A view from here', and what a view!
2. I was in the very same coffee house last monday having lunch in their very pretty little garden in the sun.
3. I heard about the fire on the radio traffic report and your pictures have filled in the gaps. It's tragic, another little piece of history literally up in smoke.
LOVE your blog! x

Rhiannon said...

What gorgeous green-ness, although such a shame about the house fire :(

On the other hand, well done to the boy for winning; I was always a spectator on sports day!


Country Cottage Chic said...

It's a very pretty shade of green....I'll have to join your group & post pics of my Grey Dawn pieces!

What a shame about the damage to such a lovely old house.


pinkfairygran said...

I know the coffee shop too, though since a friend moved into a town house in Norwich, I don't have to buy coffee on the rare occasions we visit!! Sad about the timber framed buildings, but it's just a risk we have to live with sadly, you can only do so much to protect a property can't you? Lovely piccies as usual..x

Helen said...

What a wonderful day . . . . just doing stuff . . . I just love days like that.
Love Helen x

re said...

Looks like it was all quite "easy" for you - "goin green" that is!

Frances said...

Many years ago, on a visit to the UK, I traveled up to Norwich to do a bit of Christmas shopping, and had the great pleasure to get to Elm Hill.

I had lunch in that very coffee house. Such a very small world we live in. I am very sorry to see the photo of the fire, and hope that restoration will be done.

Your site is always wonderful to visit, but this one really had such resonance for me.

Thank You!

sally said...

Don't those cornflowers just sing out summer! Loving all your green-ness!
Sally x

vanessa said...

Aaahh green, my favourite colour! I love those milky toned greens of the items in your photos.
That fire must have got your heart racing, the poor owners of the house. thank goodness it didn't spread.
And I'm very glad you're being an openly proud mum! What a little star the beautiful boy is! Well done to him. He deserves to have a very proud mummy!
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

Debbie said...

Love the beautiful green colors...actually your blog is ALWAYS full of wonderful color!

Felicity said...

green is my favourite colour, its so smiley and fresh, its a shame about the fire!
my son won a game and a little prize, i couldn't stop grinning and told every one at least three times!!
felicity xx

irasema! said...

directo a mis feeds ♥

Claudie said...

I LOVE your Kitschen.
I love your site.
I do not even know your name, but I'm Claudie from Canada, and you are my featured site this week.
I have a pink kitchen with splashes of yellow and green and blue.
Thanks for making me smile.
Love Claudie

Retro Peapod! said...

I've just come across your blog - its really lovely!
I'm quite new to blogging, and I got so sucked into your beautiful photos and sweet little notes that my cup of tea went cold! (which is rarity in this house! Its normally down the hatch in 30 seconds flat!)

Keep up the beautiful blogging!
Kayleigh @ Retro Peapod!

philippine beach properties said...

clean is green.... :-)

Calico Kate said...

Doing a speed read to catch up. What fun you have been having, no time unfrtunately to comment on each one but I loved steam ups too as a child.
Those green pastic cake cutters are fabulous. Lucky you what a find.

dulwichmum said...

I want your life (sigh)! I keep tryint to join your google community thingy and it keeps kicking me out. I am going to stomp off and sulk... (grrr)

I am still popping over to your shop later to buy some cushions though, regardless of whether your community will allow me to join or not (stomps foot).