Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Whoops! Another Year!

Well, needless to say time has quickly passed and life has moved on at a pace I have been chasing to keep up. I am just popping in to say 'Hello'! Once again thank you all for your kind messages. We are here and the year has been kind. And now we are snuggling into our home for our second Christmas.
There have been many highlights this year, perhaps most special to me was to take one very keen little Birder up to the Farne Islands in the North East of England. A very different landscape to our beloved Norfolk and a place to which we hope to return one day as we found it so captivating.
 There have been commissions and stitching in the midst of life's busy-ness...
 I only work to commission now and love to stitch with a particular person or event in mind...
 I am busy busy now completing one more stitchery for the year as a very special gift for a baby's first Christmas...
 There have also been Embroidery Workshops which have been a joy to teach, a new experience for me. It has been such a great pleasure to share chat and stitches with ladies who had much to teach their 'teacher'. It never ceased to amaze me how 14 people could dive into the same scrap bag and come up with so many and varied designs. I am looking forward very much to more workshops in 2012.
 So all in all a year of stitching and growing and settling. There have been a few changes here at Kitschen Pink and I have been giving a lot of thought to how my little blog should develop going forward. I have paused to think and spend time with my boy.

I shall be back in 2012, not least because I have those beautiful books which I had been sent to offer to you as giveaways. They are still sitting on my workroom desk waiting for their new homes!
I hope you will join me from time to time and share your thoughts as we used to do.
Wishing you all a beautiful and peaceful Christmas, wherever you are and whatever you have planned. t.xx

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Hexie Heaven!

Bertha's garden continues to amaze us with so many jewels now the Roses have joined the party. Every day brings a new marvel! Thank-you all so much for all the wonderful flower stories. We enjoyed reading them all so much! In the end we just couldn't choose one so we popped you all into a salad bowl (I know, we're still unpacking and things are very disorganised!) and out came Kitsch and Curious Elsie who chose the Iris. My grandma's name, perfect! So as soon as I have an address the book will be on it's way. But there are more book treats to come! The lovely folk over at Ryland, Peters and Small have sent me two delicious books from their current catalogue to share with you and I'll be doing that very soon!
Indoors there has been a new addition to my hex garden! The first is on the right which we used in our old home. Then the lovely orange one somehow arrived here and then I was very fortunate to purchase the tinky, tiny blue hex from the very talented Viv over at Hens Teeth. I would never, ever have the patience required to make one of these quilts. All the more reason to treasure the ones that find their way onto our sofa! Perfect for snuggle time!
 Half term finally got underway this week and of course there have been visits to our favourite wild places. Somewhere in this picture there is a little boy and a nesting Avocet. Each one watched the other closely for over an hour. I sat in the sunshine and watched the two. Bliss.
 The beautiful boy was delighted to see star fish washed in on the tide, sadly they were unlikely to be washed away again, but he was amazed nonetheless to be able to pick one up out of the water and study it closely.
 We have visited the animal sanctuary over which he was quite proprietorial owing to fundraising activity at school. Am I the only one who cannot meet a donkey without being transported back to beach holidays, sand castles and Devonshire ice-creams?
 Sadly I suspect this lovely lady could see in my eyes that I was thinking 'bacon buttie'. Not at all P.C. given my surroundings!
 And in the garden the boy has added works of creativity to his own collection. This one a gift from Bertha's family next door....
 And a tiny little beauty so soft I would just love to shrink down to size and snuggle in for a cosy sleep!
Back soon and thank-you all so much for stopping by when I have been so hopelessly absent! t.xx

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Books and Flowers

We picked you some flowers from Bertha's garden. We have been so delighted that every week a new jewel has appeared. Bertha lived here for most of her long life and her garden is a gift she has left for us to enjoy. We have had Snowdrops, Aconites, Bluebells, Tulips, Forget-me-not, Lilac and the blossom snow from the Cherry trees was breath-taking.
We are gradually bringing in our own belongings and flowers inside too making it feel a little more like home every week.
 The beautiful boy has a quiet corner for homework..
 Books, the substance of a home, are quickly filling what few shelves we have available...
 And here are flowers and a book for you! At last a giveaway! Conran Octopus sent me a copy of this feast of a book all about Orla Kiely - both autobiographical and a visual delight - page after page of her delicious designs, sources and all in all an inspirational peek into the work and life of one of my favourite ladies of design.
 I could look at it for hour upon hour, her use of colour and the deceptive simplicity in her work is, in the truest sense, awe inspiring.
 So, for this giveaway - finally kicking off the year in May!!! Tell me your favourite flower and the reason why. I can't wait to hear! For me it is, of course Lavender as I have said before, the scent of my beloved Grandma on warm summer afternoons.
I shall be back before June to choose a winner so take some time to think about it!
Meanwhile work is becoming rather over-whelming. The first events of the year have been and gone and there is much excitement around two Embroidery Workshops I have been invited to run in the centre of Norwich. If you are interested in receiving details drop me an email (link in my profile) and I shall ask for you to receive the mailing when it is printed.
And there has been a vintage haberdashery bonanza! I shall be selling some of the hundreds of packs of rainbow coloured bias binding somewhere soon, let me know if you would like to know more.
We are getting there. Slowly. In our own way. t.xxx

Friday, 29 April 2011



Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Did someone say 'Nearly there'?!

Ever the optimist. That's me! I am happy to say we did make it home for Christmas... just! With a few days to spare. So, if you don't mind me catching up on myself here is my home for Christmas post, in February!
 I know. You're all over Christmas now. So I'll be quick!
 Our house is slowly, slowly beginning to feel like home. Trade white emulsion is taking some getting used to but as we gradually bring some colour out of storage our white box is taking on some character. Very different to what went before. But change is good.
Sadly we couldn't find Christmas decorations in time but being the self-sacrificing mummy that I am I ate enough Quality Street for the beautiful boy to make some new ones...
 We decided on a change to our normal tradition of walking in the year.
2011 was cycled in at Thetford Forest. And whilst I mention it have you signed this yet?

 We have done the Green, Yellow and Red routes. We have yet to dare this one! Mummy being a wimp clearly!
 We have been out and about exploring new Nature Reserves in the freezing weather. We are closer to the famous Norfolk Broads so there is much more inland water than we are used to.
 And work continues on the renovations. The inside is nearly done now. One room to go. My workroom. Rather daunting. I have yet to become proficient enough with the power tools to build the required shelving so it's going to take some ingenuity to get it sorted.
But there is one thing that really makes this house a home. Seeing this little boy settled and finding his equilibrium.
Life is being kind.
I hope not to be away so often. I am gradually finding a new rhythm to my time. I'll be sharing our adventure with you again soon.
And just to really please all you Orla Kiely fans out there, the wonderful people over at Conran Octopus  have sent me the most scrummy gift to offer in a giveaway for you to enjoy! I need to get to it don't I?! And I need to take some time to catch up on all of you too. I've missed reading as much as I have missed posting. t.x