Tuesday, 21 July 2009

One for the boys

Amidst all the vintage flowery, fabrics and china, I am aware that I am outnumbered as the only girl in the house. I have been working on some boy inspired designs for my embroideries - note; more designs started not finished...doh!
The beautiful boy does his own style of vintage. Amongst other things, we seem to have lots of veteran car glasses and china, fabrics and books.
This picture, one of Grandpa's original book illustrations, was a birthday gift the year after Grandpa gave him his first proper railway set. It is the boy's pride and joy and sets the bar very high for how he wants to be able to paint one day... which is no bad thing!
This is another picture which lives on the beautiful boy's bedroom wall. It shows daddy around the age the boy is now on a visit to a Steam Rally.
And that is how we finished off our family week together. At Weeting Steam Rally. Favourite family outing for many many years.
There is something so awe-inspiring about these wonderful machines.
The engineering and, lets be honest, the pretty coloured paintwork!
I love these rallys and country fairs. Sit me down near a field of vintage tractors in the sunshine and I'll happily watch them chug up and down in their ploughing competitions. It's all just so right somehow.
But the bit I really love is the steam powered saw mill. The slow steady work, the sound of the engine, and the smell. Mmmm. Warm wood shavings - love it. But do you see that fearsome blade?
Mr Health and Safety still seems to be allowing these events a last hurrah. I wonder how long it will last.
The boy was torn as to which of these two vehicles he wants to add to his birthday list..... yikes!
And he rediscovered his love of climbing by whilstling up this terrifying wall in a heartbeat. Not my heartbeat. My heart paused as I waited for him to return to solid ground!
A quick bit of colour therapy to recover. Don't you just love the colours of a vintage fairground? That pink, red and blue combo is just edible! Just splash on some yellow and green! Perfection!
All in all a visual feast of a day.
Today was a bit more hectic. Poor hubby is back in the office so we beetled over to granny's to play ! Another fun week ahead. Hope you're all enjoying a bit of freedom. t.x


Bobo Bun said...

Do you have a bigger trolley that I could fit in?

Slow pace of steam just right to end a perfect week.

Lisa x

KC'sCourt! said...

I love steam rallys, just to see the traction engines and to hear the music of the fairground organs.

Menopausal musing said...

Yet again we share common interests. I have some lovely sepia photos of my grandfather next to the steam roller he used to operate. We love steam rallies. Also love the style of fairground decorative painting. (Especially the horses on the roundabouts). What a lucky boy to have a grandfather who can paint like that. x

Bumble Bee Cottage said...

It looks as if you had an action packed weekend. Those fab carnival steps remind me of the stair from the movie ‘Grease’; I expect Olivia and John will be here soon ;)

The Curious Cat said...

You can see from those photos why boys do get obsessed with these things - the sheer size and elaborate design - gorgeous!

Kirsty said...

we seem to be a very male orientated house too even though it's a 50/50 split here. I adore all the old fashioned vehicles too so it helps a bit I suppose.

My son is mostly into old aeroplanes, with old cars thrown in for good measure. I've been enjoying doing his room up with these bits. Will be interested to see what your embroideries are like :)

MelMel said...

Really enjoyed your post today, I'll show it to Olly later, he loves old transport pictures and traction engines...xx

Lynda said...

My goodness you have been busy! Oh need a cup of tea, a bex and lie down! So much to see and explore!
Where do you find the energy Ms Pink?

Lovely owls, lovely lovely lovely all!

Anonymous said...

What a great time and some really inspiring colours and shapes for your new designs. Living in Suffolk now tractors have become my favourite vehicles, all different shapes, sizes and uses. I love being stuck behind one, it makes you slow down and appreciate the view.

claire Maraldo said...

I had a boyfriend many many years ago that had a bubble car just like that. Most of the time it didn't work but when he drove up the steep hills of Rochester it was like being an insect climbing a wall, quite scary really.

i love the baby in the truck. Much nicer than all those posh pushchairs.