Thursday, 10 September 2009

There goes another one!

Yep! Another summer, another year, another button on the school blazer (they all 'jumped off' on the first day back at school?....)
The beautiful boy has turned 8... EIGHT?! Is it me or does that sound very grown up? We made a 'target cake'... do not try this at home - the baking process did not fix the colour paste so everyone went home looking most peculiar with red and blue lips!
This year's number cake was a bit of a 'throw-together' with all the goings on....
A very lovely best friend came for a fishing weekend with lots of poking about in ponds and rivers....
and a visit to the funfair...
I finally get to remove 'Star trekkin' and other favourites from my iPod playlists - Hurrah!
and the little man wanted to spend his big day at his favourite nature reserve where he spent his hard earned savings on his very own telescope!
So now, when we're in the hides it's less of him bothering us for our old binoculars and more of us wanting a go on his scope! But actually I just love watching the expressions required to keep one eye closed for any length of time!
It was a windy day so not too many birds about but the marshes were as breathtakingly beautiful as ever...
Sorry for the fuzzy photoes but silly mummy forgot the camera so these were all taken with the iPhone!
And now, just to show it is officially Autumn those scritchy socks are back with stiff, shiny and enormous new shoes!
I hope those of you with little ones saw a happy transition to their new classes in school. The beautiful boy has moved from Pre-Prep into Prep school this year which is a huge change... 4 days in and it is a bit of a struggle for him to cope with the early starts and long days... but he is delighted to be out of the top playground and down in the woods with the big boys so we have a happy little man. Phew!
The back field has finally been harvested - all the other fields have long since been taken in - so much earlier than last year.
The jams, chutneys and jellies are filling the store cupboard in the dining room.
and over the fireplace there is another harvest drying - but more of that another day.
Thank-you all for your lovely messages about my silly accident. My arm is on the mend. The rotary cutter is still a challenge - but if I keep trying to use my right hand I shall have no fingers left so I shall have to go slowly until my left is back on form!
I shall be back soon with more harvesting, exciting projects and news of fairs and events! Lots to tell! And I need to do a bit of catching up on you too! My Google Reader is telling me I have 546 posts to read - best get started then!