Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Yes, it is that time of year again as the charity shops finally put out their Christmas cast-offs! So often these beautiful old glass baubles are chucked together with modern baubles and I find the shattered remains at the bottom of a large bucket or basket.
This year has been a good collecting year even so. And all for 5p, 10p or 20p max! I am particularly pleased with the starburst concave additions - these seem to be the most fragile and I lost a couple from my collection last year so it's nice to find some more.
But the star find of this years festive search is this wonderful box of treasure!
I already have a few pipe cleaner decorations but to find a whole box was very exciting!
There are 3 or 4 of each type, fairies or angels and a rather jolly santa and his friend doing the hoopla! Ooh yes! I'm very in love with all of them!
And did the eagle eyed amongst you spot the background fabric? A scrummy parcel of vintage and antique linen samples from my friend Maud of Beyond France. Maud is the linen queen - she knows so many bizarre and wonderful facts about the history and manufacture of the fabric. I am experimenting to find the optimum weight of weave for some embroidery projects I have in mind.
I am currently working on some little festive bits for the last few fairs of the year. Inspired by my love of vintage baubles and also by this wonderful display of creativity in a Norwich pub window!
Seems simple at first glance but the variety of designs makes me think that either lots of people had a go or one very, very imaginative person made them all - and hurrah to them! I have made snowflakes with the beautiful boy and after a while, somehow, ours all started to look the same!
More press excitement! Thank-you to those of you who flagged up the feature on our market in Sew Hip this month....
We were in very good company on the page with my lovely friend Michele and her Emporium.
And another feature came out today in our local county magazine which was fun. A photoshoot which went on for ages in which we were clearly hopeless since the shot they used was of us noodling around right at the start before we even had to pose! I am trying to find a needle I can actually thread without having to wear my ugly sewing specs - bought for vision not fashion - like science goggles!! HA!
As payback for my vanity they published both our ages for all the world to see! Pass 40, Past Caring.. that's what I say!
Hope you're all getting into the swing of festive preparations and not getting too frazzled with it all. It's a slow build this year for us. I am looking forward to Little Vintage Lover this weekend and then just two weeks to the first Pick n Mix. Much to do. Will get back as soon as I can! t.xx

Monday, 9 November 2009

PInk Thrift

Isn't it funny how sometimes the things you find in all different places somehow just go together? I've had a bit of a pink week this week. Luscious Lustre, a big favourite! For these two pieces I had change from 50p!
More utility wares, and do you spy that little pin cushion lady?
She was hidden in a bag of plastic nonsense for just 10p....
On another trip out with Mrs Bobobun she bought this luscious tureen...
and kindly allowed me to snap the backstamp which I shall be adding to the collection. Haven't seen this one before - do you think it is Johnson Bros and very similar to Rose Dawn?
Managed to find some scare vintage pinnies this week too and a scrummy Sweet Pea tablecloth reminiscent of summer...
Another very big excitement - my commission for BBC Homes and Antiques magazine was published in their current December issue! This was such fun to work on..
I had to think of a name and so made the stocking with my lovely god-daughter in mind....
Their next issue brings big excitement too! But you'll have to wait and see what that is! Hope you're all off to a good start with the week. t.xx

Monday, 2 November 2009

Pick 'n' Mix excitement!

Ooooh here's a lot of loveliness....vintage felt corsages....
vintage fabric hair clips...kitchenalia cupboards....
vintage lockets and contemporary silver...
jolly scrumptious cakes.....
and exceedingly jolly angels!!
It's all in the Pick 'n' Mix. Pop on over for the latest on our Maker's Market then pop the date in your diary for all those special gifts you just couldn't find.... Saturday 12th December, Church Hall, Holt. Hope to see you there! t.x

It's coming.....!!!

With the Christmas Market season upon us I am frantically trying to catch up on stitching time here in the workroom! But first I have updated my shop to start getting into the festive mood!
Lots of Christmas goodies starting to appear some in traditional red and green...
... and a few in my favourite pinks!and a popular one from last year relaunched for those days when you just wish January would hurry around... bah humbug!I hope you all had a lovely and lively half term. I am sending big hugs to my friend Mrs Bobobun who is suffering horribly from nasty old Flu. If, like her, you've missed out on all the holiday fun here's a favourite one from the album just for you....
Hope you're feeling better soon Mrs B! t.xx

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Spook Tea!

If you've been visiting here for a while you'll know how much we love Halloween in this household - in spite of all the grumps moaning on that it is not a British tradition... who cares?! It's an excuse for a party and we love those!
The costumes this year were spooktastic!
The pumpkins were scooped and lit.....
Buns were decorated and games were played... this years favourite was [you need to be thinking Squeak Piggy Squeak here] "Wooo Ghoulie Whoooo" .
Did you ever see a more angelic little devil?
Clearly spooks don't really do conventional table manners....
But we don't care if they're having fun!
But letting a cat eat the buns... well really!
Don't you think this vampire looks like a jolly sort of chap? I think so too, so much so that I didn't mind at all when he asked me to walk him home up the very dark lane to his house.....
The goodbyes were the best; some of the children had never met before but who needs names when you have costumes...."Goodbye vampire" 'Bye skeleton " See ya Devil".....
And then we phoned America - our especially British tradition....
"Trick or treat, trick or treat, give us something good to eat!"
Maybe one day we'll spend it with them again and then we can have an American Halloween but for now we do our best to be British about it! t.xx