A lazy Sunday afternoon a long long time ago!
Today is our 20th Anniversary. Seven of them spent living in a caravan!
Two became three with the long awaited arrival of precious treasure..
My how time flies when you're having fun!
We bought 20 packets of seeds for the garden, and some timber for the house.
We don't really do roses and chocolates - they don't last so long! But since our anniversary falls in the midst of the school holidays, we're hoping to get away later in the year to one of our favourite escapes. Can't wait.
Meanwhile, baking to do today to be ready for family coming to visit for Easter. Have a lovely weekend all. t.x
(the beautiful boy would like it to be noted - old wheels on axels perfect for a go-cart - 40p at Grandma's local jumble sale - Score!).


Vintage Tea said…
Happy Anniversary to you.

Have a lovely Easter weekend,

Victoria xx
Tea with Willow said…
Happy 20th Anniversary!! We have our 20th in August! Yes, time certainly flies, doesn't it?! Lovely photos - we have a home-made go-kart too - after taking apart two pushchairs and a golfing trolley ... great for keeping the 'boys' occupied in the garage for hours!!

Willow x
H.A.P.P.Y A.N.N.I.V.E.R.S.A.R.Y..... And of course, have a wonderful Easter. Am baking cakes and hiding chocolate eggs in a minute, ready for arrival of 5 year old whirlwind.... :O) x
Jeannette said…
Happy Anniversary!
The Stones said…
What a milestone! Congratulations, and a very happy anniversary! And I hope as your flowers grow and bloom they add to those 20 years of memories!
Happy 20th Anniversary! Your 20 years of marriage sound like happy years.
Have a lovely Easter!
Isabelle x
bex said…
congratulations! im growing seeds at the moment although i think they are more seedlets...almost plants.
Lynda said…
Happy Annivesary, lovely way to celebrate.

Happy easter too, my brood and I are going to make your nests. Will post the results in a few days.

Love your green china, I may have to share my green collection with you!

The Dotty One said…
Hi. I love reading your blog and seeing your designs so just wanted to comment to say Happy Anniversary! Have a good one x
Floss said…
Happy Anniversary! It's our 19th in July, so we're a year behind you. Happy Easter too.
Mr Lee said…
Happy Anniversary!Your blog touchs me.Good luck!Have a happy weekend.
Happy Anniversary, and a Happy Easter to you!!!
Your son looks as though he's going to have a great time on his go kart!!!
Let's hope we get a bit of sunshine!

Have fun : )

Sharon xx
LissyLou said…
Happy Anniversary!! and happy easter to you and the family x
Josie said…
Happy anniversary and happy easter
Josie x
Happy Anniversary to you both!
thriftymrs said…
Happy anniversary.
I hope you have a lovely family weekend.

Cathy said…
Happy Anniversary! I hope your family has a beautiful weekend!
scrappy quilter said…
Happy Anniversary. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a wonderful comment. Hope you have a wonderful day.
Pieceful Bits said…
Happy Anniversary! I love how you purchased 20 seed packets..last way longer than cut flowers!
Our 20th is coming in May.
Happy Easter
Pixeltrash said…
Happy Anniversary! Love the flowers you've chosen. Especially those litte one on the right. They are great dried!

Trish said…
Happy Anniversary xxx
aneela said…
Hope you enjoyed a lovely anniversary, planting your seeds and re-living those memories! 20 years is amazing, we've managed 9 so far, doesn't that time fly merrily by??
Shannon said…
Happy Anniversary and Easter! I love your idea of buying a packet of seeds for each year of your marriage. I hope your love and your flowers grow! :)
Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversay! (From a total stranger, right?) It's my 20 th this Summer. Time does indeed fly!
Sal said…
A very happy anniversary! Hope you have the most wonderful weekend!
Lark said…
Awww, T, this is lovely! We are 20 years as well!

vanessa said…
Happy Easter to you and your family :) Love your blog and especially your pics of all things cute and vintage ! :)


(from Newcastle, NSW, Australia )
Happy Happy Anniversary T and wishing you many more..
Now Beautiful Boy can spot a bargain.. must be in the blood!

Have a super weekend and Easter too.

Michele x
IRENE said…
Wishing you Love and Joy always.
Mom Walds Place said…
CONGRATULATIONS! We just celebrated our twentieth also. I went around announcing it to every passerby for a couple of weeks. People need to know that it is possible and worth the effort. Yay for you two!!
myminimocs said…
hope your anniversary was a wonderful one - with many more to come!!!
Hope I'm not too late to wish you a 'Happy Anniversary' ... so glad you're no longer living in a caravan! (Mum used to tell me sometimes how sad she felt for you during those days! ;-))
N xx