Saturday, 4 June 2011

Hexie Heaven!

Bertha's garden continues to amaze us with so many jewels now the Roses have joined the party. Every day brings a new marvel! Thank-you all so much for all the wonderful flower stories. We enjoyed reading them all so much! In the end we just couldn't choose one so we popped you all into a salad bowl (I know, we're still unpacking and things are very disorganised!) and out came Kitsch and Curious Elsie who chose the Iris. My grandma's name, perfect! So as soon as I have an address the book will be on it's way. But there are more book treats to come! The lovely folk over at Ryland, Peters and Small have sent me two delicious books from their current catalogue to share with you and I'll be doing that very soon!
Indoors there has been a new addition to my hex garden! The first is on the right which we used in our old home. Then the lovely orange one somehow arrived here and then I was very fortunate to purchase the tinky, tiny blue hex from the very talented Viv over at Hens Teeth. I would never, ever have the patience required to make one of these quilts. All the more reason to treasure the ones that find their way onto our sofa! Perfect for snuggle time!
 Half term finally got underway this week and of course there have been visits to our favourite wild places. Somewhere in this picture there is a little boy and a nesting Avocet. Each one watched the other closely for over an hour. I sat in the sunshine and watched the two. Bliss.
 The beautiful boy was delighted to see star fish washed in on the tide, sadly they were unlikely to be washed away again, but he was amazed nonetheless to be able to pick one up out of the water and study it closely.
 We have visited the animal sanctuary over which he was quite proprietorial owing to fundraising activity at school. Am I the only one who cannot meet a donkey without being transported back to beach holidays, sand castles and Devonshire ice-creams?
 Sadly I suspect this lovely lady could see in my eyes that I was thinking 'bacon buttie'. Not at all P.C. given my surroundings!
 And in the garden the boy has added works of creativity to his own collection. This one a gift from Bertha's family next door....
 And a tiny little beauty so soft I would just love to shrink down to size and snuggle in for a cosy sleep!
Back soon and thank-you all so much for stopping by when I have been so hopelessly absent! t.xx