Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Better late than never?

I am so sorry - I promised to post and somehow the week has got away from me!
Well, with a very tired boy who had been to a drumming gig at our neighbours', the incredibly talented Anna Mudeka, he arrived home way past bedtime and was really not in the best frame of mind to be awoken at the crack of dawn to come to the Little Vintage Lover Fair! But with the promise of seeing his treasured Little Buns belonging to Mrs Bobobun, he soon whipped out of bed and off we travelled to Heydon to set up stall in their wooden hut village hall!As ever Zoe had attracted a great crowd of beautiful vintage loving shoppers and stall holders... the quality of the visitors was unquestionable!
The teas were served in the sunshine and the cupcakes were almost too beautiful to eat! (I did say almost! I suspect the beautiful boy polished off most of these ones!)
Mrs Bobobun had a stall overflowing with her beautiful handmade pretties and vintage treasures.
I was fortunate to be sandwiched between my lovely friend and on the other side we had the pleasure of Craig and Tracey's company. Their stall, Faded Splendour is just soooo tempting though. It was a constant act of will to resist spending my hard earned pennies (focussing on the new school shoes and blazer was the only way to cope!)!
And here is the beautiful Tracey modelling a very fine Beryl cup of tea! And yes, she is every bit as beautiful, warm, loving and fun as she looks!
I didn't get out much as it was so busy and somehow I wasn't in a camera kind of day. But I did snap Fiona and those lovely owls and lions she makes so beautifully!
It was a dreamy day! The venue, the stall holders and the people who came by with such appreciation and enthusiasm. All in all a wonderful event and all credit to Zoe, her sister and the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make an event so perfect as this! Roll on next years first event! The sooner the better Zoe!
And now a little announcement! As there is not another Little Vintage Lover until next year now, Mrs Bobobun and I felt the need to find an event for Christmas which would include our favourite people... and so we are organising one!

It's a little bit different. We are inviting stall holders who are makers, maybe inspired by vintage, but first and foremost we intend to have a hall filled with people who are original thinkers and passionate about their products. We have found the most adorable venue slap in the heart of Holt and already stalls are filling with an eclectic mix of marvelous handmade things to buy.. so I'll be leaving my Christmas shopping until Saturday 12th December this year!
Do pop it in your diary and come to say hello!! We would love to see you. Mumsie and her friends are going to be serving teas and cakes (what a treat!), and our hubbies will be sorting the sound system (this may or may not turn out so well.. ).
That's all for now. Thank-you all for your lovely comments. Another month of holidays and so intermittent posting. But I still find time to visit many of you when I have a moment to myself..... usually around midnight! I so hope you are enjoying the sun when it shines. Tomorrow we are off East to visit the Buns for a day of fun and sun! Yippee! t.xx


Sal said...

How wonderful! It looks like such a fab fair!
Hope you enjoy your day of fun! ;-)

Bobo Bun said...

As usual T you got some fantastic photos of a wonderful day. Such a great one of Tracy.

That there market looks good, might just pop over to Holt and have a look see.

Fun definately guaranteed tomorrow. Sun - mmmm.

Mrs Bun x

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Your Pick'n Mix Market looks like fun, and a great time was obviously had by all at the Vintage Lover Fair. The Home Spun Fair in the opposite corner of England was a brilliant success on Sunday, too.

Sue x

Faded Splendour said...

Are talking the same ruthless dictator Tracey that I know? I love that photo...if you still have a uncompressed printable copy, would love it. See why you took so long to post, so much thought has gone into this post..

C & T xx

Shabby Chick said...

That looks great, doesn't Mrs Bobobun make gorgeous things!

Mel xxx

Lyn said...

Oh sounds fun, my eyes would be on sticks looking at one thing then another!
Hope you made some lovely lolly and resisted the other beautiful stalls!

Anonymous said...

It was so lovely to meet you at the fair, Teena, and it's been great to revisit it through all the different photos posted by you, Faded Splendour and Mrs Bun! I'm very interest in your new Market venture. I won't be up and running in time for this one, but maybe next year?

Menopausal musing said...

Great photos. Love that first one.... She's starting young! Good luck with your new venture, hope its a roaring success! :O) x

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Wow what a lovely fair that looked all those talented people. Those cakes indeed do look almost too pretty to eat.

Good luck with your fair in December and how exciting to be creating one.It sounds wonderful too with lots of different stalls to choose from.

Hope you enjoy your day of fun and hopefully sun tommorrow.


vanessa said...

So many exciting links! That vintage fair looks so much my thing, I'm desperate to go to one! What a splendid day.
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

Zoe said...

Great to see you again. Didn't we all have such a great day? Enjoy the rest of the Summer. Looking forward to Holt.

Karbee said...

Which Holt is it? I went on multimap and it gives me 5.

Anonymous said...

If I came to your faires and events, I would have NO ROOM in my house to walk around but my goodness it would be pretty and full of treasures.

Helen said...

Christmas already?!!
Love Helen

claire Maraldo said...

Well, you've made me very very envious.

i'll try to come to the christmas one.

Calico Kate said...

That looks like a great day and your Christmas plans are Fabulous. Positvely green with envy so I am.
Looking forward to the post on it already!

Lark said...

Awww, I am super-jealous! I wish I could come to the Christmas fair!

mirra said...

hello there! im mirra and im from malaysia. i just love your post and colourful pictures. i just wish we have the same here in malaysia. would love to visit uk one day ;)